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    How Virtual Personal Assistant can Manage your Personal Needs in 2022?

    Is your personal life becoming overburdened with your busy business schedule? Spare time is a must to rejuvenate your personal life. A virtual personal assistant could bring in that much needed spare time so that you can take care of your personal life. You will be able to harmonize your personal life even if you have an extremely busy business life. These virtual assistants are hired by the top-notch CEOs and business magnets of the big business houses. They offer concierge services that help you to fulfill many of your family needs and also your personal needs. From online shopping to booking movie tickets to availing discounts for a seat in a baseball match, these online personal assistants can arrange for everything. They have equal expertise in managing personal issues as well.

    A virtual personal assistant can prove to be very useful for a busy corporate family as they can manage and execute a lot and release some precious time from their tight schedules. By their help, these high profile business owners can balance their personal and professional life easily. Normally, people hire them to perform important business works and also for miscellaneous tasks that help them to fulfill some personal tasks as well.

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    What services does a Virtual Personal Assistant offer?

    In this article we will try to give you an idea as to who these Virtual Personal Assistants are and what they can do for you when you hire them.

    1. Our virtual personal assistant team can do online shopping for you. If you are a quite a busy person, you hardly get any time to decide what kind of gift will be best to buy for your daughter’s birthday. Or which company should be hired as the marriage planner for a wedding of some of your near and dear ones. Here, these assistants can be of great help. We can do the necessary research, take a close look at what is trendy and who are the best in the market, and shortlist the best after reading the reviews. Then it becomes much easier for you to decide and choose the one that suits your criteria.
    2. Our virtual personal assistant can book movie tickets for you. It may not be possible for you to keep track of the movies that are screened every time. And also the discounts that are on offer on the tickets. They can help you in this as they keep track of all these as part of their profession. They will do book the tickets at the best discounted price on offer and let you enjoy through huge money saving.
    3. Moreover, we can find out which movie theater is screening which favorite movie of yours, the discount offers, and even inform you about the seat availability. Moreover, if you are looking forward to visit another country for vacation and you want to go to a theatre hall which is in the heritage list, then also we can arrange for it. In this case, our virtual assistant team can find the theater that matches with your taste. We bet the arrangement will definite bring a smile to your face.
    4. Our virtual personal assistant can create Curriculum Vitae, Resumeor Bio-Data for your job interview. Based on your requirement we can also research the jobs available in relation to your qualification. We also check the company’s review and inform you about their past and present ambiance in terms of relationships with employees. We can write quality content on your CV such that it looks professional and also format it to make sure it looks reliable to the interviewer.
    5. Our virtual personal assistants are experts in booking tickets for long distance travel. We check the details from several booking websites and list which is the best and most affordable for you. Furthermore, we check for discounts and coupons on offer which you can use to reduce the price of the tickets as much as possible. What is more beneficial for you is that you can leverage us to keep you updated every week about the rise and fall of the booking price. Just imagine you can focus on work and this concierge work could be handled by us.
    6. Suppose you want to vacation in Egypt during summer, but as because you are a busy entrepreneur, you do not have sufficient time to plan all this. When you hire us, we will do an extensive study and chalk out the best tour plan for you. We will arrange everything starting from booking the flight tickets to arranging for the place to stay and so on. We can also let you know about the discounts and offers that you can avail before and after reaching Egypt during this vacation. We can also make a list of the best places to visit, and stay keeping in mind the safety factor all the while. We can also arrange for vehicles to go around the city. You can also have a detailed idea about the social and cultural aspects of the native people. If you want then our dedicated personal virtual assistant can also place a detailed report about the crime rate, women safety, medical centers, etc so that you never face any problem throughout your vacation there.
    7. Suppose you are a single father or a mother, who has a child to take care of and also a business to handle. You can hire a virtual personal assistant who can help you to juggle between all these responsibilities with élan. The assistant will do the perfect time management for you. They can remind you about all the business commitments you have throughout the day. They will update you beforehand about your upcoming tours. The date of the annual function day of your child can also be reminded by them. You will never miss out on any birthdays when you have the virtual personal assistant at your size. Our assistants can certainly help you to manage your day to day activities so that you do not have to worry about anything. We assure you that we will keep you stress-free and let you enjoy life all the more.
    8. They can find for you the nearby medical shops where you can get your emergency medicines. Apart from all this, we can even let you know about the ongoing offers on food delivery apps and assist you to buy food from those restaurants where you can find quality food at the best prices. With us, life will be definitely much easier for you we promise. If you are looking forward to buy a anything in particular and want to do it from the best stores with the best reviews, then we can do it for you. We exactly know where to find the best for you.

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    What are Real-Time Benefits?

    With unimaginable technological advancement that our world is seeing today, these smart virtual personal assistant can organize your calendar and data by taking the help of the best technologies. They gather all the information via the internet. They can set your day’s appointments, alert you on any unforeseen event and remind you about various issues. They can activate all the latest apps and smart devices that can make your work lot easier.

    Today, the virtual personal assistant takes the help of the advanced technology that has instant processing capabilities that enables the assistant to carry out multiple tasks remotely and at minimum possible time. Here are some examples of how this incredibly smart person can do:

    1. Amazing Communication Skills

    In the past, assistants who communicated from an in-house setup did not have the right kind of expertise to communicate with the customers. Nowadays, the virtual personal assistant is specially trained to do so with impeccable grasp over any language they speak, with amazing skills to attend to any customer as special emphasis is given to communication during their training. They adapt to individual business languages quite fast so that they can communicate as an expert.

    1. The Capability To Adjust To The Appointees’ Lifestyle And Necessities
      In recent years, digital content has evolved to become more personalized. One often receives lists of news items of varied interests, like video playlists based on one’s own personal taste. The virtual personal assistant studies those and segregates those contents according to individual preferences and segregates them for your future reference. This saves a lot of time for the appointee.
    2. The Capability To Use Cloud-Based Knowledge
      A good personal assistant is adept at using the best processes available to share information. This saves time and makes life easier for the appointee. For example, the virtual personal assistant very well understands the use of the latest information sharing mediums like the use of Google Drive, Google Docs, Dropbox, etc., this lets you see the progress of your work “real-time” without having to wait for updates.This ability of the assistants to help the task to progress smoothly without having to worry about the regular updates that one may miss. The virtual personal assistant have the right kind of expertise in using the Google voice which lets them share each of their clients information which gives the impression as if they are working in the same office. They also use a password manager for their clients to share their personal data that the assistants require to access. This system does not require the client to give the actual password of your accounts.
    1. Expert Assistance Remotely
      A virtual personal assistant is very much similar to an assistant who carries out different types of business activities in-house. The new startups can appoint the online personal assistants in managing the inbox, arranging the content for social media, supporting customers online, and almost any task that does not require their physical presence. These specialized assistants, experts in diverse tasks help you to excel in any field they touch.


    Impact On Modern Business

    According to a popular survey, almost a fourth of the digital workers will take the help of a virtual personal assistant by 2021. If your small enterprise is contemplating to a take a big leap soon, then you should become a part of this growing trend as soon as possible. Here are some of the best reasons why you should consider appointing an online personal assistant.

    1. Putting The Processed In Place
      The businesses lose around twenty to thirty percent of their precious revenue each year due to technical inefficiencies. It is often seen that these technical inefficiencies happen due malfunctioning of the common web platforms like the Gmail etc. To stop curtail this loss; a virtual personal assistant can help you to find a way to set up these processes right without having to work on them personally.
    2. They Filter Communication
      The virtual personal assistant manages and filters the messages, e-mails and other messages that don’t always require a thoughtful response from your part. They can be discarded as junk from time to time.
    3. Organizing and Arranging Data
      The virtual personal assistant can do a detailed review of the web analytics, customer data and organize them and share them in a precise and meaningful way. This allows quick access of the data that’s relevant to a business type without the need to search and go through all the minutest details the whole day.
    4. Finishing The Routine Smoothly
      Entering data and researching on the net can be a very time-consuming affair, but are extremely important for any business. These tasks are generally done by a virtual personal assistant in an office setup. They do all these with élan and complete the task in a very short period of time.
    5. Lets You Focus More
      Most entrepreneurs, solopreneurs or small businesses have to handle some routine tasks like bookkeeping and marketing when they start. And they are not always familiar with these kinds of jobs; they may end up wasting their valuable time learning them. Their lives more easy as they hire a good virtual assistant for business.

    A virtual personal assistant, who is specialized in these, does all the routine and relieves the owner from the pain of doing it himself. Believe me; the tasks are handled extremely competently and it frees up those extremely valuable extra time when you can focus on things that you are expert at. It also provides a tremendous chance to make your business grow.

    Impact On Productivity of Business

    It is seen and often said that to improve productivity, delegation is vital. A virtual personal assistant lets you concentrate on tasks that impact your business’ growth and success by relieving you from the mundane.

    Come; take a look at some of the ways by which productivity can be doubled in your business just by hiring them:

    1. Setting Business Goals
      Visualizing your priorities and setting of goals are the key aspects to increase the productivity of your business. Once they are set, you can very well ask the virtual personal assistant to help you in creating a vision board digitally. It will search on the aspects that you intend to put in the vision board, letting you do other much more meaningful tasks needed to increase your productivity.
    2. Arranging The Tasks According To Priority
      Prioritizing the tasks makes it more productive. Arrangement of tasks and making a list for daily, weekly, or monthly activities much in advance aids in smooth execution of them. By this, the things of utmost importance can be done immediately and the rest can wait in the wings. Eventually, the productivity will double with the help of the virtual personal assistant who uses calendars and other scheduling instruments effectively.
    3. Curtailing Multitasking
      Multitasking is a vital skill but can slow down productivity. So, concentrating on one task at a time is a good idea. Multitasking, which requires your attention, can be assigned to your virtual personal assistant, and with their help, you can definitely increase your productivity.
    4. Take A Break
      Taking a break once in a while actually boosts productivity. While you take that precious break, your virtual personal assistant can continue with the daily tasks. This way the mental health improves and productivity improves as well.

    The Future Of Virtual Personal Assistant

    1. The entry of Smarter Online Personal Assistants
      They processes your work fast. They have amazing time management skills. They carry out the work unsupervised. Virtual Assistants create the schedules, sets your deadlines, and make you accountable for your hours.
    2. Attitude To Take All Under Control
      In the near future, the virtual personal assistants will take the lead and execute big projects, make valuable business suggestions, and emphasize areas that need special attention. Such a role reversal and transformation into the managerial level will help the business in a tremendous way.
    3. Virtual Assistants Who Foresee The Best Opportunities
      Soon, the virtual personal assistant will have the great problem-solving ability. They will have a trustworthy and great relationship with their appointees and will be able to weigh their workload. They will help the owner to take a break and set aside the tasks that need utmost care and devotion. Moreover, soon they will process huge volumes of data with the help of spectacularly advanced processing technologies. They will have tremendous insights by which they can detect the capabilities of an employee and make them do tasks based on individual experiences and performance.

    Ways By Which Virtual Personal Assistants Can Help A Startup

    Hiring these assistants offers a great deal of help to new startups than an office-based employee can, here are some of the areas:

    1. Cost streamlining
      The most prominent benefit of hiring a virtual personal assistant is that one can stay within their budget limit. As they are paid on per productive hour basis, you don’t pay when they don’t work. These assistants are very much similar to entrepreneurs. They reinforce virtual resources in today’s crisis of Covid 19 and help you survive admidst market fall. Moroever, it takes care of all the costs incurred in its virtual assistance business and does not ask for any benefits.
    2. Efficiency Enhancement
      When a virtual personal assistant is hired, it enhances the business efficiency manifold. First and foremost, our assistants streamline the expenses of hiring by twenty to sixty percent in comparison to an in-house hire. Secondly, it can manage many nonessential tasks like e-mail filtering, attending phone calls, keeping accounts, etc. or functions that have no straightforward relationship with the core business.

    TaskVirtual is ready to be of your service. Being one of the fastest going Virtual Personal Assistant provider company, we proudly offer you such professionals for your well being and happiness in your life.


    Siddhartha Basu

    Siddhartha Basu is a Technical Writer at Task Virtual. He loves online games, e-book reading, and Yoga.