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    Top 11 Startup Trends 2022

    Top 11 Startup Trends 2022

    Startups are newly started companies, founded with a new goal, to establish its products and service in the market, and create a demand in the minds of the customer. Startups want to grow rapidly, so as to grab the market share and get ahead of their immediate competitors. The difference between a startup and a small business is that startups want to grab the market as quickly as possible, so as to reach the next level and create a lump sum capital. The sooner they grow, the faster they can establish themselves in the minds of their customers. As per the rules of the establishment, a company is considered a startup till 10 years, from its inception.

    There are different categories of startups listed as follows:-

    1. Small business startups
    2. Buyable startups
    3. Scalable startups
    4. Offshoot startups
    5. Social startups

    With the right set of talent and proper infrastructure, a startup can gradually taste success and become a small-scale business.

    Many factors play a key role in the process, which include:-


    The first pre-requisite that creates the first impression in the minds of customers is how innovative is the idea that you have installed in your product and service and how far is it going to be of help to them. It is also important to optimize cost, with a reduced margin, at least on an initial level.


    Funding is the most important part of any business. The amount of capital you invest, the amount borrowed from a bank, and the amount you have maintained as your backup, determine how far you can take a risk, and what infrastructure you can afford on an initial level.


    There are more risks involved in establishing a startup however innovative and unique, your product and service might be. Companies that have crossed the initial phase and established themselves as small-scale business have already spent a considerable amount of time in the market, have already created a customer base for themselves, and have discovered further ways of penetrating the market.

    Growth Rate

    Startups usually grow at a fast pace, if accepted well by customers or their targeted niche. New investors and entrepreneurs are the requirements of any economy, and it is very important that they grow over time, and realize profits. The economy gets an added boost with these. Also additional jobs are created in the market.


    Every company is established with this sole goal in mind which is to make profits and earn money. Growth is only possible when a company realizes profits.

    After the onset of Covid-19, the definition of business has slightly changed. Many businesses have erupted like mushrooms during that period and running successfully.

    The top startup trends being widely followed now are as follows:-

    Cloud computing

    Cloud software has made our lives easy. In the absence of physical hardware, updates, user changes, and installations are all taken care of remotely. With cloud computing, the software can be easily customized depending on need, usage, storage requirements, or the number of users.


    Biotechnology has helped in improving the quality of people’s lives. The average age of human beings has increased with advancements in medicine. At a time when the whole World was brooding over the impact of Covid-19, it was biotechnology that helped us by inventing vaccines and preventing lives.

    Data Analytics

    Data analytics have clutched the entire World under their purview. It is very important since it helps businesses keep a track of their performances. Implementing it or putting it to use means businesses can learn about ways of doing business smartly, with a reduced cost, and more profitability.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence is the smartest of all human innovations. Today, the amount of data together produced by using both artificial intelligence and human labor far outreaches the human ability to interpret, understand, execute and take complex decisions, that too in such a short span of time.

    Internet of Things

    The term Internet of Things or IoT refers to the group of connected devices and technology that helps in communication between the devices and the internet and also amongst devices. For e.g. In smart homes, the air conditioner, curtains, drawers, lights, television etc. can be controlled by smartphones and computers.


    Cybersecurity protects data from unauthorized access and compromise. Today all operations are managed with the help of the internet and cyberspace. Any compromise to that will lead to exposing all secret and sensitive data of customers and trade secrets of nations, which cannot be allowed at any cost.

    Sustainable product markets

    Sustainable product markets have quickly introduced themselves into the market and taken up a major portion of the market share. Examples of sustainable products are reusable stainless steel straws, bio-degradable cutlery, bamboo picnic ware, reusable paper towels, etc. People have become self-aware and learned the importance of leading a quality life, without harming the environment and killing animals.

    Mobile Apps Startups

    Mobile Apps Startups have become very popular now. People want everything at the clutch of their hands and within the reach of a click. Several mobile app startups have come up and are running successfully. Some entrepreneurs have really earned a lump amount of money by designing, launching, and successfully running these apps.

    Health Care Startups

    Healthcare startups are online platforms to buy healthcare products, medicines and diagnostic tests. Health is the most important of all the wealth we have. If health care is assured with the help of a click, then nothing can be more rewarding.

    Food and Beverages Startups

    Today food and beverages from any outlet across the city can be ordered sitting at home, with the help of apps designed for this purpose. These apps have really made our lives comfortable. People really do not need to push themselves to restaurants, order food, and wait for it for long hours.

    Fashion Startups

    Fashion startups have certainly made the lives of women much easier than before. However, it is not limited to a specific gender. Fashion startups can be defined as online startup companies that sell apparel, footwear, beauty products and accessories of your choice. Offline brands have also enlisted their products, either through their own app store or through third-party apps.

    In order to remain relevant and consistent in business, startups must follow the ongoing trend that is prevalent from time to time and customize themselves accordingly – based on the needs and desires of the customers. Any feedback received should be given utmost priority, and handled with care. New implementation and changes must be made from time to time. Personalization of products and services adds extra mileage to the products and services. That is done by adding a personal message or thought, or sharing the story of the products-how they were once thought and how it was converted to reality.

    Siddhartha Basu

    Siddhartha Basu is a Technical Writer at Task Virtual. He loves online games, e-book reading, and Yoga.