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    Virtual Manager’s Importance in Project Management

    Taking into account the present-day situation, our individuals today are considering the virtual platform as the most convenient and efficient means, be it working remotely or managing a project virtually. Evidently, Virtual Project Management has evolved into one of the most effective methods of managing projects remotely.

    Some of the importance of a Virtual Manager in project management is summed up below.

    • An efficient Virtual Managing team reduces your required efforts. It relieves you from spending on office space, several bills and other facilities that are needed for office premises. As a result, a lot of money and energy will be saved.
    • Employees from different regions would be accessible to you. As a result, you can hire the most talented Virtual Manager regardless of his or her region and country.
    • It encourages a much better work-life balance. The busy schedule of an individual becomes the barrier for their own sweet family time, however, with a talented Virtual manager by your side, you can rest assured about the quality progress in your project management.
    • When a virtual manager works remotely he works under his own comfort without any office journey exhaustion which evidently results in much better productivity.
    • With the growth of your company, it becomes inevitable to scale up your operations which leads to hiring new employees, and the growth of employees is followed by numerous other conditions. Hiring a Virtual Manager is the best solution as they are easily scalable.
    • He or she can save you both time and money as they are remote workers and can take care of their own work environment, utilities and equipment.
    • The most beneficial part is their round-the-clock availability. As you can hire them from different parts of the world and from different geographical and time zones, this enables you to have a 24X7 service for your project management and that too without overworking anyone.
    • An irrelevant meeting should be avoided in your business as it wastes time and affects productivity. A few effective meetings are more beneficial than numerous irrelevant meetings.
    • As your virtual team is scattered across the globe, you get selected hours depending on everyone’s availability. Hence, it compels you to schedule a relevant and essential meeting that enhances the productivity of a project.
    • A full-time employee needs not only a salary but a lot more, like taxes, sick days, holiday leave, worker’s compensation, medical/dental benefits, so on and so forth. But a Virtual manager work as an independent contractor relieving you from all those additional burdens of cost.
    • A Virtual manager can be hired for particular project management and they are needed to pay only once for their time and the rest of your money will be saved. 
    • In your busy schedule, a lot of time is wasted on performing trivial and less important activities like checking emails, answering phone calls, or managing your website. A Virtual Manager can handle all these and you can use your time in more productive activities in your project management.

    This is where the importance of a Virtual Manager lies.

    • If your company is lacking a web developer, instead of hiring a new employee, outsourcing your work to a Virtual Manager saves you time and money with assured quality.
    • Similarly, if you don’t have a graphics designer, no need to hire a new one when you can go with the alternative of hiring a virtual one providing the same result or maybe better in low cost and less time.
    • Sometimes it is required to translate your marketing materials into a foreign language but it is the most common problem as the skill of being a multilingual one is not so common. But an efficient Virtual Manager provides the permanent solution again at a low cost and less time.
    • No matter what work in your project is needed to be done, a qualified Virtual Manager would always be by your side with the exact skill set you need.
    • A Virtual Manager can handle all those administrative works right from calendar management to answering phone calls. A Virtual Manager’s scope of work can vary according to the industries that hire them, like marketing, web design, bookkeeping, and other services.
    • A Virtual Assistant empowers you to delegate what you can’t keep managing yourself no matter what industry you are in.
    • If you are a small business owner your online omnipresence is essential on those of your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Instagram, your website, etc. Undoubtedly, it’s tricky to manage them all at once but with the help of a talented Virtual Manager, it can be managed all at once like a cakewalk.
    • Lead generation, whether through inbound campaigns to your website, social media accounts, or website content forms, is a time-consuming but valuable task. Your Virtual Manager can sort through your leads, determine their worth, and add those potential customers to your database, so you won’t have to waste time sifting through your inbox.
    • You want to be seen as an industry expert, and by researching and creating content about your product or service, you’re adding value to the customer experience. However, creating content takes time. To drive more traffic to your website, your Virtual Manager can handle content creation – from market research to publishing.
    • Most solopreneurs either devote too much time to bookkeeping or ignore them entirely, but Virtual Managers can assist with bookkeeping as well. Your Virtual Assistant can handle simple bookkeeping tasks such as expense reporting and invoice generation.