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Management is an Inextricable Part of Business

Data management is an supervisory process that involves getting the data validated, stored, protected, and processed to make sure the availability, dependability, and data outlining for its users. 

While reinforcing Data Management Services, we believe in rendering high-grade data management services. Our services provide unparalleled, time abiding, and budget friendly data management services to our clients globally.


Here is a Quick Glimpse of Various
Data Entry Services

Data Entry Services

This is important for filling up vital data in Microsoft Excel or private database system. We are certainly expert in processing it.

Data Processing Services

We can process your data efficiently and quickly so that you can utilize in wide ranges of corporate options.

Microsoft Excel Services

We have dexterous professional who can do V-Lookup and H-Lookup for you. They can also create pivot tables.

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Copy-Paste Services

We can adroitly process your copy-paste works within the deadline.

OCR Services

We have effectively work on printed PDF files and retried the data in either doc file and spreadsheets.

Data Conversion Services

We can convert your data into the desirable format. We do it using advanced tools and make sure the work is clean.


TaskVirtual Give a Big Push to Data Management

eCommerce Management Services

At Data Management Services, we offer exceptional product data management service to our clients. Would you like to know about some of the benefits that you can avail by outsourcing product data management to us? Here they come:

  • We add brand new products to your current database
  • We categorize products methodically and add them
  • We collect info from varied online resources so that inch-prefect, and word-perfect information can be delivered
eBook Formatting

In our Data Management Services department, we are of the opinion that we offer unmatched ebook data management services to all of our clients. Here is a list that backs our belief. You can reap a lot from handing over ebook data management tasks to us:

  • Our experienced professionals can format your digital copy so that one can read it on on the Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad etc.
  • We can create a custom layout that can match the subject matter and theme of your copy
  • We use advanced tools (Kitaboo, Scrivener, etc) to make sure your eBook is 100% compatible for mobile devices like Tablet, smartphone etc
Managing Data Offline

Our Data Management Services leads in offering a wide spectrum of offline data management services. We would like to share the rundown of some vital offline data management tasks that we do:

  • Collecting URL list
  • Capturing data offline
  • Processing and filling of offline forms
  • Input of data into database programs
  • Data conversion from one format to another
  • Managing insurance claims offline
  • Managing eBooks, business cards, catalogues and labels
Data Conversion Services

Managing business documents is and was never an easy task for any type of business, be it small or a big one. The vast amount of data accessible in different formats can be a cause of ghastly nightmares for managers. Our Data Management Services meets up with all of your data conversion needs. Come let’s see the list of what we offer in our data conversion services that can prove to be really fruitful for you:

  • File conversion
  • Document conversion
  • Document digitization
  • Electronic data conversion and many more.
  • PDF conversion
  • XML conversion
  • Book conversion
  • Word formatting
  • HTML conversion
  • Spreadsheet conversion
  • SGML conversion

Moreover here are some more on data conversion services that our Data Management Services can meet. And they are conversion of Quark, FrameMaker and PageMaker documents into SGML, XML

Data Processing Services

When we reinforce data processing service to you, you'll be glad to know that we hire the most knowledgeable, expert data handles so that we can finish the task quickly and accurately.

Here are what you will get from us. 

  • Data Enrichment
  • Order Entry and Processing
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Transaction Data Processing
  • Records Indexing
  • Forms Processing
  • Order Processing
  • Mailing List Compilation
  • Word Processing and Formatting
File Conversion Services

Our Data Management Services offers a team of experts on file conversion who are also apt in using the latest softwares. As a result, they offer spotless file conversion services to you. The services that come under our document conversion services include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Conversion of Excel to XML
  • Conversion of HTML to XML
  • Conversion of PDF to XML
  • Conversion of HTML color
  • Conversion of HTML into other formats
  • Conversion of HTML to PDF
  • Conversion of HTML to PowerPoint
  • Conversion of HTML to PSD
  • Conversion of Text to XML
  • Conversion of Word to XML
Copy Paste Services

Our Data Management Services have included copy pasting services under its domain. We offer copy-pasting over the following matters.

  • Websites, books and output of analytics
  • Links and email addresses
  • Information available online
  • Curriculum vitae, resume, biodata
  • Legal documents
  • Food menu and related stuff
PDF Conversion Services

Our data management services include pdf conversion of huge data.

Here is what you can get with us

  • We do document scanning from files of wide ranges of extension into PDF
  • We can convert many times of digital documents to PDF format
  • We can make pdf documents searchable through OCR and text indexing
  • We can do custom document processing with advanced tools
  • We can transfer pdf documents to online storage platforms.
  • We can transcript handwritten notes into pdf documents
Forms Processing Services

Our Data Management Services leads in the form processing domain. You can enjoy the below services from working with us:

  • We can create forms from JotForm, Google Form etc for your business
  • We can customize forms and make it look professional.
  • We can integrate forms in your website so that you can convert potential traffic
Microsoft Excel Services

By outsourcing Microsoft Excel work to our Data Management Services department, you can concentrate on business activities that comprise the core. By outsourcing Excel work to us, you will get to interact with a team of experts, who provides unquestionably high-quality work. Here are the services that comes under this.

  • We can record important information like refund details, sensitive data etc in MS EXCEL
  • We can perform V-Lookup & H-Lookup for your business
  • We can create Pivot tables that makes information retrival easy and smooth
  • We can help in filtering and sorting data
  • We also can report sales report for your business. 
Image Optical character recognition (OCR)

In our department, we believe in delivering high-grade image data management services.

Here is what we offer:

  • We offer a wide variety of image capturing and sorting
  • We can further perform image stockpiling and retrieving
  • We can create database files from images
  • We can scan images and extract data for you.
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Apt in Handling Bulk Data

As our online data management experts are highly skilled professionals, they can finish your bulkdata management tasks fast and conserve a considerable amount of time for you.

Great Time & Money Saver

Moreover, not only are we time savers, we are the saver of a good amount of money for your online data management tasks as our prices are extremely competitive. Our manpower is large and experienced enough to handle loads of data.

Total Security

We apply utmost care and take up all kinds of safety measures so that your data remains absolutely safe with us.

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