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    whi uses data enrtry services

    Who should use Data Entry Services?

    We all know that efficiency of workers plays a major role on businesses to prosper. For this simple reason all the businesses worldwide are trying to find ways to control their operations and concentrating on the core tasks. They are all trying to engage a third-party to handle all the daily repetitive tasks. Industries that earnestly need to data entry outsourcing have now expanded their business from manufacturing to e-commerce. Almost all industries can benefit from the dedicated data entry services provided they operate on a daily basis. 

    Real Estate

    The realtors exactly understand the need for maintaining a perfect client database. This comes handy most of the times. According to Morgan Stanley’s Global Real Estate Outlook published last year, it was mentioned that this type of businesses will flourish in the first quarter of 2019. But whether they will grow or fall, it will have to deal with billions of data that will require sorting all the time. Maintenance of this kind of information may seem mundane to the normal eye. But actually, it demands a lot of time, effort, and undivided attention on the part of the employee. Signing up for  Data Entry Services, you will get expert hands with decades of experience in real estate ensuring that the entry will be 100% accurate at a minimal cost.

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    Almost all the medical practitioners depend heavily on data so that they can improve their services. Outsourcing this huge amount of data to a work from Data Entry Services greatly reduces the administrative costs. It also refines the quality of the medical records. And also acts as a reference point for patient logs, check-up schedules, previous patient diagnoses, and much more.

    Banking and Finance

    We will all agree that indeed money matters. This holds true not only for all the companies but to individuals as well. Finance management becomes a hell lot easier if you have the right data on hand at the right moment. Most of these companies outsource this data to the Data Entry Services for processing the payroll. And it has become quite trendy nowadays. Talking in terms of security, this can be changed, as per requirements, between the outsourcing provider and the client. Data security providers are always at your service and ensure that the confidential data are handled with the utmost privacy.

    Online Shop and Retail

    So far the real gamechanger has been the e-commerce sector which has seen the real revolution over the past decade. Every day, some online stores are popping up with their booty in the global market. Much in the same way, the retail industry has chased this trend to remain in the rat race to cope up with the consisting demands of the customers. And this because of the increase in demand, the need for the Data Entry Services has also risen. But website building and online store maintenance can be very costly. If you handover this website creation project to an expert, it can save both money and time for you. Apart from this, you can dedicate yourself more towards your core business.

    Transport and Logistics

    Supply chain management operations become hassle free and foolproof when the data entry work is done quickly and accurately. This way a company can get the extra time which they can spend working on improving their services in place of dealing with the monotonous and the mundane. When you outsource your task to the Data Entry Services, it will be great if you divide the projects according to the data types that require sorting. 

    Digital Marketing

    Among all the industries, the digital marketing professionals know the value of efficiency among all the industries mentioned above. This business has a broad operational area. It is divided into specific areas such as marketing based on the web, social media, visual, content, video creation, production, and campaigns on social advertising. The digital marketers very well know how to outsource the data entry jobs because they understand the need of an expert touch themselves. They have seen how their life changed when an expert took up their work. One can never send digital marketing to the backseat as it will never lose its importance. And the demand for the Data Entry Services will also never lose its steam to carry out important projects.

    Tools used in Data Entry Services

    For almost all types of companies, data is the most crucial thing. Data here is collected in two ways – digitally and manually. But manual data collection requires a lot of hard work. And the scanned hard copies of the documents are needed to be uploaded on the system manually as part of the job. It is at this juncture that things become a little challenging. This is simply because the whole process becomes very time-consuming and tedious for the data entry operator. It also comes with certain amount of limitations.

    It is at this juncture that the data entry tools come to rescue. The data entry services involve operation on advanced technology called OCR or Optical Character Recognition. These are pocket friendly, time saver, and are great task streamliners. Nowadays, many software are available in the market, you will come to know about a few of them. This will help you to choose them better.

    Zoho Forms used in data entry services is a software makes data management a hassle free process. It makes the whole process simpler. It lets you create the forms on the web, sets email notifications according to your requirement, and help in data administration with the built-in apps. Among its many features, one is that it is equipped with all the important tools required to smartly create a form with dedicated fields for text and formula, etc.

    It lets you create your own customized forms logos, colors, themes and templates. It carries the option of inserting the forms with the web pages and even shares them via email, and in social media platforms, etc. As soon as the form is submitted, you get notified via email. It connects your forms, desk programs, CRM, and promotions accurately. The most unique thing about this software is that it allows you to always stay updated on the data.

    Famous software that helps the  data entry services offering companies globally to collect the data and payments, both online and on mobile platform, is the EmailMeForm. You may be wandering about its feasibility, right? But it is simple. It creates a simple form in HTML and operates via a survey maker app. It carries some unique features and one of them is that it helps in form creation that is compatible with any device. It also allows you to link your forms with the secured merchant services. Even if you are on the move, you can accept credit card payments. It carries the option of unifying your forms with applications so that you save time and money. What’s more, it offers splendid designs that can beautify your forms, provides editable pre-designed templates, and scope to create your own form.

    Abbyy FlexiCapture provides you with a perfect platform for data collection, data processing, and data verification. It ultimately lets you to generate and apply those accurate data into important processes. This is indeed very smart software used in data entry services and is specially designed to meet the demands of the digital companies today. It can be accessed in the cloud, on-field, or in the form of SDK. It deploys NLP or Natural Data Processing technology to automatically detect and collect the data from unorganized documents as well. This software uses classifiers that are SI-supported.

    This data entry software lets you sync your customer with all your business software and devices. It’s a great time saver and saves a lot of time that is wasted unnecessarily in offering manual data entry services. Moreover, this is a code-free platform. PieSync helps in seamless integration of hundreds of apps. It aids in matching your contacts both ways and also supports helps in processing both fresh and old data live. It lets you create your own customized settings in an easy three way step. Through these step, you can insert your own terms and conditions, and execute them. And what’s best, no coding or installation is required here.

    Advantages & Disadvantages of Data Entry Services

    Let’s begin with the advantages:

     Perfect Work Accuracy

    The experts at the Data Entry Services companies are perfectly suited and a well-trained lot with decades of experience at their back. The chances of making mistakes are the minimum because they are specialist in this field. Their superb professionalism ensures that the projects are presented and delivered just in time.

     Saves Time For Addressing The Core Business Issues

    All the businesses comprises of two parts – core and non-core activities. The core activities comprises of the strategic tasks that enhances the customer value. And it also generates profits. The non-core activities comprises of the daily tasks that generally does very little value addition to the business. These non-core activities of the business can be outsourced to another company; you get time to concentrate on the core issues that needs special care and handling. Data entry services will improve your productivity and commitment towards the core activities of your business.

     Wizards Of A Different Time Zone

    When you outsource your task to a Data Entry Service company of a different time zone, you can reap the best results. The work is done in such a way that is completed before the next working day starts in your time zone. This implies that no deadline will be missed ever.

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     Money Saver

    Although it depends on the outsourcing Data Entry Services’ location to a certain extent, but still a lot of money can be saved in contrast to the cost that you would otherwise have incurred by hiring an in-house data operator. When the operational costs are reduced, you can offer competitive rates to your clients more and more. And this will draw the clients towards you resulting in higher and higher profit margin.

     Productivity Enhancement

    By outsourcing the projects to the Data Entry Services, you save more and more on your labor-hours. This time is then devoted on other aspects of the business so that it can see definite growth. And also the workload is greatly reduced from the shoulders of your in-house employees. It is needless to say that it increases their efficiency. Lastly, outsourcing lets you get hold of the best talents globally that are highly skilled and experienced at a much lower expense. The productivity of your company is greatly enhanced and is highly cost-effective.

    Now the disadvantages…

    Possibility Of Security Breach

    Sharing highly sensitive confidential data of a company is involved in Data Entry Services which can be quite risky for the said company. It is mandatory to do a thorough check on the background, security and confidentially policies of the service provider before you divulge your confidential data to a third party. This is the most practical step that you can take to avoid any future complications.

     Differences In Cultural And Language

    The cultural and language barriers can hinder outsourcing to a certain extent. This is because you may not have enough understanding about the language and official background of the Data Entry Service provider. The yearly cultural holidays may not match with yours and this can be troublesome as well. Understanding the accent of you service provider is also very important as it may also hinder your work. The best answer to this problem is to choose an outsourcing company that has already gained reputation of working with companies in your area. Ask them to provide you with a trial period before taking the longtime commitment.

     Mistake Of Not Choosing The Specialized Service Provider

    Each business deals with different set of data and it becomes mandatory while offering data entry services to have a thorough understanding of the data that they are working upon. Factual errors here and there may reduce the overall work quality and cost your loyal clients immensely. Find out an outsourcing company that is a specialist in dealing with the kind of data entry that you require to curtail that kind of mishaps completely.

     Lack Of Personalized Touch

    As the Data Entry Services involves working with multiple offshore companies at a time, they often fail to provide individualistic attention to all the matters of your company. This often results in minor and major errors, substandard service and hampers the delivery of the work due to lack of attention. Although this happens very rarely when you seek the services from a well reputed and highly experienced Data Entry agencies.

     Discrepancy In Services And Meeting The Deadline

    Delay in delivery of the work within the stipulated time and discrepancy in the quality of the work is a major problem that is often seen among offshore companies offering Data Entry Services . Late response to your requests for revising the poor customer care is another problem that is often encountered. This is often seen while working with a company operating from a different time zone and is not a very well known one. To avoid this problem from the very beginning, choose a company which provides absolutely devoted staffs who adjusts their work shifts with your time.

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    How to choose the right Data Entry Company?

    Consider These Criterias

    To make sure that the data entry needs of your company is executed unhindered, consider the following before hiring:

    TAT or The Turn Around Time

    The turnaround time or TAT is the time period that a company requires to deliver your project with the required accuracy. While choosing a Data Entry Services from a company, carry out a thorough research on whether they have the capacity to deal with bulk projects or not. Check their TAT and then decide if they are perfect enough to handle your work. And make sure if they are consistent in finishing their task within their turnaround time or not. The faster they deliver the task from their end, the faster you will be able to process the business activities that require processed data.

    Project Accuracy And Service Levels

    After you become absolutely sure that you want to take  Data Entry Services,  it becomes absolutely essential to do an in-depth research to have a thorough understanding about the services kind of services they provide. Check their manpower and infrastructure to get a perfect idea. You should choose a company which is capable of providing different types of data related services. This saves a lot of time, resources and money.

    Apart from this, you should find out about their track records to understand how consistent and accurate they are in providing their services. Do a regular audit to make sure how accurately the agency does their job. Also check whether a dual key system is followed or not to maintain a high level of accuracy. The company should also have experts in their panel to correct errors and track everything.

    Use of Software

    A reputed company should always take the help of the latest technology to provide accurate and quick results. When you are contemplating of hiring a Data Entry agency, immediately get an understanding about their software and technology they use. Research on the latest technologies used in data entry services so that you can bargain better with the agency as to which latest software they should use and how it can enhance the service that you are expecting from them.

    Data Confidentiality

    Maintaining the data security is a vitally important matter that should be considered. Data Entry Services generally maintains several layers of security for system protection. The company who is outsourcing their projects shares the most confidential data with the agency. If a hacker accesses those and steals them, it can lead to a major loss.

    While choosing online Data Entry Services, choose an agency which focuses mainly on strengthening their data security system. Also choose those who will agree to sign a bond of confidentiality therefore assuring data security. Definitely find out whether your chosen company have an ISO certification, NDAs and enough CCTV camera on their premises or not.

    Service Cost

    The reason behind outsourcing data entry is primarily to cut down the labor and cost. This increases your profits indirectly. So, the outsourcing cost should be minimum. For this tally the rates of different Data Entry Services and makes sure no hidden costs are involved. The basic is to look for an agency of repute that is consistent in providing quality service. But they should have a standard rate which is should be reasonable.

     Profound Knowledge And Expertise About The Industry

    Industry knowledge is a must for a Data Entry agency because it provides a better understanding about your current business process and work culture. And expertise is also important for any business because it uses the knowledge to develop an efficient data entry services. Application of the latest technologies by an experienced team, with high degree of accuracy, excellent quality, superb productivity and fast delivery within the turnaround time is the criteria that you should look for.

    Personalized and Latest Technology

    Data Entry Services offering agencies keeps on updating themselves on the latest technological marvels so that they can process you data without hassle for the clients. Deployment of the latest automation processes with intelligent technology and also manual processing at their command.

     Periodical Communication

    The communication channels should always remain open and should be absolutely transparent between the outsourcing partner and the Data Entry Service provider. This has to be seamless so that there are fewer complications. There should be timely and consistent updates about project progress from the outsourced company. Outsourcing companies should be absolutely convinced that their projects will be delivered on time.

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