Hiring Virtual Assistant Services for Your Real Estate Business

Real estate is a highly demanding industry and for succeeding in it, you often have to wear many hats. Right from managing administrative tasks, to being a salesperson, marketing executive and the CEO that you are – it is an all-encompassing job. Hence, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the multiple responsibilities, which will ultimately affect one or more of your business areas. This might require you to work 24/7 which would imply sacrificing your personal life. The solution is to get a virtual assistant to help with some of your tasks so that you can manage the rest without being stressed.

Real estate agents can benefit considerably by delegating some work and, most importantly, they can concentrate on other profit-oriented activities. Now, compared to getting an in-house assistant, which can be quite expensive, it is always better to go for a virtual assistant. It not only reduces costs but also provides an assistant who’d be at your service anytime!

All That Virtual Real Estate Assistants Do

Virtual real estate assistants are professionals who are skilled in handling different facets of real estate industry related tasks. By outsourcing your work to them, you can remarkably reduce your work pressure. The following are some of the areas where a virtual assistant will come in handy –

Administrative – Routine administrative tasks are a part of any business. In real estate, these tasks include database management and storage, creating detailed paper works, coordinating transactions, listing services, etc. All these tasks are both necessary and time-consuming and a trained virtual assistant can easily handle them. Thus, this leaves you with ample time for other areas of your business.

Marketing – Marketing is a crucial part of succeeding in the real estate industry. Marketing work includes managing the social media, creating ads, flyers, brochures, and other marketing collaterals; sending emails to leads or following up with them, telemarketing etc. These tasks are usually very repetitive and a virtual assistant skilled at marketing can handle such tasks quite well. Most real estate agents are relatively reluctant when they make the first contact with their leads. A virtual assistant can help you by calling the first few people and allowing you to come in later when there is no longer a cold ground. This way, you can get more marketing done without stressing yourself out.

Sales support– The creation of a system which will keep clients updated with the requisite information and comfortable for closing any deal is the toughest part of the job. A decent agent can manage three or four contacts, but that is not sufficient. A statistic published a few years ago stated that 80 percent of all sales are made between the fifth and the twelfth contact. Using an inside sales- assistant would help you convert your leads into a closed deal.

Others – Apart from tasks directly connected to your business, a virtual assistant can help you out in many other areas.  These are answering calls and emails, reminding about appointments, doing personal tasks like booking flights and hotels, ordering groceries etc. This can truly make a big difference during a hectic schedule. Virtual assistants specialized in those fields can manage operations concerned with accounting, IT and human resources. Your VA can provide you with weekly summaries of disbursements to keep all expense accounts current. He or she can also prepare financial reports, by which you can keep a record of the company’s earnings. When VAs manage such operations it allows your business to run in a smooth manner.

Benefits of Hiring Virtual Assistant for A Real Estate Business

Here are the benefits of hiring a virtual real estate assistant for your business enterprise. –

Reduced expenditure in operations This is the greatest advantage of hiring a virtual assistant for a real estate company. Covering your VA’s business expenses is not your headache, which saves money to a great extent on that forefront. Also, the costs of hiring a VA are only a fraction of that of hiring an in-house assistant. In this way, the overall cost of operations is reduced by nearly 50%.

Improvement in quality of workA virtual assistant is not any random person. He or she has the experience of performing assigned tasks. Many of them even have experience and expertise in specialized fields and hence have the skill to perform highly specialized tasks. In this case, you would get VAs who have experience in different aspects of the business and can efficiently handle all related tasks.

Faster learning curve– Since VAs have training and experience in handling real estate businesses, they don’t need training in every aspect of the work assigned. Thus they would take little time to catch on, implying a faster learning curve as well as a faster output.

Help in increasing sales– The generation of business leads and their conversion is a difficult and time-consuming process. Strong follow-ups and lead nurturing activities which all come to a climax with the closure of the business deal. A virtual real estate assistant can handle such follow-ups and can form a relationship using emails, Skype calls or organizing meetings. All in all, your VA can handle such activities and can lead to increased rates of closure.

No added costs for infrastructure– Hiring an in-house assistant would require an office space, a computer, air-conditioning system, software to the work, and many others. Hiring a VA would cut such costs to a great extent. Since a VA works from a remote location, he or she would already have his or her own office space with necessary technology for performing the tasks. This would lessen both your worries and your costs.

Real-Time Performance tracking– Efficient virtual assistants work by applying tracking software which would let one monitor their activities and the level of their productivities. The reason behind this is that these virtual assistants perform their tasks on a per hour basis. Hence to give you transparency in their functioning when they are on the clock, they implement such software for tracking.

Deciding on a virtual assistant for real estate

Now, after deciding to hire an assistant, the next step is deciding whether you want a task-based VA or a dedicated one. In the former case, the hiring will be on a project basis, for only the duration of the project. For instance, you may need to update your business a bit – so only for that task, you hire a VA.

A dedicated virtual assistant, on the other hand, are the ones you hire on a long-term basis. They work with you every day, on the aspects of your business you want them to work in. For real estate business, it is always advisable to work with dedicated assistants. This is because there’s a lot going on in this line and retraining a task-based assistant each time would be a needless hassle. Also, since it involves sensitive client information, having a long-term dedicated assistant who understands the nature and unique flow of your business will also be a more trustworthy option. Having a dedicated VA also ends up as much more cost-effective in the long run.

Hiring a VA

Virtual assistants may or may not come with real estate training. Now, for a majority of the work delegated to your virtual assistant, real estate training will not be necessary. Any skilled professional with enough experience will be able to handle it. If you want someone with specific real estate training, prepare to spend more money than a regular and equally good virtual assistant. Then there’s the matter of US-based or overseas VAs. Overseas virtual assistants are a lot more cost-effective and skilled enough to handle the tasks you give them. If most of your work is behind the scenes, and there’s not much need of the local accent or of facing clients, an overseas VA is a pretty great hire. In the end, it all depends on the nature and unique demands of your business.

Hiring a good virtual assistant can really make a difference in the way you do your real estate business. Do you think you’re ready to try out your first VA? Then opt for a FREE TRIAL with TASK VIRTUAL today and experience for yourself the ease of working with your won VA by your side!