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    An Overview of Graphics Designer Assistants: Know The ways To Hire Them

    Graphics Design Assistant: How To Hire The Right One?

    In a competitive scenario like this, brand leaders have to bring in competent graphics design assistant on-board to be able to increase their brand visibility, and create an identity for themselves in the market. It also helps to engage with the target audience and strengthen the existing brand image. Graphic design assistant work on innovating product designs and developing marketing strategies.

    Several types of research have shown that customers retain about 65 per cent of information if it is represented in audio-visual modes, mostly visuals. On the other hand, people retain only about 10% of the data that has been fed to them only verbally.  Thus, in highly competitive times like this, businesses are transitioning into graphic designing to attract new customers and retain the old ones to mint profit.

    Markers of a business identity like business cards, logos, stationery, letterhead pads and others help in creating a long-lasting impression on the consumer’s mind. Businesses also earn from their social media profiles and websites. Thus, keeping it updated with relevant visuals, images of the new products and marketing campaigns, is also an important step.

    What Is A Graphics Design Assistant?

    A Graphics Design Virtual Assistant specializes in graphic design. They can create or perform graphic design tasks at the drop of a hat or whenever the company needs it. Also they can be hired at a fraction of the cost of hiring a graphic designer. Furthermore they work with or under the marketing team to appropriately create designs that represent your brand identity. 

    Why Hire A Graphics Design Assistant?

    A competent Virtual Graphic designer will be aware of all the best possible approaches to convey your services and products in the market. They research and understand the marketing strategies of the rival businesses in the market, will take inputs from you and cook up a plethora of creative marketing solutions to communicate the necessary brand message.

    Furthermore they develop professional logos or designs for the brand that any printer can print. Hence the idea of using Microsoft Office alone for creative visual branding solutions is slowly taking a backseat.

    Given Below Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Graphic Designer Assistant

    #1. Saves Time

    Running a profitable business is not as easy as it sounds. You already have a lot on your mind already. Do you want to dedicate time from your busy schedule to come up with creating logos, designs and PPTs? A graphics design assistant, when hired, takes care of all the creative and designing solutions concerning your business without you having to take the additional headache.

    #2. Save Money

    Hiring a virtual graphic designer is way cheaper than hiring a graphic designer full-time. Besides that, a graphic designer is also usually aware of all the cost-effective ways to create designs and materials for you, which can be printed at a minimal cost.  By the time you chart out a design for your brand on Microsoft Publisher, a graphic designer will have the full thing ready for you and it will be easier to print.

    #3. Helps You Stand Out From the Rest

    Using a template logo or picture available online will not do justice to your brand image. It will look cheap and might not fit the image of your brand appropriately. The only way people are going to remember your brand is if you have a unique logo or design compared to others. Hence having a unique design, logo or material is the ones that help you beat your business competition.

    #4. Keeps Your Look Consistent

    Graphic designer assistant has a specific skillset where they know which font to use, which art to use or what combination of both makes your business marketing campaign stands out. They are professional and consistent at their job. A non-professional will not have that upper hand and that will do more harm than good.  Being consistent helps in upholding the brand image in the market.

    #5. Helps You Get the Results You Want

    Certain clients and business leaders have a vision and know exactly what they want. They are sure about the kind of brand image that they want to project in the market but don’t know how. A designer can assist them according to their needs and ensure that the end product looks exactly how you visualize it. This in one of the primary works of a graphic designer, and it also adds to the brand-building methods.

    Why Is Graphic Design Important?

    The three primary reasons to opt for a professional design is function, communication, and aesthetics.

    Professional graphics designer assistant create effective marketing for companies that hire them for their services. Materials like brochures, business cards, banners, flyers and so on. Often they also help in creating compelling resume designs. Furthermore graphic designing comprises creating and designing logos, and images that accelerate and strengthen the brand-building process.

    More often than not, graphic designing also plays an important role in developing exclusive mobile applications and social media pages to enhance brand visibility and advertise for the company. Graphic designing is much more than mere ornamentation. Furthermore it is more of a language. Better designs can automatically help in the organic growth of the business.

    Graphic designing has multiple proven benefits when used properly and professionally. Moreover a Graphics design assistant can be used to promote and market the brand by effectively communicating the brand to the target audience. Hence it creates awareness among consumers by educating them about the said brand.

    #1. Positive First Impression

    An effective design can determine how potential clients will perceive the brand. An unattractive or difficult logo will fail to attract any client, whereas an attractive or aesthetic logo will successfully create curiosity and attract clients. If not, at least it will create a long-lasting imprint on the audience’s mind.

    Moreover an experienced and a professional graphics design assistant know exactly how to create a profitable brand image that justice to your brand.  Thus an attractive or unique logo helps in creating a positive brand image for the consumers and potential consumers.

    #2. Professional Image

    Creating uniform and consistent logos for brands that can be used across various marketing materials and platforms helps create a proper image in the minds of consumers. Various images or logos, on the other hand, creates nothing but confusion and don’t bring out the required brand image. Moreover a well strategized and consistent visuals and graphic images enhance the business physically, and virtually (social media pages and websites). Consistency is always the key, in promoting a profitable business.

    #3. Brand Awareness

    A successful business or brand needs to have an attractive and permanent logo. Furthermore it helps to establish a brand image, by creating a brand awareness and increasing brand visibility among consumers. For this reason it reflects the goals and values of the brand in the market along with creating a successful brand image.

    The sole purpose of a logo is to communicate the aim of the business with absolute clarity. Hence it is used in all aspects of business communication from stationery to letterhead pads, websites, social media platforms, and banners. Thus to create a strong brand image, it is usually recommended to hire a professional graphic design assistant who can bridge the gap between the brand and the target audience, by designing a logo that communicates the brand’s aims successfully.

    #4. Communicate

    Visual aids have been proven to be much better at communicating the required message and creating a longer-lasting imprint on the minds of the audience. A graphic design, being visual in nature, thus, obviously serves the purpose. Compared to only audio aid or text, a graphic design conveys the brand message quickly and easily, saving time and effort to create a brand.

    #5. Build Trust And Goodwill

    A professional brand image can be successfully created by graphic design. It also helps in promoting brand credibility and building trust. Thus this, in turn, helps in creating a foundation for attracting clients. Furthermore it helps in persuading the clients to have faith in the products and services provided by your brand.

    Any business in the market can succeed in the long run only if they have a strong client base and goodwill. This goodwill is a product of good marketing strategies, which include a brand image, logo and name. Graphic designs communicate all of this successfully.

    #6. Higher Conversion Rate

    Brand visibility is directly proportional to the conversion rate. Hence this means, the higher the brand visibility, the higher will be the rate of conversion. A good graphic logo or image effectively promotes brand visibility, allowing businesses to mint more profit in the long run. Enhanced credibility is also one of the benefits of good graphic design.

    A good graphic design assistant’s work often attracts customers to visit the brand’s website or social media platforms. Furthermore professionally and strategically created graphic designs create a positive imprint on the minds of the customers and allow the company to positively track the online traffic on the website.

    What Does A Graphic Designer Virtual Assistant Do?

    A graphics design assistant is a professional, technical and creative aid for their clientele who need their services and expertise in graphic designing. They do it professionally and take up many of these assignments either from one or multiple clients. In addition to that they can also assist in creating a lot of things including social media posts and websites. Moreover they also have expertise in providing administrative and technical support.

    How Much Does A Graphic Design Virtual Assistant Cost?

    Virtual Graphic design Assistants at Task Virtual provide exceptional graphic designing services starting only from $8/hour. Furthermore they are cost-effective and save a lot of the financial resources of the business companies.

    The following tasks can be assigned to a Graphic Design Assistant:

    #1. Logos

    #2. Brand identity graphics

    #3. Social media graphics

    #4. Infographics

    #5. Graphics for websites and blogs

    #6. Template for brochures/flyers

    #7. Ppt

    #8. E-book graphics

    #9. Email template and graphic

    #10. Designing banners

    #11. Designing business cards and letterhead pads

    #12. E- Commerce page and app interface

    #13. Newsletters and magazine

    #14. Graphic annual reports

    #15. Business merch

    #16. Technical illustration and motion graphics.

    Why Hire A Virtual Assistant For Graphic Design From Task Virtual?

    try our free trial virtual assistant services

    #1. Cost Effective and complete quality is guaranteed.

    #2. Hourly charges start from as low as $6.24

    #3. 8 years of experience in such works

    #4. All the graphics designer VAs are capable of working on Canva, Photoshop, and other image creation tools.

    Siddhartha Basu

    Siddhartha Basu is a Technical Writer at Task Virtual. He loves online games, e-book reading, and Yoga.