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    How Virtual Assistants Could Help Coaches?

    How virtual assistant help coaches
    How virtual assistant help coaches

    Ever wondered how a life coach spends his/her day, in addition to, of course, helping consumers solve the difficulties and problems of their lives by molding their thinking to concentrate on positive results? Like any other entrepreneur, most life coaches struggle with the peripheral instead of managing the important aspects of the company. 

    In addition, life coaches, also need assistance in running the day-to-day operations to devote time to ongoing learning and upgrading skills and to be able to do what they do best. That’s why, the life coach’s solution to having things in order, might be a dedicated virtual assistant.

    If they feel frustrated with work and they are in search of some relaxation on their own, here are some ways a virtual assistant can support them.

    Lead management:

    As a life coach, when you are out meeting people for work, chances are that you also get leads for future clients. But if it takes your precious time to keep track of all those leads, and in answering their preliminary questions about sessions, length, payments, etc., how are you going to deal with current customers with dedication?

    A virtual assistant can assist you in qualifying, performing follow-ups, answering initial questions about your task, and forwarding only the successful leads that have high chances of getting converted.

    Social Media Management (SMM):

    Without a flourishing social media presence, no company can succeed, given our hyper-connected world scenario. Moreover, the value of social media is crucial for a career like life coach where good reviews matter greatly, and outsourcing SMM to the experts might be the best way to harness its full potential. A virtual assistant can do anything and more. It starts from handling various social pages to blogs, and engaging prospects via forums.


    Video, webinar hosting, teleclasses, or Skype sessions, tele-summits, and podcasts are some powerful tool in the life of a life coach as it appeals most to global audiences. A virtual assistant can assist you in creating and uploading images, producing video marketing content, handling webinar registrations, and organizing all other necessary elements for a successful production.

    They provide you and assist you so that you always remain in the frontline in terms of your competitors. Moreover, their amazing capabilities of becoming one with the latest technology are something that always helps you to stay ahead in the competition. 

    Document and calendar management:

    Amazing coaches make the world a better place, but by doing all the back-end activities such as handling and organizing emails, arranging schedules, bookkeeping, managing budgets, invoices, and taxes, it is the virtual assistants that add the extra bit of awesomeness. They also make PowerPoint presentations, papers, and all the other paperwork that goes into making a successful company.

    Online research:

    In order to help their clients overcome their tension and personal challenges, life coaches also need to keep up to date with the latest happenings in personal healthcare, neurology, psychology, and economic developments.

    It can be incredibly time-consuming to have to surf the web to find worthy material daily. Most good virtual assistants are skilled in online research and can easily review trustworthy web outlets such as magazines and news websites to consolidate relevant content for easy reference and access by a coach.

    Virtual Assistant As Accountability Coach

    When you have a lot of moving components in your life and no one to keep them responsibly, habit growth always becomes boring and challenging. If you have struggled with accountable partners because weekly check-ins are simply not enough in a busy world to adopt regular behaviors, a virtual assistant can be a perfect fit.

    They will not only help you in responsibly achieving your goals, but will also assist with boring tasks along the way so that you can concentrate on the things that can fuel your progress. Here’s how your relationship will get the best outcome.

    List every goal you need to accomplish; your objectives and repeat this step with every priority you want to assist your accountability partner with. Not only does this allow you to get a good view of what it would take to achieve success, but it also provides ample context for your virtual assistant to keep you accountable in a constructive and substantive way.

    Adopt a system for online transparency

    Instead of taking up so much of your time, introduce a system to provide fast, asynchronous feedback on your progress to ensure your accountability partner supports your success. And if you only have time to sync life once a week or so, this ensures that you always remain synchronized. Generally, a good system would have these characteristics:

    • An intuitive UI that you enjoy using
    • The ability to create deadlines and reminders
    • Allows the development of task lists under key priorities
    • Ultimately, to accomplish your objectives, it can be any tool that allows you and your virtual assistant insight into the everyday tasks you need to do.

    When you have selected a tool, fill in all of your goals and routines with it. You will be kept responsible by your virtual assistant for keeping the system updated and completing all of your tasks on time.

    Build a Cadence Check-In and Reminder

    For using an online accountability partner, ensuring an appropriate check-in and reminder cadence is important. This rate dictates how frequently you are reached by your virtual assistant to remind you of upcoming deadlines and to check whether you have completed assignments. 

    The optimal cadence is the one that motivates you most to accomplish your goals, so you need to think about what kinds of messages you are supported by and which you are most likely to disregard. To help you get started, here are some best practices that the virtual assistant implements: 

    • Arranges meetings on Friday afternoon’s or Monday morning’s to set priorities for the following week
    • Determines how often you want to receive check-ins and reminders and if your preference varies based on the type of activity
    • Creates an escalation path for important reminders. Ex. email, chat, phone call, with defined wait times between each escalation
    • Reassesses your goals quarterly and updates them if anything changes

    You can find that some notifications are extremely helpful as you establish a good working relationship with your virtual assistant, while others are an interruption. Refine this cadence constantly until you have established a good flow and your goals are regularly achieved. 

    Other ways Virtual Assistants can help Health Coaches?

    Instead of being on it, a virtual assistant will help you work in your coaching business. A VA could change your professional life completely (as dramatic as it may sound!) by helping you dig out from under your to-do list. Here are some of the many programs to lighten your workload that a VA may offer: 

    Elementary Activities

    Email management

    Your workflow can be interrupted by answering repetitive emails. A VA will filter priority emails from less important ones and respond to them in your name accordingly.

    Handling Calls via Phone

    Telephone calls are just as noisy as emails when handling phone calls. By answering and returning calls, your virtual assistant will save you precious time.

    File management

    Confusion will easily result from your Dropbox or Google Drive files being handled inconsistently. A virtual assistant can mark your files, arrange them, and categorize them.

    Calendar management

    A VA can ensure that, by monitoring your calendar and booking appointments, you are where you are supposed to be and when you are supposed to be there.


    Multi-participant online meetings and phone calls may be organized by a virtual assistant.


    Transcription, especially if you don’t know your way around a keyboard, is an exacting and time-consuming process. Typically, a virtual assistant transcribes at least 75 words per minute and can spend the time needed to speed up the job.

    Travel arrangements:

    It can be a time-consuming issue to book flights and check for discounts on airline websites. These responsibilities can be taken off your plate by a virtual assistant, as well as study hotels at your destination.

    Advanced Tasks


    Bank and credit card reconciliation, balance sheet management, data entry, and cash flow maintenance will be taken care of by a VA with bookkeeping expertise.


    SEO can help place and sell the content on your website, blog, Facebook, and Twitter to drive traffic. An SEO-savvy VA can help.

    Web development

    Website customization and coding will be taken care of by a professional virtual assistant web developer.

    Web design

    A virtual assistant specializing in web design develops the look and layout of a website, not to be confused with a web developer. What does the template of your website for health coaching look like? The guidance of the virtual assistant to website design helps a lot.

    Content writer

    Online marketing is handled by a VA content writer and content is posted on the website, forum, and social media sites daily. Newsletters and press releases may also be produced by a content writer. Their marketing guide to learn more about producing or outsourcing content for your health coaching website always comes in handy.

    The secret to scaling your business and functioning in your field of genius is to employ a Virtual Assistant who not only knows the online space but can also keep you organized.

    Hire a Virtual Assistant who can manage your everyday operations instead of having to serve as both a mentor and an executive assistant, allowing you the opportunity to do what you do best. Below are some activities that should be outsourced to a virtual assistant by any business coach.

    Management Inbox and Schedule

    Outsource your inbox and calendar to a Virtual Assistant if inbox zero and is something that dreams are made of or if your calendar fills up more rapidly than you can manage.

    Enlist your Virtual Assistant to respond on your behalf instead of being the one to reply to every email. You would be shocked at how little you need your inbox to hit. Your calendar is equally important.

    Entrepreneurs are so often busy with so many duties that double booking by you is normal. Stop this by giving power of scheduling to your Virtual Assistant. They will be mindful of your roles in doing so to save you from having to be in two positions at once.

    Organization and Support Webinar

    If it’s a webinar to promote your customers to an upcoming course or a coaching webinar, there are several measures (which you actually hate) that go into pulling a webinar off. Instead of having to handle the information on your own, outsource the webinar organization and fund your Virtual Assistant, something we never suggest.

    Your Virtual Assistant will also provide back-end help during your webinar, in addition to coordinating and organizing the webinar. This involves the webinar being registered, interacting with participants, and help you through live Q&A.


    It may take a considerable amount of time to study new subjects, studies, and techniques. You are able to review the research they have provided and create content based on their results by outsourcing research to a Virtual Assistant.

    Management Website and Course

    Are you fumbling through tech updates and feeling irritated at the end? Instead of trying to work things out on your own, outsource a Virtual Assistant for website updates and course management.

    On websites and course channels such as WordPress, Kajabi, and Thinkific, many Virtual Assistants are well-trained and seasoned. Instead of updating yourself, hand over this assignment to a Virtual Assistant who can finish the job in half the time and better than you could have done it.

    Social Media Management

    Social networking is one of the best ways to share details about your business. You don’t have to be the one to plan updates and participate in social media, though.

    You will gain insight into the approaches they have learned to improve development and interaction when you outsource social media management to a Virtual Assistant. Although you may like Facebook scrolling, your time might not be the best use of it.

    Download our free Entrepreneur’s Guide to Having Things Done for more thoughts about what to outsource to a Virtual Assistant: 50 Activities to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant and determine what you should outsource to your Virtual Assistant and get some fast wins.