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    what is virtual administrative assistant

    Virtual Administrative Assistant is the Road to Success

    In this corona crisis, the best way to enhance business productivity with limited employees is by getting the help of a virtual administrative assistant. They are skilled professionals who are trained in virtually managing and processing administrative tasks of small to elite business organizations worldwide. Big brands hire such professionals from virtual assistant companies because of the affordability and efficiency of work.

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    What a team of Virtual Administrative Assistant offers to Businessmen?


    A team of a virtual administrative assistant can perform Human Resource (HR) duties for your company. This will include checking CVs, recruiting relevant professionals for your business, scheduling interviews, preparing paper works, handling HR emails, receiving phone calls from potential candidates, and coordinating with your management team to name a few.


    A virtual administrative assistant can also process MIS reporting, V-lookup, and H-lookup for your firm. This can further be extended to database management and data entry. A brief training about the subject matter will be enough for them to go live for your project. Additionally, an online administrative assistant can find ascertain errors in your document if you care to subject them to this task.


    A virtual administrative assistant can handle the transaction process for your business. This is akin to the work of maintaining accounts. You can leverage them to process transaction procedures in terms of paying your employees, processing digital receipts for your clients, solving payment issues of customers, refund processing, and many more.


    A virtual administrative assistant can perform market research to find you relevant information that can be useful to devise a new marketing or management strategy. Suppose, you want a list of garment dealers to demonstrate a new style of jacket you made, thus, in this part, they can be useful to provide you accurate information about those dealers whom you contact. Besides, They can also research and find effective online shopping stores, classifieds, blogs where you can display your products.

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    A virtual administrative assistant can help you process email management. They know how to set up an email server, receive emails, and send bulk emails to different leads as provided from your side or our side after research. They can manage your corporate mails and even create mails as per as your requirement. Moreover, they can set-up mail servers and perform some technical jobs as well.


    A virtual administrative assistant team can retarget your existing clients through newsletters, cold calls, or email marketing. We can write compelling content for your customer retargeting campaign and also communicate with them verbally so that take can take an interest in your new services or products.


    Some of the major services offered by a virtual administrative assistant are eCommerce product management and CRM management. They can further manage your coupons, new arrivals, discount offers you are providing. In addition, They can perform order processing, manage blog posts, and follow up with customer issues happening in your online shopping store.


    A virtual administrative assistant can update you on daily-to-do lists. He or she can help you manage your time and remind you of any upcoming meetings you have. Moreover, They are efficient in handling the calendar management system.


    They can do event planning, provide insights on corporate tours, and schedule meeting or appointments with your clients. A virtual administrative assistant team can handle project management, act as a virtual manager for any given project, assist you in developing an internet marketing strategy and there are many more.


    You can find a virtual administrative assistant doing documentation and citation. This is a very important task we do for medium to big businesses. They are experts in such field of task processing. We deliver work at the utmost punctuality and believe in client satisfaction above all.

    Some Benefits of Virtual Administrative Assistants


    Recent studies conducted in America and elsewhere indicate that short term virtual administrative assistants are more productive than their longer-termed counterparts. The comfort of job security can also result in complacency and self- assuredness in employees sometimes, thus affecting their performance adversely.

    But, since sheer results determine the recurring work availability for VAAs, complacency can be too costly a mistake to overlook for them. And this can prove to be the main driving factor for a virtual administrative assistant, which in turn can have a direct bearing on their effective output.

    Round the Clock Task Processing

    Since a virtual administrative assistant can be situated anywhere around the globe and across different time zones, you can get your work delegated to an appropriate virtual assistant team around the globe. This way, your work gets processed and done 24/7 literally, thus effectively cutting waiting time and hence the overall turn-around time.

    Reduced cost of hiring:

    The hiring of new employees can often prove to be a cumbersome process, with great costs attached to it. Firstly, a job posting has to be made in leading employment portals, and then, potential candidates have to be screened and interviewed.

    This often involves great costs and numerous productive work hours that could have been spent elsewhere. This entire cycle could be removed by just delegating the administrative tasks to already skilled and established virtual administrative assistant, thus saving a great deal of time and money.

    Reduced risk of scaling:

    As a business grows in size and scope, there will be a natural demand for upscaling the workforce, to meet the growing work-demands. But the scaling of the workforce along with the corresponding infrastructure also involves a considerable risk in terms of your financial investment.

    It necessarily mandates an assured and sustained growth of the business to compensate for the upscaling costs incurred, which in turn puts enormous pressure on the existing workforce. Outsourcing back office works to a virtual administrative assistant instead of outright hiring of new employees can avoid the financial risks involved with upscaling.


    How they can be helpful to startups?

    Startups have to deal with a lot of issues at the beginning. It has to take care of the various administrative tasks like generating and bringing new businesses, sending and receiving emails, setting appointments and hiring, and much more. Let us put it this way, won’t your life would have been much smoother and great if these daily affairs could have been handled by someone else?

    The benefits Of The Virtual Administrative Assistants

    1. Multifaceted Talent And Multi-tasking Ability
    As they can smoothly juggle between priorities, they can help you in a great way. The minimum you need to do here is to prepare a rundown of the tasks you want them to do with specific instructions on how you want them done. A virtual administrative assistant is trained to do multiple tasks. They can support you in doing diverse tasks at the same time. They will get it done in the shortest possible time and keep you updated on the proceedings regularly.

    2. Pocket-friendly
    A virtual administrative assistant is affordable and does not demand extra benefits, emoluments, and other privileges. Appointing them is done through a simple contract that involves a tenure that varies according to companies and individuals. As they only charge on the number of hours they spent on dealing with your business, you what you spend. As they serve on shared resources, they are affordable but produce amazing results.

    3. No Overhead Costs
    The startups do not have to worry about investing in workplace infrastructure as the virtual administrative assistant are delegated their tasks online. The processing of the tasks is managed through software like Asana, Slack, etc.

    4. 24×7 Service
    The startups can avail the service of such assistants 24×7 which can never happen in case of in-house employees as they have fixed work timings. Moreover, the startups can seek the help of these assistants across different time zones according to their suitability.

    5. Technologically Sound
    A virtual administrative assistant is extremely well versed with the net and is business tech-savvy. They have amazing hacks in their possessions that speed up the business startups and processes. One will definitely get to learn a lot from the way these professionals carry out their work. What’s more, these assistants constantly update themselves on the latest technology market trends.

    The Impact On Modern Business

    1. Handles The Boring And The Mundane
    The owners of the new startups no longer need to spend hours on the routine and the mundane. This process is essential but stagnation sets in productivity. Just delegate these tasks to the virtual administrative assistant and lead a carefree life.

    2. Amazing Networking Capabilities
    Startups are required to manage innumerable clients which sometimes even require the physical presence of the owner. It becomes very difficult to meet new clients and judge their potentiality. A virtual administrative assistant gets themselves engaged with these clients on social media and prepare a list of potential clients. By doing this, they generate cold leads, etc.

    3. Less Is More
    By appointing a virtual administrative assistant, you can get more tasks done within the same number of hours that you work by letting hiring the assistant. So as you can see, it is double work done within a single timeframe.

    4. Relieves Stress
    By striking the right balance between your work and your life, stress level becomes an all-time minimum. You are no longer required to constantly think about your work as a new startup when you appoint a virtual administrative assistant. And the bonus here is that you can devote your weekends or enjoy your social commitments more and more.

    How It Can Really Impact On Your Productivity?

    1. Great Time Saver
    The virtual administrative assistant is a big saver of priceless time during the growth period of a company as a startup may not be in a position to appoint a full-time employee for his or her startups. This point has clearly come out in the report of the Young Entrepreneur Council recently.

    2. Highly Dedicated Lot
    They take great pride in the job they do as they are extremely particular about their own reputation as well as yours. So you can depend on them blindfolded after delegating a task to them.

    3. No Personal Obligations
    A virtual administrative assistant’s job is not hindered by obligations at home. They are trained professionals who are perfectly groomed to execute a task perfectly even when they are working from the home setup.

    What is their Future?

    According to a recent survey done by the Queen’s University of Charlotte, around forty-nine per cent of the startups voted for the virtual administrative assistants service. They felt that the service they get is of very high quality in comparison to the work done in-house.

    How The New Startups will be Benefited by them

    1. Support After Product Launch
    A virtual administrative assistant can be of great help when you launch a product and the customer processing starts. It becomes very important to put the processes like marketing, sales, support, back-office administrative tasks perfectly synchronized. Here the assistants help out on the back-end matters and save incredible time for the founders.

    2. Effectively Carries Out Market Research
    The virtual administrative assistant does extensive market research work for you. He or she searches for blogs and articles on the type of products you deal with and makes a list of the top companies who may be your prospective clients. They craft mails for the targeted companies and send them. This makes your screening process perfectly streamlined and brings quick business

    3. Takes Care Of Incoming Orders And Customer Queries
    A trained and expert virtual administrative assistant can help you in dealing with the order placement process. They can attend phone calls and address customer’s issues. When a new startup gets bulk orders and does not have enough human resources to execute it, then these virtual assistants take over. They perfectly organize the whole matter starting for the entry of the orders until it gets processed and goes out to the client.

    Why does TaskVirtual have the best virtual administrative assistant team?

    • We have the experience in working varieties of projects, starting from eCommerce startups to garment manufacturers to biopharma.
    • Our flexible pricing means cheap rates but quality work. You can go for payment on the basis of hours, projects, ‘pay as you go’, and many more.
    • No contracts are involved. If you feel unsatisfied then you can unsubscribe at any point in time.
    • Our team of virtual administrative assistants has dedicated professionals and we do not hire any freelancers.
    • We have a strict privacy policy and your shared information is not revealed for any reason.
    • We have stuck to all the moral integrity policies of trading and we are always transparent to clients.
    • TaskVirtual is ready to be of your help just as you will hire us. We believe in collective development and strive to provide the best administrative virtual assistant service. We are adapting ourselves to modern technology and innovation to expand ourselves all over the globe.

    TaskVirtual provides virtual administrative assistant for the progress of different types of businesses. We are here in this field for many years and have successfully made a strong base of clients across different parts of the world.

    Be it accounting firms or a marketing agency or fashion houses, our online administrative assistant is lauded for their flawless work and commitment in delivering results on time.

    Working with us is very easy. You just need to subscribe to our virtual administrative assistant plan and we make the move. However, to have a broader understanding of us, please try our FREE TRIAL plan, and on deep satisfaction, we can take our relationship to the next level.

    Siddhartha Basu

    Siddhartha Basu is a Technical Writer and Senior Virtual Assistant at Task Virtual. He is proud of being VA, advising clients and processing their tasks virtually. Besides, he loves online games, e-book reading, and Yoga.