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    E-commerce Management

    How Virtual Assistants help in eCommerce Management?

    Through this article, we will try to introduce you to the different kinds of help that a Virtual Assistant can provide for e-commerce management and how exactly they help in the growth of your online store.

    Below is a long list of the varied e-commerce tasks that you can delegate to them. 

    Web Designing And Developing

    When you get yourself involved in the e-commerce business, you will definitely need to display your products via the various online selling platforms. But then who aren’t familiar with Amazon or Shopify? An e-commerce platform as well as your personal website, both is necessary for marketing of your brand.

    Your website becomes the actual face of your brand. It is your choice whether you want to give it an amateurish look as it is quite easy to drag-and-drop templates or give it a professional look. If the latter is our choice, then it requires the expertise of a professional web designer, who will do more than just customizing the free templates on Shopify, for instance. These experts are also highly efficient in the integration of different applications that makes store transactions quite an easy task for both you and your customers.

    Specialist In Product Sourcing

    Only one product does not go for sale in the online stores. It may be the case that you have only the original products in your possession that defines your brand, but still you must give your store some variety to sell. The online shoppers have varied purchase patterns, and in accordance to your target market, you should showcase some interesting products that will make them love your brand more and more.

    A specialist in product sourcing has the right kind of expertise for selecting the products that match with the persona of your buyers. The Virtual Assistant expert on this always carries the instinct to understand today’s market trends and demands. Most importantly, a product source has strong networking with the retailers and the manufacturers from whom you can make purchases in bulk and on sale.

    Inventory Management

    Just having the right kind of product in your possession does not impact your sales only. Too much or too less inventory can also have a significant effect over your profit-making. No way can you waste money or overstock the products that don’t sell. In the same way, you can’t afford to run out of your stocked products, especially during the holiday season.

    A Virtual Assistant, well versed with inventory management, helps you to maintain a balance between things in your store. One of the key to be successful in eCommerce is to have the right level of supply so that your customers remain satisfied and happy. These assistants, who have specializations in inventory management, helps you to curtail the considerable amount of losses you may face. They also expedite the drive of a consistent flow of sales into your online store.

      Assists In Product Listing

    The purchasing decision of the customers is greatly influenced by the way you present your products. For example, when a prospective buyer browses through a particular product type in Amazon, it looks for the optimized and listed product titles. This catches the attention of the buyer. For this reason, product listing is also vital in running of an online store.

    An eCommerce virtual assistant can superbly execute the time-consuming task of product title uploading, price tagging, barcode downloading and labelling with utmost care and precision. Moreover, if you are active on various e-commerce platforms, the Assistant capable of doing product listing lists your products via multiple channels and updates them regularly.

     Specializes in Providing Fulfillment

    The delivery process of the promised order is very important in creating the right impression in the minds of the customers more than the product satisfaction that they get from a particular product. A specialist in fulfilment is responsible for controlling all the orders, and in ensuring that the orders of the products are delivered to the right customer. They also look into it that the orders reach their destination safely and promptly.

    Logo Designing

    You can hire this kind of eCommerce Virtual Assistant on per-project basis. At the beginning of your business, you will definitely require a logo that exactly portrays what your brand is all about. Often, you may require more than one design of your logo for different product labels, for your website, and for other things.

    As the owner of the business, your company is just like your child about whom you know everything by heart, but still you will need a talented Virtual Assistant, an expert in the field, to put forward your views and ideas through his or her spectacular artwork. A skilled designer can only be able to draw the attention of the people towards your website and create a superb brand impression through his or her imagery.


    Apart from the logos, product images of your brand build a great first impression. The buyers on almost all of the eCommerce platforms provide the option to its buyers to take a closer look by zooming at the product from various angles. Taking the help of a professional photographer improvises your customers’ online shopping experience to a great extent. A Virtual Assistant acting as a professional product photographer is the best investment you can make to send the strong impression that you mean business. Apart from being a skilled photographer, they also develop the photos to suit the requirements and marketing plans of your platforms.

    Graphic Designing

    For eCommerce, visuals carry a great deal of weight. The whole shopping process and experience of the buyers should be created digitally. For this reason, you will need a Virtual Assistant with great skills in image-editing. Infographics and other imagery create great engagement for the general audience. Graphic designs play a very vital role in high degree of sales conversion rates. They design your content marketing and affordability too that includes photos, website images, ad graphics, social media, e-book covers and content of your product.


    A product image is more powerful than thousands of words spoken on and about it they say and this is so true! So, videos are much more engaging than still photographs. For this reason, most of the eCommerce brands feature small marketing videos on their website and on social media pages to evoke the audience curiosity. As per CISCO, by next year, 82 per cent of the consumer traffic will be generated through video. Consult and hire a professional Virtual Assistant and video editor to plan the perfect strategy to be used for branding.

    Content Writer

    Content is something that provides every product detail to your customers. It pitches up your sales and becomes a powerful sales tool. Your brand should match whatever you say in your website. Virtual Assistant specializing in e-commerce content writing is skilled to empathize with your targeted market. They have the ability to convince the buyers that it is your product that is the best solution to all of their problems. As writers, they also incorporate the best keywords that will optimize your content and increases conversion. You can always hire them as a content writer to delegate the development of your website page, blog posts, and much more.

    Content Management

    When you venture into the e-commerce business, you are required to create contents for various platforms like the online store, website, blog, and social media pages. These contents are of various types that are utilized to engage your customers. A Virtual Assistant acting as a content manager decides when and where to publish the blog articles, the curetted contents, the infographics, the social media posts, the video teasers, or the e-book. This assistant has the ability to analyze the shopping trends of your targeted market so that they can schedule the high-converting content.

     Product Description Writing

    A Virtual Assistant acts as a writer for product description who has specialization in writing product descriptions for all your store products. This writing task is different from other writing tasks as it requires more of strategy than creativity. Product descriptions are typically short yet eye-catching and very convincing. The goal of a product description writer is to make sure that you follow the latest SEO trends in order for your products to show up on Google search results. Each platform may have a different formula to optimize your descriptions. Hiring an eCommerce virtual assistant who has experience in this task is a must.

    SEO And Keyword Researching

    Ecommerce businesses require extensive keyword researching to find a popular and profitable area to invest the products in that area. Ranking and selling of these products are also necessary. A Virtual Assistant is knowledgeable in SEO sources the keywords that help in getting good ranking for a site. They set the target of optimizing your full content and drive the organic traffic towards your online store more and more. The SEO experts are well equipped to use the right keyword research tools and are well versed with the latest digital marketing industry trends. They write the contents using these keywords and create relevant and high-quality contents to draw the right set of customers.

    Specialized Link Builders

    The e-commerce Virtual Assistant uses keywords that are high-ranking ones to go to the top of in the search engine. Their amazing link building abilities helps in increasing your SEO ranking. The target behind the incorporation of external websites within the content is to enhance your credibility. These SEOs are great influencers for your site to appear more trustworthy when you have high-quality resources to back it up. Famous search engines like Google have created some rules on building links. The e-commerce hire a professional link builder is the best option to stop the website from getting penalized. It’s an extremely good investment if you wish to get recognized fast without getting spamming reports.

     Ad Campaign Management

    There is cutthroat competition among online brands today. That is why most of the companies use the social media to leverage their marketing efforts. Regardless of whether it’s on other social media platforms or websites like Facebook and YouTube, ad posting is a must to draw traffic towards your store. When an ad campaign becomes truly effective, it can reach a wide range of audiences resulting in higher rate of sales conversion. The Virtual Assistant as an ad campaign manager takes care in setting up your ad campaigns and tests which one works best for it. He/she also optimizes your current campaigns for the future.

     Specialist PPC

    Pay Per Click or sponsored ads are some of the ways to reach your targeted market via online channels, particularly the search engines and social media. Hiring of a Virtual Assistant, expert in PPC advertising allows your products and brands to reach to a more specific audience. They take the help of specific demographics, interests, buying trends, and online presence of your market in platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn,

     Social Media Management

    A big role is played by the social media in any e-commerce business. It has already become a part and parcel of our daily lives and it’s here to stay. You no longer require to be present in each and every social media platform available till date only in those through which you can reach out to your target market. The marketing skills and experience of a e-commerce Virtual Assistant helps you to find out where your potentials buyers are. Apart from locating your customers, the social media managers also helps to plan the content type to be shared online.

    Experts in Digital Marketing

    Ad placement always comes with a price and devoid of any assurance of getting responses. Raise your chances of getting good returns on investment by hiring a professional digital marketer in the shape of a Virtual Assistant. These highly talented freelancers have the right skills and experience to create both name and fame for you online. They are extremely adept in applying the most recent trend and ways along with the intricate knowledge about tricks and tips in digital marketing. They are capable of using all the tools that can be implemented for a successful marketing plan.

     Specialization in Lead Generation

    The purchasing trends and patterns show constant change. Businesses are required to adapt themselves accordingly and find new ways and means to reach out to their customers and get heard and noticed online. Sadly enough, you as a patron, rarely gets the time to sit at your computer and catch your site visitors, or the ones who click on your ads.

    Here lies the reason as to why you should outsource and include one ecommerce Virtual Assistant in your group as lead generation specialist. The process of lead generation is quite easy. The challenge lies in getting hold of the leads that have the potential to translate into sales. Hiring of an experienced freelancer for this job will provide your business with more and more revenue generation opportunities.

    Expert in Email Marketing

    One of the priceless tool for any business house is its email list for marketing and increasing sales. The names that you have in the database for email marketing are by far the clients with whom you have already setup a concrete relationship. They are the most loyal ones who have kept space for you in their inbox and use their valuable time to go through your emails. Your e-commerce assistants use email marketing to foster new relationships and in strengthening the old ones. But you can’t just send any and every kind of mail to them whenever you feel like. For that these expert assistants plans their own strategies. 

    Customer Service Provider

    The reviews of the customers are extremely precious and vital for both the buyers and the sellers. It is a known fact that online buyers depend to a great extent on the bad and good reviews of a product. So, providing services to customers now have become all the more necessary for an ecommerce business. Sales are directly proportional to customer satisfaction now. The shopping experience does not simply end here. It goes beyond to the level of happiness that your customers get after using your product which nudges them to leave a review behind. A Virtual Assistant acting as a customer service representative answer to all the queries and concerns from diverse platforms like phone, chat, email etc. Make sure that your business provides the pre- and post-sales support to all of your clients.

     Customer Retention Specialist

    An irritated customer is hard to please. Often the fault lies in your business and at times it can be reasons that are beyond your capacity to control. A Virtual Assistant expert in customer retention is very much same to a customer support representative who cares for the bad reviews. Professional such as these e-commerce assistants are better equipped to handle this. An e-commerce Assistant who specializes in customer retention is an expert in pacification. They have amazing convincing skills, relations with people and holds expert knowledge of the products they are dealing with. With a representative like this, you can maintain your brand loyalty towards your customers.

     Refunds Management

    Requests for refunds quite often and for that you must follow a specific business guideline for providing them to your buyers. A Virtual Assistant capable of dealing with such requests and the extra queries from the customers will be very welcoming for you. Again, this is directly dependent on the size of your store and the order rates you receive.

     Forums Moderation

    If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, the eCommerce business holders become experts in their own field and are called influencers. They have a proven track record to be beneficial to your business, and in building a large following of people with similar interests. Taking part in online forums has become really essential for interacting fruitfully with the potential purchasers and promoters of your brand. It is quite a time-taking task, but, joining with the online communities like the Facebook groups and remaining an active member there is vital. That is the reason why most of the eCommerce owners choose to include a Virtual Assistant as a forum moderator to help them stay connected and to prove their importance in their industry.

     Database Management

    Updating your database can be quite a tedious job for many. A Virtual Assistant as a database manager executes the responsibility of maintaining the inventory, leads, contacts, finances, and other important records. The eCommerce store owners hire a database manager for their websites to ensure a lucid and particularly pleasant experience for their shoppers. A perfectly organized database sops the late loading of your website pages, which can become extremely annoying for the online users.

     Website Maintenance

    The possibility of losing your potential customers easily can arise from the glitches that your online store may have as a result of which they keep on experiencing various issues. The necessity to keep your site always up to date smoothly impacts the shopping experience of your customers in general. Virtual Assistant who works as independent contractors like the web designers and developers can be hired for creation of a smooth site, and is called up periodically for updating the site and fixing for any bugs.

     As a business owner, it is you who knows your business the best. So, you always need to prioritize those areas that needs help fast. So you always need the help of the experts to get these jobs done because they possess the right skill sets to execute them efficiently for you.

    Siddhartha Basu

    Siddhartha Basu is a Technical Writer and Senior Virtual Assistant at Task Virtual. He is proud of being VA, advising clients and processing their tasks virtually. Besides, he loves online games, e-book reading, and Yoga.