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    As a new age entrepreneur, you’d be well aware of the importance of having an active blog on your website. Blogging has become an immensely powerful tool for not just marketing your business but also setting a credible reputation for it and connecting with your present and prospective customers. Once your business starts growing, it’d become almost impossible to manage every facet of your business. And continuously coming up with new topics and write them would be another mess. This is where a virtual assistant can help you manage your blog more efficiently!

    There are two broad areas that need to be looked after when it comes to the blog. One is the technical side and the other is the quality of the content.But it is not as difficult as you think. With a bit of training from your end, your virtual assistant will be able to manage both these sides, thereby lessening your work load a lot.

    Managing the technical side

    Managing your Blog with a Virtual Assistant

    This is basically about the maintenance of your blog on a day to day basis. These technical aspects must be perpetuated to ensure that your blog keeps running glitch free. This may not take up too much of your time.You need to do it on a regular basis. Sometimes it can get hectic. By providing your virtual assistant with the proper instructions, you can get this side taken care of, easily. Given below are some tasks that your VA can assist you with –

    Backing up is very important as you wouldn’t want to lose all the content. You’ve put so much work in all the works and losing them due to some technical glitch would be painful. You must instruct your virtual assistant to back up your blog on a regular basis. There are various plug-ins like BackupBuddy, that can make this work easier.

    Keeping plug-ins updated – Plug-ins like Akismet, Yoast SEO, BackupBuddy, Scrolling Social Sharebar etc. are crucial for the proper functioning of your site on WordPress. In order to run smoothly, the plug-ins must always be up to date with their latest versions. Ask your VA to keep an eye on any pending updates for the plugins. Try to update them accordingly.


    Managing the quality of content

    Without a doubt, this is the most important part of your blog. After all, content is what will drive the readers to it. Naturally, you should keep in mind that your VA might not be as knowledgeable as you in this aspect. So, craft your own blog posts – but there are many other facets of managing content in a blog that you can easily delegate to your VA, thereby freeing up a lot of time for yourself to focus only on writing your blog.

    Maintaining post calendar – It is a very good idea to maintain a consistent editorial calendar that not only helps you keep a track of the content you have published till date, but also helps you come up with brand new ideas. And your VA can totally take care of this task! It also keeps you on track with your post publishing frequency. It makes you feel assured about the regularity of your blog post.

    Creating blog post ideas – One of the major tasks in creating blog content is coming up with the topic in the first place! And It is important to have a list of topics prepared beforehand when it comes to managing an active blog. So the flow doesn’t face any interruption. So, you can have your virtual assistant come up with a list of viable blog posts topics by doing some keyword research as per your industry.

    Doing topic research – A good blog post is one which is informative and of some use to the reader. For that, it is important to do the requisite research! Once the blog posts topics have been generated, your assistant can then go on and do some research on the topics you’d be taking up first. After gathering the information you save a lot of time. Hence you can have time for a brainstorming and come up with a well written and fact fuelled post!

    Optimizing posts – In case you make your VA format your blog post before you publish it, then you can also ask them to optimize it with rich keywords! A good SEO plug-in can surely do this work. They can add SEO rich titles or alternative texts by the pictures you post as well, thus enhancing the effect of optimization. All you have to do is check the draft once and then hit publish!

    Managing comments – If your blog is good, you will get a lot of comments from readers. It is essential to acknowledge and reply to those comments. It increases interaction and helps in creating a positive and responsive image for your business. A virtual assistant can be easily entrusted with this kind of task, where they’d need to keep a track of the comments that your post has received and manage and reply to them accordingly.

    So, hire a virtual assistant to help you manage your blog and watch your work get both easier and better! Ready to try out virtual assistance? Sign up for the FREE TRIAL with Task virtual today!