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    Hire a virtual assistant for commercial success

    When businesses or entrepreneurs require different kinds of services remotely from an individual, then they hire a virtual assistant. By accessing the required tools and data remotely, they do the job virtually as they are not in-office employees. Conventionally, these assistants operated independently and had the required specialization in executing specific tasks.

    Nowadays, with the growth in the virtual assistant industry, companies have come up who provides you with these virtual helpers with a varied range of services like customer support, administrative services, marketing in social media, managing and entering data, keeping accounts.

    When you hire a assistant, you hire an independent partner whom you can rely on completely to assist you in all kinds of tasks related to your business as well as personal tasks. It can be as varied as doing research on the internet, writing content, designing and developing the website, to tasks related to administration. The team of highly experienced and expert virtual assistants has an approach that is result-oriented, and ensured that whatever work you assign to them are done on time. For these reasons, this industry has grown over the past few years.

     In today’s business scenario, the owners are constantly searching for world-class and perfect supportive solutions which can only be found when you hire a virtual assistant so that the profit ratio is increased and generated quickly. Entrepreneurs, who are highly successful in their business endeavors, actually are capable of doing two things very well in particular: They have definite business targets for which they develop full-proof strategies way before they begin. Secondly, they utilize the resources available to them to the minimum so that they can make a profit, and remain positive on whatever is the outcome.

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    With the growth of your business, you start facing a huge workload. When this starts happening every day, you start thinking about how you can manage all this on your own. This is the moment when you should start analyzing the situation you are in. According to us, immediately hire a virtual assistant for help, and get more than you expect. While doing so, you will soon understand that all you need to counter this situation is to appoint an assistant who can help you to shoulder this excessive burden from you. But then you will also understand that you require something much better than hiring someone full-time. So, what is the best solution? 

    If you are still wondering as to how hiring a virtual assistant may help you in your business, then in the simplest answer is that these self-employed experts who will work remotely for you are armed with a specific set of skills by which they can cater to multiple clients. They can also work on different projects simultaneously.

    Just as you will hire a virtual assistant you will find them working according to the instructions extended by their client and offers a wide variety range of services that will be very cost-effective for you. They will provide you with top-quality assistance, by which you will never ever lose any business deadline ever.

    Top reasons to get a virtual assistant work for you

    In this article, we will find out about some of the top reasons to why you should hire them for your business. Just keep on reading…

    Reason #1: They Have Solid Contribution In Business Growth

    Every entrepreneur, in his subconscious mind, knows that he is no Superman! He or she cannot execute all the tasks in hand all by themselves. It comes as a blessing to them whenever someone extends their hand for help. An extra hand that you get when you hire a virtual assistant is extremely welcoming and important for the growth of your business. Just remember a simple thing: if you want to take your business to the next level, then one of the most powerful tools to do that is collaboration. Your business will definitely flourish if you take up strategic partnerships and have interest sharing.

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    So, here comes the deal: When you are trying for business expansion, you should hire a virtual assistant to bring in a highly talented individual to enhance this process. If you want to make this enhancement in the shortest possible time, then help your assistant thoroughly understand the ethics and policies of your business. Then you should open up the virtual floor, and let them share their ideas and thoughts with you. Soon, you will notice a considerable growth in almost every side of your business and especially in production.

    Reason #2: Get In Touch With The Best Talent

    The list of benefits when you hire a virtual assistant is quite elaborate. Your assistants have a great understanding of your business. Because of this, you will definitely see a reflection of this knowledge in every task that they carry out for you. By now are you eager to know the best part? When you hire them, you will never have to think about geographical restrictions. This gives you an opportunity to freely access the pool of world-class talent.

    When this kind of opportunity opens up in front of you, then the chances of availing better services at a comparatively lower cost becomes very easy. This in turn means that your business will surely shine. The more you communicate with your assistant when you hire a virtual assistant; the clearer would be his or her understanding as to what your business requirements are and how they should be executed. Slowly, they will become a member of our business team with the only difference that they will work remotely.

     Reason #3: Lowering Of Operational Costs

    You should be always very wise regarding your money. What is often seen among the new entrepreneurs is that they find it very hard to manage their expenses. One of the best ways to manage this effectively is by outsourcing some of these tasks. Now savings should be the keyword for success for all the new entrepreneurs! Now, when you hire a virtual assistant, your assistant will help you to cut down on operational costs.

    By having an assistant, you can save on expenses like spending on office space, maintenance cost and additional tax expenses. Moreover, there is no need for you to procure office equipment like computers, or telephones as the assistants provide them virtually and remotely. According to your current necessity regarding business support, you can hire a virtual assistant who will work for you on part or full-time basis. In comparison to an in-house employee, they cost much less, because you can save on a major aspect like the employee benefits.

     In place of hiring a full-time employee to carry out on a small task, if you hire a virtual assistant to do it for you, can prove to be great for you. As they charge on an hourly or per task basis, you only pay them for the work that’s actually been done by them. As they work remotely, you also don’t require paying for the overheads like the internet, laptop, or other expenses related to office space.

     Reason #4: Workload Reduction

    As a founder, it sometimes so happens that the major tasks get overshadowed due to immense work pressure and an extremely busy schedule. In situations like this, the hire a virtual assistant comes handy, as he or she can shoulder some of the most crucial tasks. They will help you in doing market research, in entering data, managing the emails and doing marketing online. They answer the calls; do search optimization, web development, writing the contents, transcribes and many things more. These professionals are highly skilled and operate in multiple areas.

    Your work-related stress is greatly decreased by these assistants. As you hire a virtual assistant, they will also help you in maintaining and organizing everything perfectly. Among many things, they particularly stress on task completion within the stipulated time frame. Because of this expert help, you can keep on running your business super smoothly.

     Reason #5: Deep focus On Core Operations

    As an entrepreneur, time management sometimes becomes very difficult. But this is one thing that needs special attention for these new business owners. Because they need time to focus on functions related to the core business, the hire a virtual assistant becomes an absolute necessity. Here are two factors on which you should take special note: matters which can’t be handled all by yourself and matters that shouldn’t be handled by you.

    On top of that there are tasks about which you may not have the right kind of knowledge or expertise. On the other hand, there are issues that may not demand your immediate attention. All these can be managed just when you will hire a virtual assistant and eventually they will take care of every routine task with utmost care. They can provide personal and administrative support to you so that you may focus more and more on all that is crucial.

     When you did not hire a virtual assistant, you have to deal with tons and tons of activities that are not related to the core business like sending emails and newsletters, handling queries of the customers, doing research on the internet, scheduling meetings, and doing data entry. While these are off course tasks that are important to your business, they’re not core tasks that need to be addressed by the in-house team.

    By forcing your in-house employees to do these daily tasks kills valuable time that they could spend on matters that need to be done in person. When you hire a virtual assistant, the outsourcing of these non-core activities becomes possible and you no longer have to face the problems of managing these activities in-house. This helps you to devote your time and resources to tasks that is required to be executed by the in-office team.

    Reason #6: Round The Clock Availability

    In the current scenario, staying online for just nine to ten hours isn’t enough at all. Your business horizon will widen and so will your market reach if you stay online 24×7. So, have you thought as to how you can stay available 24*7 for your customers? Just hire a virtual assistant from different time zones, and be assured that will deal with your clients perfectly. What’s more, these assistants assist you even when you are on holiday!

    Moreover, you will never have to worry about having any shortage of manpower when you hire a virtual assistant and take the help of their  services. Wondering how? It is by getting that much needed extra support – a back-up from trained professionals who can easily replace someone who work with you during an emergency.

     Reason #7: Pay According To Your Need

    They will bill on the basis of the number of hours they have worked with you. Bold isn’t it? It is, definitely! When you hire a virtual assistant, issues like pay for sick, or vacation days, and for health insurance will never arise. This will already help you to save a great amount of money while you get expert services to methodically operate your business. You only will pay for the hours they have devoted in doing your tasks delegated to them. Just be sure about this: In the world of these virtual helpers, no work implies no pay!

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     Reason #8: More For Less

    As an entrepreneur, you always give great effort to do all things right. While doing so, you often find that you are juggling with so much all on your own. Now have a thought as to why on earth do you want to do it all alone when you can hire a virtual assistant to do it for you?

    Imagine how much you can save and gain by using those extra hours by exploring newer opportunities…Intriguing, isn’t it? Well, here lies the advantage of hiring them. By outsourcing the mundane tasks to them, you can put your full energy on focusing on business growth. They can do all the tasks that are required to be done regularly, which helps you to manage multiple things within a limited time-frame. You just need to hire a virtual assistant from a genuine company and deploy them to empower your business.

     Reason #9: Improve On The Online Presence

    To strengthen your brand identity, you must increase the frequency of your posts on social media. On top of it, you must also pay attention to several other aspects like quick responses to customer calls, creating content in the most engaging way, and post promotions and activities. For making your presence felt in social media, a lot of time and perseverance is required on your part which is possible when you hire a virtual assistant.

    So, have you given it a thought as to how you can improve on your social media presence? Well, you can try on these steps: When you have hired a virtual assistant, he or she can offer you the best help in this area. They will help you greatly in increasing your involvement with your customers. With this expertise, they will increase the frequency of social media posts. Thus, the brand identity of your business will be strengthened hugely.

    Reason #10: Have Flexibility In Work Ethics

    Since they have a quite a flexible work schedule, it means that it can be adjusted according to your business necessities. There are numerous benefits in hiring them, as they can work for you on the basis of the projects, and on an hourly basis. What’s more? When you hire a virtual assistant, he or she can also provide you with other business solutions according to the business needs:

    As they often operate from different time zones, they have greater flexibility in managing different tasks all at the same time. These kinds of work schedules actually maximize the performance greatly and increase the output while controlling the costs.

     Reason #11: Guarantees Confidentiality

    If you want to run your business optimally, then you should build trust. You can develop a trustworthy relationship with your virtual assistant in the same way as you do in the case of a full-time employee. When you hire a virtual assistant, it takes action for you. He or she dedicate protects your interests and the reputation of your company. What’s more, an assistant enhances your business image and makes it more attractive to your clients. He or she makes observations, chalks out strategies, and implements preventive measures to counter the probable future market challenges.

     Reason #12: Operations Scalability

    What can be the implications for your business if the turnaround time for the deliveries slows down? Well, it is a clear indication that should scale up your business! This process demands additional manpower so that the increase in work-volume can be properly managed. The hire a virtual assistant will let you to scale up your operations with a lesser amount of risk. They have the required efficiency to manage the additional business volume. The flexibility of these professionals  allows them to control the different business variables with élan while controlling the expenses.

     Reason #13: Superb Handling Of The Customers

    Vocal support also plays a crucial part in business, as it brings into perspective the identity and reputation of your brand to your customers. However, a lot of time is required to be devoted to taking care of the customer calls. The moment you will hire a virtual assistant they can help you make calls for obtaining quotations, gather information, fix appointments, connect you with your business partners, collect important messages on your behalf. You can make your assistant manage the calls on behalf of you, while you’re busy in an important meeting.

     Reason #14: Strengthening The Weaker Sections

    Entrepreneurs always try to control and do things all by themselves. Let’s face the truth:

    It’s practically impossible to be the mastermind in all trades! When you hire a virtual assistant, you can bridge the gap in skills in your organization. It’ll provide you extra skill sets. Not all are tech-savvy, and for this reason, the technologically sound assistant can carry out various tasks for you. This is perhaps one of the reasons why you need them – they are capable of doing tasks that may seem quite tricky to you.

     Reason #15: Constantly Strive to Improve Service Quality

    The hire a virtual assistant is a steady step towards providing productive outcomes while providing value to the clients. They very well know that your business revenue depends on the execution of the tasks positively. Client satisfaction is utterly important for them because that is the key to their reputation and business success.

    As you will hire a virtual office assistant you will find them completely dedicated to their work, these assistants constantly try to provide high-grade services. Sometimes, these assistants’ performance is at a quite high level in comparison to conventional full-time employees.

    Reason #16: Leisure Time Availability

    When you hire a virtual assistant in your business, it allows for more leisure time. Pinpoint on the tasks that require your attention. And assign the rest of the tasks to your assistant to get them done within the time frame! By offshoring the mundane to the assistant, you literally can improve on your productivity to a few hours every day. Just because of this, you’ll gather some extra time to spend with your near and dear ones. In today’s market, the entrepreneurs are slowly realizing the importance of handing over the tasks to these assistants.

     Reason #17: Low Training Costs

    Are you thinking of saving on the training costs of your employees? You can do it when you hire a virtual assistant professional. Give it a thought. When you hire employees for the first time, you’ll require making a lot of investment on time and resources for training them on different job aspects. As these assistants work on specific areas in which they have immense expertise, you needn’t worry about training them. They can begin on the job right away!

    If you want to see yourself progressively rising up the business ladder, you must make the best use of your limited time. Now, as you’ve come to know about the reasons behind why you should hire a virtual assistant, it will be an extremely smart move on your part to hire them for their exclusive services. Still apprehensive about hiring them, then the answer is just going for it. Also, as they are skilled professionals and are absolutely sure about what they do, they won’t need constant supervision on your part — this relation is a win-win for both the parties involved!

    CEOs of Companies must hire a virtual assistant?

    Sometimes hiring a full time in-house employee to help out a CEO of a big business house may prove to be an expensive proposition. A lot is involved in that hiring like there’s the salary, the extra office space required for him or her, the software licenses that need to be bought, office supplies.

    This becomes stress less when you will move ahead to hire a virtual assistant as because of the fact that the in-house employee does pass that amount of time idle, daily and engage himself in all sorts of nonproductive work. And all the hidden costs such as payroll taxes, insurance and other benefits.

    On top of these expenses, an average of 6.75 hours out of an eight hour working shift are actually productive, which means you pay extra for a minimum of 1.25 hours a day for an employee. This becomes stressless when you will move ahead to hire a virtual assistant as because of the fact that the in-house employee does pass that amount of time idle, daily and engage himself in all sorts of nonproductive work.

    Time is the most expensive asset in any business and it is natural that the CEOs of those businesses have it the least. We’re living in a world of hyperactives where we are always expected to be available, no matter what time of the day or night it is. This is especially applicable for the CEOs of a company as they do the public dealings with the company as well as carry out the administrative tasks. They are required to hire a virtual assistant to keep their lie steady. 

    But it’s absolutely impossible to keep track and remain available all the time as they have to meet up with the endless list of demands. And inevitably, they end up falling behind and get immensely stressed. But that’s really bad news for any business venture as it stops growth and an effective leadership is lost in this struggle. Plus, this actually means extra expense. As per the American Psychological Association, U.S. businesses, big and small alike, lose out approximately $300 billion every year in absenteeism, low productivity, and employee turnover.

    By hiring a virtual assistant, you being a CEO can lessen your CEOs as well as your employee’s responsibilities to a great extent. This means that instead of asking your CEO to be a Jack of all traits by being a multitasker. He or she can devote their time on what they are really good at. Think about it from a different angle: it may take a CEO up to a week to deal with a company’s accounts and even then he or she may not make much progress. This is because a CEOs job demands a lot. But in this case if you appoint a virtual assistant, who is an expert in bookkeeping could do the job much better and much more quickly.

    That’s due to the fact that the freelancers charge on the number of hours they have actually worked. At TaskVirtual, for example, our assistants take the help of the latest time tracking gadgets to accurately record their active working hours so that the clients can monitor their progress. Statistically saying, when you will hire a virtual assistant you will find much more productivity than their in-house counterparts even when they help out your CEOs. You will definitely observe an increase in the productivity rate too as the stress levels of the CEOs will be decreased due to lessened workload. And they will be able to put in their skills to their best use. It also means that the CEOs will get to leave the office early so that they can rejuvenate themselves for the next day.

    But for all this to materialize in reality, the CEO should have a certain level trust in the virtual employee who is working with him or her. If the CEO is not sure in their ability, he or she won’t be able to fully let go. This trust factor plays an extremely important role in increasing your business productivity. Again, all this comes down to doing a little bit of research on the part of the CEO so that he or she can bring in that trust in their behavior. The CEO should devote some time to find out how to hire a virtual assistant and how can they be utilized to its full potential and see how it can fit within your company’s culture. The CEO must be open with what kind of assistance he or she needs and what kind of support would benefit him or her the most.

    Customer experience
    We are definite that you will agree to the fact that the success and failure of your company depends on your customers. The CEO of your company plays a very vital role here in understanding and monitoring the way they are responding to his or her services. In today’s technologically advanced world, social media plays major role in boosting a company’s public image and systematically exposes it to the outer world. Based on the aforementioned observation, whenever a CEO would hire a virtual assistant, loads of tasks related to business would get processed at the nick of time. 

    But, the CEO necessarily cannot devote the right amount of time to handle the social media with care. He or she needs time to constantly engage themselves across multiple platforms, which unfortunately don’t have. It also demands certain amount of expertise on the part of the CEO as well. Your customers should get the sincere feel that they are being taken seriously and are getting service on the personal level. And that they are indeed a valuable part of a bigger community and much more. The CEO is also required to anticipate the concerns and wishes so that your company can set itself to meet with their demands.

    All the points mentioned in the last paragraph require extensive research on the part of the CEO so that he or she can build an effective and individualistic plan to deal with all this. Rather than hiring an expensive in-house person to do all this, the CEO should take the hire a virtual assistant. This is a much advanced and pocket friendly alternative. These assistants can utilize their help to predict the need of the customer through sales analysis and through study of their financial history.

    This attitude increases the customer satisfaction manifold and makes them loyal for a very longtime. The researched data can be then shared with your CEO, who can then scrutinize the whole scenario, and make sure that the best practices are implemented with the immediate effect so that the customer experience can be optimized. Whilst data’s is important, it’s of no use if it isn’t taken care of by an administrative expert like a CEO.

    A. Highly Professional Services At Lower Salaries 
    In place of hiring a full-time assistant for your CEO to do petty jobs for him or her, you should hire a virtual assistant to do it for him or her. As they generally charge on hourly or on task basis, you only pay for what your get. On top of that as they work remotely, you no longer need to pay for the overhead costs like taking new internet connections, purchasing laptops or deal with other office space related expenses.

    B. Lowers The Training Costs
    By hiring a virtual professional, you can save on the training cost which is mandatory for any new in-house candidate to assist the CEO of a company. Think it over. When you hire an employee for the first time to assist your company CEO, you are required to invest huge amount of time and bring in extra resources into training them. This is simply because they need to understand the different aspects of their job. However, this is not applicable in case of the virtual assistants as they are already superbly trained for the job. They carry out all kinds of tasks with élan; you won’t have to worry about training them. They get started right away!

    Increases Work Efficiency Of The CEO By Taking Care Of Non-Core Tasks
    Another great benefit that you can avail by hiring a virtual assistant is that it lets your CEO focus on their core competencies rather than the mundane. Just see how it happens. The companies’ CEOs deal with tons of activities like sending emails and newsletters, handling customer queries, carry out internet research, and much more. While these are absolutely necessary for a business to progress in the right track and to prosper, they’re not the core tasks that need to be done by a CEO of a company.

    When your CEO is forced to do these tasks, it takes away valuable time which he should spend on things that needs immediate attention and needs personal touch. As soon as they hire a virtual assistant takes up these non-core activities with the right kind of training and expertise, your CEO no longer have to worry about managing these activities in-house whenever an employee is absent. This lets the CEO to invest his or her maximum amount of time and resources into tasks that needs to be done by him and him only.

    Upscales Your Business Dealings
    Virtual assistants can also help your CEO to scale up your business operations much faster. They are armed with this innate ability to recruit new talents for an ongoing project or on project basis. Your CEO gets the right kind of opportunity to easily cope with the increasing demands at work without worrying about rushing your recruitment process. The CEO can take the help of these assistants to quickly deal with sudden increase in workload which they can handle remotely and then slowly hire the full-time employees on project basis once things have cooled down.

    Offers 24/7 Service To The CEO
    Most of the businesses have clients who are spread across the globe. But when your company CEO is located in one area, coping with the global needs of the clients and meeting with the international time zones can be extremely stressful and difficult for him or her. For example, if you’re company is based in Boston, your CEO’s operating hours will be midnight for your customers in Melbourne, Australia! The only way to counter this immense pressure and to deal with this is to ask your Boston office to work 24 hours a day! This is ridiculous, isn’t it?

    Luckily, as you will hire a virtual assistant, he or she will operate remotely, you can order them across different time zones and places across the world, to assist your CEO 24×7. This way, you and your CEO can maintain a good work-life balance while still being accessible to all your customers across the globe 24×7!

    Frees Up Valuable Time For Strategic Planning
    Among all the benefits of virtual office assistants you can make them perform the non-core activities on behalf of the CEO, he or she can have more time to concentrate on thinking and planning on how to grow your business. Rather than wasting precious time and resources in doing the mundane day-to-day operations, your CEO can invest time to plan strategies for a long term perspective. This helps the CEO to set targets that will act as a guide for your company to show better performance and long-term success.

    TaskVirtual is the perfect place to hire a virtual assistant at affordable rates. This company has a proven record of excellence in handling and processing tasks. 

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