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    Social media is a crucial part of every business nowadays. It won’t be wrong if we say that social media has become the pillar of modern marketing. According to recent reports, Facebook is among the most used marketing tool. Advertising spending on Facebook actually increased in March. Facebook is also expected to continue to be one of the most successful technologies and social media companies in the coming years. That’s why for small businesses as well as established ones, Facebook is still a powerful tool to grow your business.

    Though free Facebook marketing is a lost cause now all the griping and groaning marketers still use Facebook for marketing and promotion purpose. But did it ever occurred to you why they are so dependent on Facebook when there are plenty of other options available? The reason is Facebook produces an extremely high marketing ROI even as a paid platform. The payment you make for Facebook promotion is totally worth it. It helps you to find new customers. But you have to make your presence felt on the newsfeed of Facebook. Only then your business will get numerous attention.

    There are many tips and tricks to make Facebook your best business support.

    Hold a Contest

    Contests are exciting, especially when it is held on social media. Also, holding a friendly competition is probably the best way to engage your audience on Facebook. But not every contest held on Facebook will generate the response you want. Before announcing any contest. Take your time to do thorough research regarding the topic and see if it fits with your end goal. Do you want to gain more customers, or promote any offer? The entry method of your contest should depend on your end goal. So that you get a response from the right people.

    Require that all eligible participants like your Facebook page if you want more followers. Ask contestants to share your promotion on their social media accounts to promote a sale. Be sure that your content is in compliance with Facebook’s Promotional Terms.

    We often see advertisements on our Facebook feed. While some are relevant, others are not. For a small business owner, paid to advertise on Facebook is a beneficial way to boost your organic marketing within your budget. Facebook’s Ad Manager is there to measure different objectives. Those are page post engagements, page likes, click on the website, website conversions, offer claims, local awareness, and more. Select your objective based on your target goal, Ad Manager will ask you to select your target audience. If you’re looking to spread brand awareness you may want to select a broader audience rather than trying to attract the local traffic.

    Using your company’s database the ad manager allows you to create a custom audience.

     Use high-quality content 

    Content is king. It is mandatory that you post regularly on your Facebook page to give your potential customers a chance to connect with you. It is a sure-fire way to keep your business top of mind for customers who are interested in your page as well as your products or services. The trouble we often face while posting content for Facebook is we cannot think what kind of content would click with audience’s mindset. This is why it is better to start with the simplest of posts. Such as about industry information, product updates, or your own blog post. You may want to boost your posts to extend the limit of your audience. For as little as $10, you can select the size of an audience you want your post to reach. Select high-quality posts that your audience will find interesting enough to share it with their friends.

     Facebook and Social media Group is an amazing option

    Facebook group is an exciting way to connect with your audience. It helps to drive qualified leads to your site. Groups are made to initiate discussions and debate. This is why the promotion of your business in relevant groups is always a good idea. When setting up a Facebook Group, make sure that the group is your industry oriented. Once you’ve established a group, you can promote free offers in the form of an eBook, webinar, or report or whatever content that help you grab the attention of the potential customer.

    Go live because it’s in trend

    Seeing is believing. Thus Facebook’s coolest feature live stream is an outstanding option to connect with people. People love to see live telecast as it has credibility. The live streaming allows you to film a live video to your page followers in real-time. If your page has a huge amount of followers then live streaming is probably the best option for you. Because it gives you the opportunity to host your customers without even meeting them in person. Many reports suggest that live videos are watched three times longer than recorded videos. If you’re unsure what type of live stream content to broadcast then you should consider hosting a live Q&A session or maybe you should create a How-To video, tease any new products of your brand or take a quick tour of your business. Choose an interesting and catchy title to draw viewers into the live stream and be sure to test your equipment so that viewers are able to see and hear you clearly. Make sure you inform about your live session to the audience beforehand so that you can get maximum response from your audience.

    Always end your live stream with a call-to-action, like “Sign up today!” or “Learn more on our website.” If you want to consolidate your Facebook efforts, you can also live stream videos to a Facebook group.

    Facebook’s ad capabilities and social features is still an effective and cost-efficient marketing tool to grow your business, so before you deactivate your account, think twice—because you might be losing out on a worthwhile investment.