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    Best Virtual Assistant Companies in India: Best Virtual Assistant India. Reasons To Outsource & Hire A Virtual Assistant Service From India

    India is a developing country, but it has several modern technology hubs and currently has more English speakers than the US. In India, there is massive business process outsourcing (BPO) infrastructure, and virtual assistant India works in such offices. India has the unique privilege of being able to staff around the clock. A virtual assistant is an independent contractor, providing administrative or technical services to clients while working remotely, outside the client’s place of business.

    It’s rewarding to feel that work is getting done even while you sleep. However, despite the popularity and previous history of outsourcing to India, there are different specialities depending on the need at the situation. After the onset of Covid-19, virtual assistant companies are on the rise and India has seen dedicated virtual assistants work as freelancers. They are known for their work on data entry, eCommerce, etc

    Why Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant from India?

    Why Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant from India?

    Virtual Assistant should be hired to complete tasks and responsibilities without hiring full-time employees. It is a more time-consuming and cost-effective option. A virtual assistant can allow more time and freedom for you to focus on doing the things that you love and needs to be prioritized.

    You can work on your business strategy, develop deeper relationships with your clients, and even have the flexibility to spend more time with your family and friends. India tops the list when many countries still think of outsourcing, and indeed the country is home to many top-rated virtual assistant companies, namely Task Virtual and My Taskers.

    They are one of the best digital marketing companies in India, and well equipped with a team of professional virtual assistants, who can complete tasks at ease, maintaining the professionalism and standard that you desire.   

    Advantages To Outsource & Hire Virtual Assistant Companies in India: How Can You Get Benefits From Virtual Assistant in India?

    The main benefit of hiring a virtual assistant from India is that they provide you the time to invest in those important tasks that require your intervention for the growth of your business. In addition, they are professional enough, and within a short span, they carry out any task delegated or assigned to them. Let us look at some of the other benefits they provide:

    #1. Expense Efficient

    The biggest advantage of having an Indian Virtual Assistant work for you is that it lowers the overhead costs of your company, as well as allocating extra money on the internet and on service budgets is not required. They are all taken as a part of the business expenses incurred by the Virtual Assistant.

    #2. Becoming More Powerful

    Virtual assistants support should be hired from India because virtual assistants are efficient in organizing and devising new changes in making processes more efficient. As virtual assistants, they use their expertise in their profession because they have a keen understanding of the subject and the importance of time.

    Thus, Indian Virtual Assistant, when hired and employed, can complete tasks more systematically and effectively.

    #3. Increases Profitability

    Virtual assistants or business assistant are hired to increase the profitability of a company. Since VAs replace full time employees, who are comparatively more cost-effective than virtual assistants. A seasoned virtual assistant just needs to focus on the task at hand and put in a few hours of work.

    You will also be able to free up time for yourself to concentrate on core areas that demands your attention and only your special skills. After all it is your business. Finally, you can be confident that Virtual Assistants will work harder to achieve your goals because virtual assistants from India are charged per effective hour and upon achieving their milestones.

    The best part is that they exactly smell the need of the customer and their mission in taking their business to heights.

    #4. Scales Securely

    If you are ready to scale up your business, but you remain uncertain about your cash flow, hiring an India virtual assistant company would be the wisest choice. The cost of hiring a Virtual Assistant is comparatively low in case of India, as stated already. It will incur huge pressure on your operating costs, thereby minimizing the risk on your capital. Secondly, since virtual assistants from India are only employed on a project-based contract and not as full-time workers, if the agreement fails, you can terminate the contract.

    #5. Reinforces the Vulnerable Areas

    You can easily find virtual assistants from India armed with a range of abilities and specializations. It may start from market analysis to transcription services, telemarketing, customer care, digital marketing and to payroll preparedness, there can do them all. The education system in India is very pronounced and respected throughout the World. Hence for hiring mental labors, many countries hire Indian brains since trusting them has always been worthwhile.

    #6. The Versatility of Assistants to Help Work Getting Done

    Indian virtual assistants are trusted because they are versatile and clients know that they can get all their needed service under one roof, and do not have to loiter here and there. At Task Virtual and The Taskers, there is a versatile team working as Vas. What makes them versatile as a team is that they individually are specialized in different fields, and therefore are well equipped to handle any task at ease.

    #7. Stress Buster

    You will have more time for your business and yourself, when you delegate a great deal of responsibility to a virtual assistant, especially from India. The delegation and work delivered is done just exactly when the client demands it. Hence working with VAs can be a stress buster, wherein you can delegate tasks to them and get relieved of the stress.

    Effective time management is calculated by the amount of work you have done within a particular timeframe. You will be able to come back to work more reinvigorated by making time for yourself to refresh. As we all know any hindrance to efficiency is stressful.

    Entrepreneurs are always advised to take ample rest away from the business. Active rest means engaging in operations that encourage constructive actions. Entrepreneurs often face the challenge of not being able to devote enough time for family and for themselves.

    #8. Sufficiently Efficient Services To Their Clients

    In dealing with different customers, Virtual assistants from India are considered excellent resources as they have hands-on job experience that these Indian counterparts possess are always used by them perfectly. At the very first moment, they chalk out the entire plan of the whole mission as they fully understand the importance of timeboxing. To streamline their workload, they make use of the latest modern technology.

    #9. Strengthens Efficiency

    You are completely free when the work is allocated to an Indian Virtual assistant for they realize the time value of money and possess the integrity and loyalty to complete tasks on time and with full effort. Finally, since you pay the virtual assistants according to their productivity, they work very hard to achieve their goals. Because you would only delegate your next task to them if you like the current work which is given by you to them.

    #10. The Areas of Weakness Plugged

    Indian virtual assistants are competent in various ways, such as in telemarketing, market analysis, digital marketing, and many more. They are a highly qualified and extremely productive lot. VAs at Task virtual and the Taskers are extremely professional and qualified and possess a good track record of delivering quality work to their clients.

    Flexible Remote Assistant Work

    #11. Flexible Remote Assistant Work

    VAs are quite flexible since their work is primarily project-based and demands attention and hard work depending on the type of project. Many projects require smart work more than hard work. When you need to submit an entire project within a short span of time, all you require is a skillset along with smart working ability.

    #12. Productivity Within

    For virtual assistants, distraction is a strict no. With regard to time, they are also highly versatile. According to the company’s needs, they are able to set their own schedules. They streamline their work and their level of knowledge enhances the efficiency of every setup manifold.

    #13. Saves Time and Resources

    It is clear that businesses that employ virtual assistant save a lot on overhead operating costs as well as time. Since they do not work from the workplace, there are also no operating costs in terms of food, power, internet connectivity, laptop, uniform etc. On average, a huge amount of money is saved as compared to full time employees.

    #14. Sanity Balanced

    Virtual assistant service provider alleviate a lot of burden from the companies’ shoulders, so that the employees can focus on regular clerical tasks. It is always wise to not disturb the sanity that is already in place. This will only lead to hassle and hurdles in overall work and the total system may get jeopardized.

    #15. Internet Based Range of Services

    if an owner appoints an Indian virtual assistant company to does the surfing job, for you, instead of you searching the options for improvising business, then it will give him the chance to devote his/her time to issues relevant to the business core. Since they are already experts, they know where to find the relevant data for your business.

    #16. Hire a VA for Social Media Dealings

    India based virtual assistant companies are experts in social media dealings and e-commerce.  Social media has become the base of growing your business. Until and unless a business makes its place and is seen repeatedly on social media, it does not gain the popularity and momentum it is seeking. India is a developing country, but have grown significantly when it comes to making a place in social media platforms. Therefore Virtual assistants from India are considered to be experts when it comes to social media best practices.

    Drawbacks to Hiring Professional Virtual Assistant in India: Even Professional Virtual Assistant Services in India Have Disadvantages

    An Indian virtual assistant company is cheaper than a full-time employee at Europe or America. However, outsourcing comes with its own set of challenges:

    Firstly, cultural barriers and language problems. What may work for people from a particular region may not work quite well for people from other regions. The food habits, attire and culture followed by people from a particular region may be totally different and opposite from the region where the task is delegated. Here understanding issues arise, particularly for a startup company.

    Secondly, dealing with security and safety. Although companies may save their overhead cost, safety is compromised to some extent. To avoid this business owners sign mutually agreed agreements with one another. But still, it remains a concern.

    Third and the most important concern is, sharing financial details like credit card details, which can be very risky, especially when working with virtual assistants in another country.

    Which Indian Virtual Assistant Company Should You Choose?

    Which Indian Virtual Assistant Company Should You Choose?

    When choosing a Virtual assistant company to complete the task for you, you should take into consideration a lot of factors, depending on your need. The first tip to consider is to ask yourself why you are hiring the VA for. The second tip is to find a virtual assistant who has experience in your niche. The perfect virtual assistant is the one who can meet your needs, as perfectly as you want. Task Virtual and My Taskers are virtual assistant companies that can meet all your needs. They are thoroughly experienced and efficient to deal with all sorts of tasks and take up any challenge that comes. 

    Why Task Virtual Is The Best Place To Find The Best Virtual Assistant India?

    The services of virtual assistants from Task Virtual stand out because, they deliver quality service on time, maintaining the code of code and professionalism expected. They provide real-time value for money. Your tasks are sorted and made easier for you so that you get time for more vital tasks at hand. Also, you can delegate tasks to them without having to think twice and doubt their authenticity.

    Some Top Points to Consider:

    1) You can get both a virtual personal assistant and an executive assistant from them

    2) Any qualified virtual assistant comes with skills such as administrative services, graphics design, web development skills on popular CRMs

    3) Their India based assistant team offers marketing services, support services, design services, online business services and best-quality customer support

    4) Their skilled virtual assistants would evaluate every task and offer best quality work to small to medium-sized companies

    5) Their experienced virtual assistants are available 24*7 hours

    6) Your tasks to a virtual assistant can be tracked in their proprietary dashboard and any virtual employee you will hire will have to move through reliable screening process.

    To match the time of international clients, they also operate at night and deliver their best and on time. The data produced by them is to the point and accurate since it is always substantiated by data from different sources, which makes it sound authentic and original.  

    Why Task Virtual is One Of The Best Virtual Assistant Companies? Benefits Of Hiring A Virtual Assistant From Them

    try our free trial virtual assistant services

    Task Virtual, a VA company based in Kolkata should be chosen because they provide value for money. They understand the hassles that new startups face and know exactly where to implement what. The virtual assistants at Task virtual and MyTaskers can smell the requirements of their clients and are efficient in delivering things on time.

    Additionally at Task Virtual and Taskers, the virtual assistants are experienced enough to work under pressure and deliver their best. They possess the knowledge required to resolve complex issues and complicated problems. 

    How Much Does Talented Virtual Assistant Cost from Task Virtual?

    The cost of a dedicated virtual assistant in Task virtual ranges from $6.24 per hour. However, there are various plans designed for clients based on their needs and urgency. Rates vary, subject to the kind of work assigned and the no of VAs involved, and the intricacy of the project. To know the best rates it is best to contact us at www.taskvirtual.com

    Siddhartha Basu

    Siddhartha Basu is a Technical Writer and Senior Virtual Assistant at Task Virtual. He is proud of being VA, advising clients and processing their tasks virtually. Besides, he loves online games, e-book reading, and Yoga.