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    Live Chat Outsourcing: Why Outsource Live Chat Support of Customer Support?

    Live Chat Outsourcing: Why Outsource Live Chat Support of Customer Support?

    The Live chat outsourcing is a strategic process in which you hand over your live chat support process to a third-party vendor. Now this third-party vendor would be responsible for answering your customer’s questions instead of letting you manage them all alone. And once your live chat services get outsourced to the vendor, they would be answering the incoming questions, also manage multiple chats, and offer a solution from your end to the customers.

    The live chat service provider’s aim, as seen is to give answers to queries faster and make your support process a seamless and a hassle-free experience for the customers. Though these benefits of live chat outsourcing sound quite convincing one, there are a lot more that you need to know about.

    Live chat outsourcing is a business strategy that is used by professional sales and customer service teams, on order to outsource their website customer service inquiries to outside vendors in real time.  

    The “instant message” inquiries usually come in from those customers who have questions or concerns or they need information about the products or services that are listed on the website. Live chat is one of the help in increasing conversions, it also strengthens a brand’s reputation, and also creates a high-quality customer experience if it is implemented in the correct order.

    Outsource Live Chat Support to Call Center Benefits: Advantages of Live Chat Service for Customer Support.

    Outsource Live Chat Support to Call Center Benefits: Advantages of Live Chat Service for Customer Support.

    There are a bunch of reasons for any business to outsource its live chat services. While some of the popular reasons, or the benefits, were discovered during the research. The results have also suggested that:

    59% of businesses have found out that outsourcing is a cost-saving tool for them

    57% of the businesses have experienced that call center outsourcing has helped and enabled them in order to focus on their core business

    Whereas 47% of the businesses strove to outsource live chat customer service process to solve their capacity issues

    The benefits these stats highlight would help to appeal to more businesses in the coming future. But then there are other advantages too that need to be acknowledged as well. Some of these benefits include:

    #1. Increases the Conversion Opportunities for Your Business Via Any Prefer Live Chat

    The outsourced live chat operators guarantee a professional attitude while they manage your incoming support requests. These requests can come up from some of the most difficult customers too. But they still tend to keep a balanced tone throughout all the live chat conversations and they also offer solutions to your customers that result in more conversions for your business.

    #2. It Makes Your Support Team a 24×7 Reality Through In-House Live Chat

    When you hear that a larger chunk of 74% of the support centres does not have a 24*7 staff, then there are several thoughts that could come up and you are likely to have thoughts like, “If they can’t offer round-the-clock services, then how will we achieve the same?”

    Though this might be not everyone’s thought, it is one of the intimidating concerns for many of business owners in today’s world. When you have outsourced your live chat support, you can end up making your support team a 24*7 reality and make sure that there are no questions that go unanswered, even at odd times.

    #3. Helps in improving the Exceptional Customer Satisfaction Score with Experts in Place:

    The experienced support team members help your business to tackle unnumbered situations. The situation can also be order-related, product quality issues, account management challenges, and many more things other than that. With a team in place that’s aware of most of the recurring issues taking place with your customers, you will see positive growth in your customer satisfaction score and retain customers successfully.

    When you see that your business gets to enjoy such amazing benefits, then there is no way that you can avoid outsourcing live chat operators for your business. However, you should have a thorough understanding of specific circumstances that would need your business to outsource live chat services.

    Right Time to Outsource Live Chat Support Services: Live Chat Outsourcing for Better Live Chat Customer Experience

    If you miss out on the signs the business requires to outsource live chat service, then in this article we have listed the reasons why you should choose a live chat outsourcing. Keep on reading till the end and you will find out your own reason why you should choose a live chat outsourcing.

    When Maintaining a Big Live Chat Customer Service Becomes a Tedious Task:

    It is not an easy task for all businesses to manage the desired size of the support team in-house. That’s why around 47% of companies have outsourced their customer support process to resolve such capacity issues. While there are some businesses which have the budget to have a massive team in place, and it’s not necessary for them that they can manage them the right way. This could be due to the lack of customer service knowledge or having the right resources in place. But when you outsource live chat services, you can overcome these hurdles effectively, and without facing many problems.

    #1. If You Lack the Chat Tools of Live Chat Assistance

    This is another tedious challenge that businesses tend to face, and this happens due to the lack of suitable infrastructure that helps in managing an in-house team hassle-free. You may also lack the right space or technology that offers you your in-house support team. You might also lack the capital to invest on the best live chat software, which yields better results for your business of yours. These infrastructural challenges can encourage a company to invest in outsourced live chat services as companies want to take customer service to the next level.

    #2. If Offering 24×7 Chat Support Solutions Seems Unrealistic:

    When any business lacks a team that is there to offer 24*7 support to the customers it is another reason the businesses consider investing in live chat outsourcing for supporting purposes. When you have outsourced the live chat services, professional teams help in tackling the customers and this is not just for the day shift but also for the night. That means that you get to answer queries at odd hours and also make sure that that are no questions that go unanswered.

    #3. If You Can’t Afford to Train Support Teams Regularly On Best Customer Issues

    You need to train your support teams on a regular basis so that they end up tackling the customer challenges and also answer the questions effectively. But if you do not end up affording to train your support teams on a regular basis, then they will likely fall behind to support trends and may also fail at handling the challenging questions on their own. In such a situation, outsourcing seems a good option as it would help out a lot. This also helps you to save capital and work with teams that help in managing support issues effectively as they are trained on a regular basis.

    #4. If Your Customer Support Chat Team Can’t Grow Along with Your Business:

    When we say that your support team isn’t growing as your business scales, they cannot understand your business and its image in the market. If your support team and marketing team aren’t on the same page, then you are likely to see a rift in how they work and portray your brand in the market.

    However, the same isn’t true when you have outsourced a live chat support services for your business. The moment you get a team on board, they will try to understand how your voice and tone are used with prospects and customers. They would even try to come to a consensus soon with the marketing team to create a seamless experience from the top of the funnel to the bottom of the funnel.

    It is situations like these that encourage a business to invest in live chat outsourcing service providers. Now before you dive into finding the right live chat outsourcing team for your business, it would be great if we first look into the pros and cons of in-house vs. outsourced live chat service.

    Five Reasons to Outsource Customer Care Support To Task Virtual for Better Customer Service Experience

    Five Reasons to Outsource Customer Care Support To Task Virtual for Better Customer Service Experience

    Well, do you know that the fastest-growing live chat agent provider is Task Virtual?

    We have a proven track record of excellence to provide support agents and real-time technical support. For 8 years we have worked with hundreds of companies and our reputation as a chat support company could tangible through reviews on the internet.

    Here are the 5 tops reasons to work with our live chat team:

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    1) Well-managed live chat with professional customer support agents.

    2) We provide live chat through omnichannel support and there will be 24*7 hours chat solution irrespective of any amount of chat volume.

    3) Resolve customer disputes with full assurance of increasing customer satisfaction.

    4) We offer a live chat team of agents through Facebook messenger, proprietary chat support help, etc.

    5) We also offer chat transcript, web chat help, dedicated live chat, customer engagement, eCommerce business chat support, and many more.

    6) We can take any basic training from your side and answer any questions about your products ensuring the highest customer satisfaction.

    7) We can help in lead generation, online chat for upselling, email support help, and other live chat customer support

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