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    Can A Virtual Assistant Handle Data Entry?

    Data entry, despite being non-strategic and low productivity, is sensitive work.

    To become successful in data entry, you need to possess some key skills since the success of modern data entry heavily depends on typing accuracy and knowledge of CRMs & spreadsheets.

    Now, the question is, can you trust a virtual assistant to handle data entry like a pro?

    Let’s have a quick look.

    What makes a Virtual Assistant a Good Data Entry Handler?

    Businesses, marketing agencies, industries, etc thrive because of data. From recording details of inventories to uploading data of potential prospects on Hubspot, everything is data entry. One needs a good data entry operator to handle such data delicately.

    Considering a virtual assistant, reports corresponding to voices of market research over their strengths in handling data entry have been robust. Entrepreneurs and big companies are quietly hiring VA companies for data entry operations. Taking note of their hourly rates, versatile skills, and flexibility they are certainly in the books of those who adore productivity.

    These professionals can not only input primary data on tables but can certainly put their magic on a wide range of advanced operations like CRM management, OCR, utilization of logical operators on spreadsheets, database customization, and many more. Thus. from data entry to data processing to control – a virtual assistant does worth high at affordable hourly rates.

    Various Reasons to Hire a VA to Handle Data Entry

    Below are the statements supporting that a virtual assistant can handle data entry tasks adroitly. correctly and also faster than any professionals

    Compact Manpower

    Suppose you purchase a VA bundle hour of 40 hours for your data entry work. Here, there is no bond between you and VA company that says you would be given one VA to utilize 40 hours. However, based on your requirements the company can reinforce 5 VAs who can finish the data entry work in 8 hours, where each VAs are utilizing 8 hours.

    Virtual Assistants Possess Expertise

    Virtual assistants can not only handle simple data entry on MS Office but also complex data entry tasks that involve calculations on Google Spreadsheet, software like Salesforce, and also CRM tools like HubSpot. As technology has evolved so are their skills and innate qualities.

    Saves Time

    A virtual assistant can save you time to finish a data entry work before the deadline by leveraging technical skills. If your data entry requires research, sorting, and checking duplicate inputs then they can save your time by implementing advanced spreadsheet skills.

    Low Mistake Rate

    A virtual assistant can handle data entry correctly. This is indeed for their years of experience in data handling in terms of input, security, transfer, conversion, and many more. Attention to minor details is another attribute carried by practically all VA agents.


    When it comes to handling large chunks of data, VAs can perform data entry, filtering, implementation of the logical operation, report creation, and interaction with in-charge; all systematically.

    Scaling Up Administrative Work

    Besides data entry, if you think of taking help in basic to advanced administrative work like database management, time-to-time interaction, understanding new changes and updates, processing visual data, etc, then virtual assistants could be just the professionals who can marry your mind.

    Lastly, you can be assured that a virtual assistant can handle your data entry work without much trouble.  However, you need to hire someone with skills and experience to take care of your requirements. 

    Siddhartha Basu

    Siddhartha Basu is a Technical Writer at Task Virtual. He loves online games, e-book reading, and Yoga.