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    In today’s age, entrepreneurship has become synonymous with juggling multiple responsibilities at the same time. Most entrepreneurs turn out to be solopreneurs – that is, they work on their own. Hence, soon enough they get bogged down by every small or big task that comes with running a business. The way out, without a doubt, is to delegate the tasks to a virtual assistant. Virtual assistance is a rapidly growing service, gaining popularity among all business owners. But first, you have to decide on the tasks you can trust your VA with, while still retaining control over the work done.

    How to Become a Successful Virtual Assistant

    Every virtual assistant is different

    Virtual assistance is not exactly a job description – it’s an industry. There are multiple types of virtual assistants out there, who are adept at handling different types of services. Hence, you can’t just outsource tasks randomly to a VA – you need to see if your VA is professionally equipped and skilled to do justice to that task or not. Given below are some of the usual categories of virtual assistants:

    General VA – This is the assistant who is best employed for handling all the repetitive admin tasks you may have. These people are not really trained in a special technical skill. They are simply good at organizing everything, making sure tasks are being done on time, communicating with your clients, running personal errands etc.

    Specialized VA – These virtual assistants provide a very specific number of services, which usually need some sort of training. These may include content writing services, web development, graphic design, marketing etc.

     It is recommended for an entrepreneur that he/she too have a team of VA ’s. They will be handling different aspects of the business. Or, you can simply go for 360 degrees VA organizations that offer every kind of VA services under one roof. There are many top virtual assistant companies to choose from!

    So, what are typically the tasks you can outsource to a VA to free up some of your time? We’ve listed them all below!

    Tasks to delegate to a General VA

    Are the daily admin tasks or repetitive responsibilities taking away your time? Then delegate them all to a GVA and relieve yourself for the more important tasks in your business! Here are some of the tasks you can outsource:

    • Receptionist tasks including answering calls & taking messages
    • Booking client appointments
    • Taking down the minutes of a meeting
    • Following up with clients post meeting
    • Managing email inbox and filtering unwanted emails
    • Answering customer service emails
    • Managing your calendar and also tracking task deadlines
    • Data entry service, making excel spreadsheets
    • Data management and generating leads for the business as well
    • Researching on the internet for blog posts or newsletters
    • Publishing your blog posts on time
    • Filtering as well as replying to the comments left on your blog by readers
    • Commenting on other blogs to increase traffic to your blog
    • Social media posting and management
    • Organizing your virtual files or your Google drive
    • Transcribing video, audio, podcasts, voicemail etc
    • Preparing basic power-point presentations or work reports
    • Keeping track of bills, bookkeeping and following up on pending invoices
    • Project management duties like organizing the team, tracking deadlines & communicating with clients
    • Personal assistance like purchasing gifts, ordering grocery, making wake-up calls etc
    • Booking your flights and well as hotels

    Tasks to delegate to a Specialized VA

    With your admin tasks taken care of, now it’s time for the work that’s directly related to your business – be it regarding the content you use, your website, videos or even marketing activities. For all these, you can hire virtual assistants that are specialists in those particular tasks. Given below are some delegating worthy tasks:

    • Creating content for your blogs
    • Editing and proofreading content written by you
    • SEO writing & keyword research/analysis for blogs
    • Newsletter, press release, article writing
    • Submitting articles to directories for promotion
    • Editing & processing audio/video files
    • Basic image editing using tools like Photoshop
    • Setting up Podcasts
    • Marketing assistance by creating email marketing lists
    • Creating, editing & scheduling broadcast & follow up emails
    • Adding new email subscribers
    • Website development, design & site maintenance
    • Social media & payment gateway integration in websites
    • Graphic design tasks like designing logos, infographics, banners, eBook covers, landing pages

    In other words, hire a virtual assistant, and you can run your entrepreneurial venture without a single glitch!  VA’s are equipped handling a diverse range of tasks. Thus they would be instrumental in contributing to your business growth. Thinking of giving this service a shot? Take a FREE TRIAL at TASK VIRTUAL and experience the convenience of virtual assistance for yourself!