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    how small business can enhance productvity

    How small businesses can magnify their productivity?

    Maybe your team is operating from home. You could be changing the entire business process to accommodate the new demands of your suppliers and customers. The workforce could be limited and stretched thin. But successful organizations also remain successful in periods of transition or stability, since they optimize the productivity of their workday. You will guarantee that employee productivity stays at its highest in any condition by trusting your talent and following these ways as mentioned below.

    You just have a limited amount of time every day to get stuff done as a small business owner. Yet you probably have an almost infinite number of tasks you want to do. So you need to find ways to make the best of the little time when you need to focus on work only. You need to find subtle ways to boost productivity for both you and your team if you would like to get things done in less time. Here are some ideas that you can use in your small business to increase productivity.

    Ways For Productivity Enhancement

    Delegate tasks to the Virtual Assistant Company

    Delegating tasks to a VA will give you more time on your to-do list to concentrate on the really important things. But first, what those important things are, you need to determine. Go through your to-do list and find non-core works that are important for your business and outsource them to such remote operators who assures quality work on time.

    Prioritize Your To-Do List things

    To find the things that are the most urgent, you can also go through your list. The assignments that need to be completed immediately should go to the top. And more long-term projects should go on a separate list in order not to confuse or distract you from certain tasks that are more urgent.

    Offbeat and the least desirable tasks to be done before lunch

    There are things on any to-do list that you simply do not want to do. Something you’re afraid of can cause you more stress than other assignments. But it’s best to get the stuff out of the way early. Before taking your lunch, pledge to finish those pesky items so that you can take a break as a reward for completing them afterwards.

    Stick to one at a time

    It might seem that multitasking is a perfect way to get more accomplished. But experiments have shown that it can potentially slow you down by attempting to do two things at once. So instead, once it’s done, stick with one mission, then move on to the next thing on your list.
    Set a Lengthier Tasks Timer

    If you have things that need to be split up during the day on your to-do list because they take too long to do at once, outline precisely how much time you expect to spend on those items every day. When you start those things, then set a timer so that you do not get caught up and forget to look at the other items on your list.

    Finish Right Away The Simple Ones

    At the other end of the continuum, it can boost your productivity to get certain stuff out of the way early when you have small tasks like short phone calls or emails that are cluttering your to-do list. Then, for the rest of the day, you can concentrate all of your attention on either one or two big projects.

    Find the Best Team Coordination Tool

    You need to be able to connect with them easily and effectively while collaborating with a team. That means that instead of relying on emails or meetings where you need to go out of your way to ask them about those things, you need an actual system that everyone can use to update their progress on various projects. Project management software such as Slack, Asana or even Google Docs will quickly and easily help the team communicate and exchange knowledge.

    Organizing Important Meetings

    To keep your team on track and your customers satisfied, meetings can be extremely important. But they can be tremendous time wasters as well. Make sure any one of your host or attendant has a fixed agenda to avoid getting stuck in unproductive meetings. Not only should each conference have intent, but it should also have a strict schedule that specifies when to discuss which objects. That way, you can be assured that you’re just holding meetings that will make you more efficient rather than just wasting your time.

    Meeting At Schedule-Free Days

    It’s also necessary for you to have a few days to meet absolutely free of cost. Doing this will help you to get back on track without getting overwhelmed with any tasks that you might have left behind over the rest of the week.

    Keep on hand some healthy snacks

    You need to make sure that your body is up to the task if you want to remain active during the long workday. You can’t expect to achieve a whole lot if you’re starving or feeling sick. So make sure that all around your office you have some healthy snacks to boost up your energy level. And make a routine of eating a good breakfast and lunch as well every day.

    Mastering the Art of Timeboxing

    Timeboxing helps you manage your time efficiently. This can help you delegate work to people, fix goals, manage your personal life and health, and be on top of everything. Timeboxing is the secret behind the growth of many business personalities. 

    Breaks and Workout Routine

    To keep your mind sharp, you will need daily breaks during the day. Instead of being wrapped up in your to-do list and grinding the day away only mindlessly, arrange a few fast breaks to get up and walk or stretch during the day. Even an alarm or a timer can be set so that you don’t forget.

    Identify Automation opportunities

    There’s no point, as a company owner, in wasting your precious time on activities that can be automated. Investing in tech tools and apps that can do basic things such as scheduling social media posts or reviewing your expense reports is well worth it for you because you don’t have to waste time manually taking care of those items.

    Keep off social media in the daytime

    In fact, if at all possible, it can also be helpful for you to stay away from social media during the workday, at least for your personal accounts. And for any company-related accounts, you can set aside time to plan posts and respond to social media inquiries rather than continuously reviewing those things.

    Schedule time for verifying your email

    Likewise, constantly checking your email will lead to lots of distractions all day long. Instead, arrange for reviewing and responding to emails a few times per day. That way, you can give it your full attention and then remain concentrated throughout the rest of the day on other activities.

    Fully Unplug as a deadline passes

    It might be important for you to buckle down even further when you are working on projects that have tight upcoming deadlines. But online, there are so many possible distractions. So, if you work offline for brief periods of time before you finish those tasks, you will actually get more done.

    Get your desk Clutter Free

    When you’re in the middle of an important job, but then you get caught up because under all the clutter on your desk, you cannot locate an important document, it can really throw your productivity away. And if you’re distracted by messy surroundings, it can be hard to even get started on certain tasks. So set up a basic filing scheme and try to keep your workplace as clean as possible.

    Switch Up the Thermostat In Your Office

    You’re probably more likely to get frustrated or make mistakes in your job if you and your staff are uncomfortable. Studies have shown that warm office temperatures can lead to increased productivity, including those that go up to about 77 degrees.

    Changing your setting when you feel trapped

    No amount of productivity software or hacks will allow you to magically have new ideas when you get into a creative rut. But a change of scenery can work wonders at times. But when you’re having a hard time concentrating or coming up with ideas, instead of trying to force creativity in your workplace, take your job home or to a nearby coffee shop.

    Say No to possibilities that do not suit your mission

    When you take on additional tasks that do not match with the primary purpose of your company, it can pose as a major drain on your resources. To your partners, consumers or other collaborators, it may be hard to say “no.” But it will establish that you and your team are as productive as possible by concentrating only on the most important tasks.

    Offer your team a clear path from the beginning

    You can only get a limited amount done on your own as a small business owner. But if you let them, your team will help you achieve even more. Nonetheless, if the staff needs to continually come to you to ask questions or get the order to move forward on projects, it can deter your success as well as theirs. Instead, send them specific directions for their individual tasks and projects so that they can operate more independently and only come to you or other executives when it is absolutely necessary.

    Siddhartha Basu

    Siddhartha Basu is a Technical Writer and Senior Virtual Assistant at Task Virtual. He is proud of being VA, advising clients and processing their tasks virtually. Besides, he loves online games, e-book reading, and Yoga.