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    Guide to SEO For Family Law Attorney: Family Law SEO Firm, Divorce Lawyer SEO, Family Law Marketing Agency

    Guide to SEO For Family Law Attorney: Family Law SEO Firm, Divorce Lawyer SEO, Family Law Marketing Agency

    SEO for family law firms involves the techniques such as digital marketing strategies and tactics which helps in the generation of more organic traffic. Not just that there are potential clients for a family law firm’s website and this is done by securing the first-page ranking positions on google for the queries that families seek legal advice what they are searching for.

    It is clear thing that google is the number one resource for people when they are looking for legal services. As of 2022, there are 93% of people are seeking online legal advice.     Referrals and the word of mouth marketing are important things though, but the truth is online search is something that always dominates the research phases. Whereas there is another recent study that revealed 74% of people have visited a law firm’s website with the intention to take action.

    Marketing your family law practice is a vital part of how you are growing your business. You require the right marketing and content tools in order to draw clients for your site and also ensure that it is searchable. The more potential clients you can find on your website, the more likely you are able to increase your client base and earn more profits.

    Technical SEO For Family Law Attorney & Divorce Attorney Firm Importance

    No matter whether you are operating as a solo attorney or if you are running a large-scale law firm, it is a critical thing for potential clients to have easy access to your operations. But for making this thing possible, you are required to create proper awareness about the services that you are providing.

    When you establish this recognition it becomes more critical than ever in the current era, where any legal service is just a click away.

    Anyone who is looking for family law seo services is required to type in those words within Google or any other search engine. After searching they are immediately presented with a list of nearby attorneys that matches their requirements. If your name is not appearing on that list, then you can end up missing out on opportunities to keep your operation running.

    Even when someone who does not require any legal services is not actively searching for these solutions, during this time they are provided with suggestions across their social media feed that are based on their activity or demographics. This helps them in choosing a legal expert for consultation and representation without taking extensive action. Today in this article we are going to discuss SEO for family law. But before that let was discuss what SEO is.      

    What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

    SEO is known as Search engine optimization. It is the practice with which you make your business more visible on search engines. There are three pieces with which SEO for family law attorneys is done and doing SEO for family law attorneys, is not something different from doing SEO for any attorney:

    You need to ensure that your website is accessible to Google, by allowing it to index your website optimally. Other than that you need to also create relevant content that aligns with what your clients are searching for themselves. This also means you should not only aim to rank for “head terms” such as child custody lawyer but also for the common questions that the client research before contacting an attorney.

    By maximizing the “authority” or “trustworthiness” of your website and by creating content that earns links to your website and fulfils search intent. Well, earning links from other websites is a very critical part of SEO that will have a tremendous impact on your search rank too.

    Also, family law is what Google calls a “Your Money or Your Life” area of content, this means that it is subject to additional scrutiny by the search engine. Not just that your website must aim to establish itself as a trusted resource. Law firm marketing commonly uses SEO.

    Improve Your Family Law Firm SEO: Family Law SEO Keyword

    There are many elements of family law SEO which have the ability to compound and also increase value over time. SEO is also an investment just like any other investment and it takes time to get results. Implementation of a well thought plan which aims for the growth of your family law SEO strategy also has the potential within itself to magnify your online reach and reel in more family law clients than ever before. 
    Family Law SEO also makes sure that you are appearing against online searches and along with it you have a prominent presence across other platforms as a family law marketing agency.

    Optimize Ranking & Link building For Divorce And Family Lawyers

    Whether you are operating as a solo attorney or you are running a large-scale law firm, it is critical thing for potential clients to have easy access to your operations. But for making this a possible thing, you are required to create proper awareness about the services that you provide.

    What is SEO for Family Law?

    In short, SEO which is done for family law helps in the optimization of your family law attorney’s website in order to make it a google friendly one. There are a huge amount of 200+ ranking factors which SEOs speculate google while judging what position a particular website deserves. While the optimization of the websites for search engines takes place the SEO goes through a list of several ranking factors and would make sure that the website is following up with the recommended best practices.

    Why is SEO for Family Law Firms, Divorce Lawyer Important?

    Why is SEO for Family Law Firms, Divorce Lawyer Important?

    Law firms often begin with the idea that if you build a family law website, the potential customers would find it out. But what firms soon find out is the race to get into the number 1 position and this race is a fierce and competitive thing. The chances are, if you have not started a local SEO campaign, your competitors have. Search engines are still a predominant way to find potential customers for your businesses with Google taking the largest piece of the cake at 92%. On top of this, there are local searches which have an extremely high conversion rate of 80%. Hence it is better if your family law firm’s website is optimized for local searches, and hence there are better chances for capturing new leads.

    How to Create your Family Law Local SEO Strategy

    When thinking about a family law SEO strategy, can be grouped into 6 categories that are mentioned below.

    #1. Technical SEO

    You need to make sure that the website is easily crawlable by search engines, and that it is free of broken links and slow pages.

    #2. Keyword research 

    Using tools in order to research what queries potential customers are using in order to find your services.

    #3. On-page SEO

    Keep the page well-optimized by adding relevant keywords to it.

    #4. Blogging 

    Creation of a content marketing campaign in order to increase awareness of potential customers at the different stages of your marketing funnel.

    #5. Link building 

    Using strategies to add links for your website on industry-related blog posts.

    #6. Google business profile 

    Setting up your Google My Business profile for capturing the traffic from Google Maps and the map pack.

    Family & Divorce Lawyer SEO Company Service Types

    Family & Divorce Lawyer SEO Company Service Types

    #1 Legal Content Writing: Effective SEO Blog

    It is not something new that Google always prefers well-written and thorough content. And hence it is important thing to make sure that each piece of content on your website “pays its own way” so that it is supporting your website and not just sitting there taking up space. The evidence needs to be done solely based on data and not on any assumptions. Apart from that there is detailed keyword research that is required by cross-referencing several important metrics that includes volume, keyword difficulty, and competitive density.

    #2 Link Acquisition for Seach Engine Results

    Link building is an essential thing with which the increase in the visibility of your website takes place so that your website ends up ranking higher in the different search engines. The truth is SEO for family law attorneys requires quality, not quantity. It requires time in order to create high-quality links every month which would provide value to the web page to rank.

    It is an important thing to find a trustworthy source where your website can be referenced. Apart from that you are also required to perform SEO link audits in order to check the current SEO campaign so that you can determine what improvements that are required, if any at all.

    #3 Core Web vitals And Technical SEO: Organic Search, SEO Plugins

    Site navigation is important for Google to crawl your site and appear better in search results.  The legal web development team would make sure that your site is all set up properly, and they would look closely and could remove any duplicate metadata, pagination issues, broken redirects, and more. You should also know how to not only make an attractive website, but apart from that you need to see that it functions optimally, is a mobile-friendly thing, and pays for itself by pulling in organic traffic that turns into new clients for your family law firm.

    #4 Maintaining and Staying on Top of SEO Changes

    Once you and your marketing professionals have taken the responsibility to increase your rankings, you need to continue defending your position at the top of the list. It is not enough in today’s world to sit back once you are on top. In order to maintain your position you should always work and follow up with the process. You must maintain your SEO rankings to stay competitive in the family law marketplace. 

    Tips For Good SEO to Bring Traffic To Your Website: Legal Marketing, On-site SEO, Keyword Research

    #1 Updating Your Website: SEO Content, Schema Markup, SEO Audit

    Google and as well as other search engines not only look at your content’s quality but also its freshness. While ranking pages and websites, Google also looks for new material this is updated or added to. Hence keeping up your site current with new content, blogs, and other updates helps in appearing at the top of clients’ search lists.

    Well, updates can also include videos, images, and other non-text items that can improve your website. This also helps in enhancing the new client’s experience on the page and makes it look more professional and updated. You can also update your branding and web design to improve your SEO.

    #2 Expanding The Link Building For Optimizing Your Website

    Link building is all about the connection of the links with the other pages on your website or with other sources outside of your website. The number of links you put on your website could directly affect how Google and other search engines would view your website.

    Link building is a delicate balance. A website should link a quality content, with proper linking. Apart from that your pages should also include inbound links to other pages on your website. And they should link to different pages, not just a single repeated article or page. Marketing professionals understand these nuances and can handle them for you.

    #3 Utilizing Proper Outbound Links To Come On Top Results

    Outbound links connect to web pages that do not belong to your website. In family law marketing, the most common outbound links are to government websites and authoritative sources about family law.

    A link to your state’s official statutory pages lends authority to your webpage. It demonstrates your knowledge as an attorney, and this helps your web pages to rank higher for SEO.

    #4 Improving Social Media Presence: Pitch Your Services

    Search engines view social media sites as those with a high page rank. This means that links to and from social media to your website can help your firm appear as an authority brand in family law.

    Social media posts help in the improvement of SEO and this also makes your firm more visible to potential clients. Quality content also helps in drawing and attracting clients to your website, where they learn you know what you are talking about and can handle their case. This greatly increases the likelihood they will hire your firm for their family law needs.      

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