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    Case Studies on Digital World

      Explore the Latest Case Studies of Digital World Here is a selection of case studies that illustrates the opportunities and challenges faced by some renowned companies in their digitalization journey, and the key lessons to be learned from their experiences. Automotive Sector AudiHas transformed…

    global sourcing importance

    Importance of Global Sourcing

    Why Global-sourcing is Important in 2021? Global sourcing is a procurement technique aimed at taking advantage of the global efficiencies for the supply of goods and services. In today’s dynamic market scenario, it has become synonymous to strategic supply for MNCs. In short, global sourcing…

    indian virtual vs others

    Indian VA vs Others

    Indian Virtual Assistants VS Others By saying that the Indian VAs is competent, friendly, and educated, we must begin the article. It has many advanced technology hubs and already has more English speakers than the US, although India is a developing country.Huge business process outsourcing…