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    What Is Bing AI Chat?

    Here's Everything You Need To Know About Bing Chat AI

    Bing Chat AI or the “New Bing”—is the outcome of ChatGPT and Microsoft’s search engine joining hands. It is almost similar to the variation of Android that Samsung has for itself. Likewise, Bing Chat is Microsoft’s version of ChatGPT.

    To understand the wonder that is Bing Chat, you should understand ChatGPT first. They are AI chatbots made on OpenAI’s large language models (LLMs). The chatbot can intake a monstrous amount of data during the training period. It uses and reuses this data to predict what the next word or the next sentence might be. The primary aim or goal is to get to the point where it can replicate human-like responses to prompts and commands.

    The basic and biggest difference between Bing Chat AI and ChatGPT however is based on the customization done by Microsoft. Bing is using OpenAI’s latest LLM, GPT-4, while ChatGPT has GPT-4 locked behind the paid “Plus” subscription.

    How To Get Access To Bing AI?

    How To Get Access To Bing AI?
    Source: https://www.cnet.com/tech/computing/microsofts-ai-boosted-bing-can-run-rings-around-google-search/

    First things first, for you to start with Bing Chat, open “Bing.com” on Microsoft Edge. Click “Chat,” and make use of the prompt at the bottom to type whatever question you might have.  You can also streamline the answers with follow-up questions by changing the conversation style to “Creative,” “Balanced,” or “Precise,” and use the “New Topic” option to start another conversation. You can also find the recent activity list to go back to the previous answers.

    There are a few ways to get access to Bing Chat easily:

    #1. The Microsoft Edge browser provides access to the new Bing Chat on the sidebar on the right-hand side of the window.

    #2. You can also go to the Bing homepage by going to Bing.com to chat with the brand-new Bing AI chatbot.

    #3. The option of downloading the mobile app version of Bing on your device is also available if you need it.

    #4. You also can choose to use Bing on mobile through the Edge browser.

    How To Use Bing AI?

    #1. Open Microsoft Edge And Go To Bing:

    Go to Microsoft Edge web browser to be able to access Bing Chat. You can also download it for Windows if you don’t have Edge. It is also available for Android or iOS systems.

    Now, go to Bing.com and you’ll come across options to access Bing Chat. You can either click on Chat at the top of the screen, or click on the Bing logo on the sidebar to the right of the screen, and you are good to go.

    While accessing Microsoft Bing, you can also choose if you want to use the search or chat formats for your questions.

    Bing Chat is accessible from the Edge sidebar, irrespective of the website.

    #2. Log In To Your Microsoft Account (Optional):

    You can access the Bing AI chatbot even if you’ve not logged in to a Microsoft account. However, you only have a limit of five responses from the bot per conversation. If you need to have longer conversations with as many as 20 responses from Bing, you can easily log in to your Microsoft account.

    #3. If Using Bing.com, Choose The Chat Tab:

    From the search option located below the search bar, click on Chat to access the chat tab to get to Bing Chat.  Every time you search for something through Bing, you can easily access Chat by clicking on the option placed underneath the search bar.

    #4.  Learn How Bing Chat Works:

    As we have already discussed earlier, Microsoft’s Bing Chat is different from ChatGPT, the most popular AI chatbot right now. While keeping the primary objective and the way to ask questions similar to that of ChatGPT, Microsoft has completely changed the format of the answers, and the conversational style and rebranded it with the Bing interface.

    Here’s an explanation to help you know the new Bing Chat window:

    Text area

    The bottom of the screen has a textbox where you can feed in your prompts and questions for Bing Chat to answer.

    New Topic

    If you click on a new topic, Bing is programmed to delete the previous conversation and prompt you to move on to a new one.


    Bing can perform a conversational AI search engine. However, it would not enlist the response for you like Bing. When you get the answer for a prompt, Bing will also enlist any sources in the links below the message box.

    Suggested follow-up questions

    After you get the yarning response from Microsoft Bing. It is programmed to automatically generate suggestions for different follow-up questions for you to use.

    Search or chat

    On the top left corner of the screen, you have the option to oscillate or switch between the traditional search results or the AI chatbot. Simply click on one or the other to switch.

    Conversation style

    The programming of Bing Chat is developed and upgraded to provide a human-like answer for every query. Namely- — more creative, more balanced, and more precise. Each of these formats works exactly like they sound- so if you choose “more creative”, the output will be imaginative and not to mention original and can also generate images if you need them. By choosing “more balanced”, you might get results that are expected of ChatGPT in general- informative and friendly chat with human-like outputs, and “more precise” will give you straightforward, concise answers to the point, with no room for creativity or imagination.

    Prompt counter

    Bing Chat bot is programmed in a way that if it answers a query within a conversation, you will be able to track the queries you have made and the number of queries you can still make, considering the maximum number is 20.

    Feedback button

    if you look at the screen, you’ll come across a Feedback button on the bottom-right corner of the chat window. This button is used to enable the users to input feedback to Microsoft Bing on suggestions or things they like or dislike, along with the option to include or attach a screenshot.

    Microsoft account

    Your account information can also be easily accessed from the top right of the screen.

    Thus, it is already evident that Bing offers a lot of different options to optimize the conversation and make it as user-friendly as possible.

    #5. Start writing

    You can now use Bing Chat and begin writing your prompts, questions, and other inputs in the textbox given on the chat window.  

    Then, hit enter to submit.

    How To Talk To Bing AI?

    How To Talk to Bing AI
    Source: https://www.theverge.com/2023/5/4/23710071/microsoft-bing-chat-ai-public-preview-plug-in-support

    Now that you have reached the stage where you can talk to AI, type a question that you are willing to ask in the Ask Me Anything textbox. After you are done feeding your question to the chatbot click the Arrow button or press Enter on your keyboard. If the AI chatbot is capable of answering your question, the answer will appear on your screen along with a list of all the possible follow-up questions that you might have, suggested by Bing Chat AI. Click one of the follow-up questions to send it. Bing then responds to the new question.

    You can also choose to go on with the conversation by clicking on the list of follow-up questions that will be available on the screen. On the other hand, you can also ask about new topics and questions related to that to find out more about it. It earlier came up that Bing AI cannot handle long conversations. Thus it tends to mess up, which led Microsoft to limit the number of conversations and back-and-forth chats people could have every day. Most recently, queries limited to 150 per day, with 15 back-and-forth exchanges each time.

    Ask a question by typing it or by voice, with the Bing mobile app. You can conveniently use your voice to have a conversation with the new Microsoft AI. All you need to do is to open the mobile app and tap on the microphone button that is visible on the screen. Ask your query away, tap on the stop button to finish asking, and allow the chatbot to display the results.

    How To Chat with Bing AI?

    The AI chatbot feature is also accessible rather very easily on iPhone and Android through the Bing app. First, download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Allow us to guide you through the process, each step at a time.

    #1. Open the app and tap “Get Started” if prompted to try the “New Bing.”

    #2. Tap “Get Started.”

    #3. Next, tap “Sign in and Join” to continue. Ignore if you are already signed in.

    #4. Tap “Sign in and Join.”

    #5. To start chatting with Bing AI, tap the speech bubble icon in the center of the bottom bar.

    #6. Tap the Bing Chat button.

    You should also allow Bing to access your location. This is relevant for location-oriented questions and content. You can choose to turn off the “Precise” location on your phone (both iPhone and Android) or not grant permission at all.

    iPhone and Android Location Permission

    Iphone And Android Location Permission
    Source: https://blog.olx.com.pk/mobiles/iphone-vs-android-smartphones-does-it-matter-which-is-better/

    The first thing to do is pick one of Bing’s three conversation styles:

    It Is More Creative: Longer, more descriptive, and “imaginative” answers.

    They Are More Accurate: Shorter, straightforward search-oriented, and targeted answers.

    It Is More Balanced: Informative and friendly, somewhere between the other styles.

    Opt for the best conversation style to suit yourself.

    Now you can either tap the microphone icon to feed your prompt out loud. Hear the answer out loud (if you are using the phone) or use the keyboard icon to type your prompt.

    Bing Chat shows you what it’s doing before it generates the answer.

    The answer is almost magically “typed” out or generated in real time. The sources are at the bottom of the textbox after the results are generated.

    To keep having the conversation, tap one of the suggested follow-up prompts or questions, or use the mic or text box again. Bing will remember the context of the conversation and you can check it later if you need.

    Enter a prompt or tap a suggestion.

    Microsoft has however set the upper limit of conversation to 20 prompts at a time, which will also be indicated in the corner of the assigned textbox.

    How To Use Bing AI Chatbot?

    How To Use Bing AI Chatbot?

    Additionally, the Bing AI chatbot is also useful for composing content. It can be anything ranging from a poem, a story, or even a song if you need it. It can even write something more practical like an essay, a report, or a computer for you at the drop of a hat.

    Click on the heading to Compose. With this, you can also choose the tone of the write up- varying from professional, casual, enthusiastic, informational, or funny. If you want Bing to help you write a funny story, set the tone of it to “Funny”, for instance. You can reset the tone to “Professional” to generate a report and much more. You can also choose the format based on your requirements- paragraph, email, blog post, or ideas. Then pick the length—short, medium, or long.

    In the Write About window on the top of the sidebar, input the details about the type of content you want to write, and then click on the button to generate the draft at the bottom.

    Bing’s response appears in the Preview window.  you can copy it from there and paste it elsewhere or regenerate it to give Bing another attempt or chance if the first draft is not how you would like it.

    Get The TL; DR From Web Pages

    Are you looking for key details or a synopsis on the webpage that is on your screen right now? To know more about them you can click on the “Insights” heading in the Bing sidebar. You will then be able to see what you are looking for in the blink of an eye with the help of the AI. The AI will generate the key points or the synopsis for you, on your screen, from the current page including the related relevant links, articles, and videos. You can easily scroll down the sidebar to go through all the relevant information after clicking on the link.

    Create An Image Using Dall-E 2

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    Another fascinating AI tool from Microsoft is the Bing Image Creator. It uses OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 to create or generate images merely based on your text or voice input. It was launched initially as a standalone site and was later integrated into the Bing AI and the Edge Browser.

    To create or generate an image on Bing AI chat, you should set it to Creative mode. Then just feel your input asking it to “create an image… “. Some of the words are blocked, however, which you should stay aware of them.

    In Edge browser, you can easily enable it in Edge sidebar by clicking the plus (+) icon and turning on toggle key for Image Creator. This will enable the AI chatbot to create or generate an image on its own by going to Bing.com/Create.

    The new Bing is not just absolutely free, it is also one of the best ways to experience the GPT. Bing AI chatbot can also be used to ask questions, seek inspiration and get help with a problem.

    Rupa Das

    Senior content writer at Task Virtual. She is a gadget enthusiast and tech geek who loves to read contemporary novels.