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    Virtual Research Assistant for better Insights of Data 2022

    Data is very important for businesses. A virtual research assistant is experts in finding the relevant data you need from the internet to perform various works such as strategy planning, innovation, collecting leads of potential customers, getting connected with the best CA for your business firm, choosing the best dealer or manufacturer, booking a seat in a beer bar with a vintage environment and many more.

    A virtual research assistant can perform comparative research both manually and through software, and this will help in accumulating a vast amount of authentic data that you can use for designing your next business strategy or setting an objective. 

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    What does the Virtual Research Assistant team do?

    1. A virtual research assistant team does primary research that includes retrieving relevant information in regards to products and services offered by companies. The methods include researching through a search engine, analyzing e-magazines and news, polling, and surveys.
    We make the detailed information readable by recording them organizing in a spreadsheet or MS Word file.

    2. When you will hire a virtual research assistant you will find them doing advanced research. This includes retrieving detailed information from other blogs, ebooks, online travel booking portals, various types of journals, bulletins, newspapers, popular information portals, etc such that you get the latest and credible information at your tip. Our virtual research assistants are skilled in processing this complicated process that needs a lot of concentration and analytical skills to dig up reliable sources, then analyzing accurately, organizing them in order, and finally drafting a report so that you can read them easily. Our professionals are trained to do this quickly and deliver the report at the utmost punctuality.

    3. A virtual research assistant can perform a SWOT analysis. This means you want to set the price of your newly manufactured T-Shirt and you want to know what your competitors are offering in the market today. We can bring you the best result by comparatively researching your competitor’s information on its price, reviews, online stores where they are displayed, and several other information. We will draft the information in such a way that you can find it readable and easily understandable.

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    4. You can find our virtual research assistant doing comparative research between several companies. We can research on several products and draft the data based on popularity, reviews, eCommerce sites they are in, new arrivals, related products, and many more. This will help you devise a proper strategy for the same or choose the best one to buy from your side.

    5. A virtual research assistant does other statistical research like reports on population across various states or cities in a given country, a number of old bars having a classical interior in a county, national parks to visit, tourist destinations that are safe based on tourists’ opinion, and many more.

    6. They can create a performance report of a company. You just need to provide us the data and we can convert them into a bar graph or pie chart whichever you would need. Moreover, we can also create a weekly performance report based on research on the ups and downs of your company based on simple statistical analysis.

    7. You can hire a virtual research assistant team to perform research on the latest trends in the online world. If you are a fashion firm or photographer, you certainly need to be aware of modern trends. We can make your work easy by using advanced tools to do research and get the best information on your niche. If you are an eCommerce store you can leverage us to research what your competitors have displayed regarding the product price, taglines, images, etc.

    8. A virtual research assistant can perform research to find a new business opportunity both nationally and internationally. We can check Google Trends, essential analytics software, and leading journals to give you the best insights on what kind of business you may start. Our suggestion will be helpful to think out of the box and think something extraordinary.

    9. Guest blogging is an integral part of content marketing. We can find where your competitors are doing guest blogging. Our virtual research assistant can perform link analysis using advanced marketing tools and get you the details as fast as possible. Then you go through them and start planning your blogging strategies. This will help in reaching the relevant blog and negotiate the eligibility criteria to post your blogs out there.

    TaskVirtual has been providing virtual research assistant to companies for years. We have a quality research team that can perform extensive research on whatever subject you want.

    Our plans and pricing structure are affordable in comparison to other companies working in the same trade. It does not matter whether you want to hire us for the short term or long term, we have here flexible plans to meet your needs.

    On top of everything, we are perhaps the most affordable virtual assistant company that offers quality work on time.

    Get Connected with us at your convenience and we would like to grow collectively at the earliest.

    virtual assostant free trial plan

    Siddhartha Basu

    Siddhartha Basu is a Technical Writer at Task Virtual. He loves online games, e-book reading, and Yoga.