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    Outsourced Transcription Services: Overview, Benefits, Why is it Necessary?

    Outsourced Transcription Services

    What is outsource transcription service? A transcription service is provided by a third party, and this allows any business to save the cost of having an in-house employee. Outsourcing transcription means that your business will not pay full-time salary benefits.

    Outsource transcription service is required for many organizations such as financial institutions to legal firms. Outsourcing transcription is an important component of any organization’s strategy in order to flourish for its growth. Not just that, a high-quality transcription service will save your time, effort, and resources, and this also reduces the burden on HR.

    Outsourcing your transcription services can also help in saving your business time and money, and this also provides more accurate documents. It also helps in keeping your confidential information secured and thus it also keeps the employees happier. 

    Transcription Outsourcing

    Transcription Outsourcing

    Your business is not required to pay a full salary and benefits if they are using outsourcing transcription. Rather, the business is going to pay only for what it needs and is required to be transcribed.

    The time and money that is saved on paying and training the full-time employee can be easily invested in the other key activities of your organization. 

    Transcription Outsourcing is committed to delivering reliable transcription services with 99% transcript accuracy, a fast turnaround, custom formatting, and along with custom pricing. Transcription Outsourcing offers those general transcription services as well as industry-specific transcription for the medical, legal, law enforcement, and business sectors, this also includes HIPAA-compliant medical transcription.

    More Information on Outsourced Transcription Service:

    #1. Recording & Storing Important Data

    In today’s busy and fast-paced business world, outsourced transcription is becoming a best practice for recording internal meetings, capturing events, including the subtitles in the videos, and also for documenting press conferences. It also allows a better engagement with the customers.

    This also keeps the senior management informed, providing marketing benefits, and also offering greater accessibility for the clients and staff.

    #2. Utilization of Audio-To-Text Software

    Whereas audio-to-text transcription is something that has been done manually, and in-house. In order to convert audio to text requires a specialized skill which is time-consuming and mundane for internal employees. However, there are advancements in new technology.  The advantages that outsourced transcription offer compared to in-house transcriptionists.  

    #3. Manual Efficacy

    Traditionally, audio-to-text transcription has been done manually, in-house. Manually converting audio to text requires a specialized skill that is time-consuming and mundane for internal employees. However, advancements in new technology now make outsourcing transcription needs more attractive for businesses.

    A right transcription company gives a better output. Transcription rates of such companies are low and full of quality. When the company is outsourcing transcription services it can eventually end up saving both time and money for your business. Thus provide more accurate documents, that help in keeping your confidential information secure and keep your employees happier.

    Advantages Of Outsourced Transcription

    Advantages Of Outsourced Transcription

    #1. Cost-Effective Transcriptionist Solution

    When your organization is hiring and training full-time employees in order to provide transcription services, it involves numerous amount of costs.

    The costs begin with advertising for a new full-time position. The recruitment process can be lengthy and time-consuming too. Whereas the average company needs 40 days to fill up a new position. If the transcriptionist or the person gets added to the team, your organization is needed to pay them even when there are not any documents or notes to transcribe.

    Furthermore, you don’t need to pay employees national insurance, holiday or pension benefits and you are free from all this.

    #2. Access to Trained And Experienced Staff:

    Using less-experienced in-house staff for transcription services can also result in inaccuracies and also in delivery delays.

    Whereas on the other hand, digital dictation and transcription companies are the experts in transcribing audio to text. Many third-party transcription companies hires transcriptionists who work on certain subjects, such as healthcare, business, or legal.

    When you are working with experienced transcriptionists that are familiar with industry-specific terminology. Thus that makes it more likely for your documents to be correct and accurate during the first time around. Apart from that they work by avoiding delays or re-writing and don’t spread out any misinformation.

    #3. Less Burden To HR

    When the organization is using outsourced transcription services it eventually helps in reducing the burden on the HR department or on the team.

    Hiring, training, and supervising in-house transcription teams are something that adds a burden on the human resources personnel, who needs to spend a significant amount of time reviewing the applications and interviewing the new applicants.

    In addition to that, when the transcriptionists are on leave, your HR will have to spend time and resources in order to find temporary staff for transcribing important documents or notes.

    If you think differently and outsource transcription services to a relevant companies, you don’t have to give any thought on connecting with an HR and think of recruiting someone worthy.

    #4. Customer Support And Help On Transcription Work

    An in-house transcription service requires the purchase of equipment and software. Along with investing in software, you will also need to spend time in order to train your team on how to use it.

    When your organization is using outsourced transcription service, all the equipment and software are off-site. This thing means that you don’t need to worry about purchasing, storing, or maintaining equipment.

    Ultimately, an outsourced transcription provider is hassle-free and it will answer your questions promptly and will also solve any issues that you may have.

    This continuous support and also ensures that you always get high-quality and accurate transcription.

    #5. Saves Time on Profession Like Medical Practice Transcription Process

    #5. Saves Time on Profession Like Medical Practice Transcription Process

    Well the biggest advantage, while you outsource transcription service, is that it helps in saving your time.

    In-house transcription is a time-consuming thing and most employees have skills which are better suited for other activities.

    When the organization is using outsourcing transcription, the employees that were previously responsible for transcribing can shift their focus upon the different tasks as well.

    #6. Easy To Start With

    Outsourced transcription is an extremely easy thing. Then you don’t need to train people or worry about maintaining that expensive equipment.

    While in many cases, you’ll be able to use an app on a mobile device or a dedicated platform to create and send in dictations.

    This digital dictation support service is easy to get started with and is also extremely flexible. Moreover it can be used as and when needed.

    #7. Focuses More On Time On More Complex Tasks:

    In-house transcription is time-consuming and a mundane one too. Whereas most employees have those skill sets that are better utilized for doing more complex tasks. And here, as you will outsource transcription service, you or those persons in charge of converting your business’s audio to text can speed up their time on tasks that are much more profitable.

    Benefits of Outsourcing Transcription Work To Task Virtual

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    Task Virtual is the perfect company where you can outsource transcription services. Backed with 8 years of seamless experience, the company strives to think out of the box and help businesses grow fast.

    #1 Task Virtual will provide you with an online medical transcriptionist to deliver work at the deadline. They have many years of experience, and hence can end up meeting your needs.

    #2 If you are in the healthcare industry then you should hire a transcription service Task Virtual to process works like recording patient medical interviews, essential medical record, maintaining quality transcripts, etc

    #3 They are also in other types of transcription such as legal transcription, business transcription, podcast transcription, and many more

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