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How Pool of VA's and Dedicated Assistant works?

The process given below is applicable for customers having any 1 Active Subscription of BA 05, BA 10, BA 20, BA 30, BA 40, BA 50, BA 60, or BA 80 plan.

Once you subscribe to our service, the shift Supervisor shall be your single point of contact and shall establish all channels of communication with you for smoother progress. Once you submit a task, your single point of contact will go through the task thoroughly and subsequently delegate it to the best fit VA with the required expertise to get it done. He shall also keep a close eye on the performance of the VA to maintain the quality of work. Hence, the task will be accomplished under his complete supervision.

Task Management:  The tasks shall be processed either through our CRM or by sending the task emails from your registered email address to the task delegation email which you will receive once you have an Active Subscription with us. To know more about how our CRM, check the next tab or click here.

The process given below is applicable for customers having any 1 Active Subscription of Full-Time Assistant or Part-Time Assistant.

If you go for a " Full Time Dedicated Assistant," or "Part-Time Dedicated Assistant" a Dedicated Assistant (DA) will be assigned to you, and he/she will be working 8 hours a day for five days a week. Your DA will then establish all channels of communication with you for smoother progress and will perform his/her duties as per your instructions. However, the Supervisor shall have a close eye on the performance of your DA to maintain the quality of work. All your tasks will be accomplished under the complete supervision of the Supervisor.

Task Management: The tasks can be processed either using our CRM or any CRM of the customer's choice. Our executives have expertise in using Zoho, Trello, Salesforce, Microsoft Team, Slack, etc for processing your tasks.

How to Update your plan?

Steps to Upgrade or Downgrade your plan:

  1. Login to with your registered email id and password.
  2. Goto CHANGE PLAN tab and select the Plan of your choice {Suppose you want to Upgrade your current package to another higher package then select the new plan and continue with the steps given below, if you want to downgrade then select the lower package compared to your current package and continue with the below steps}
  3. Once you select the Plan click on INSTANT UPGRADE button, visible at the bottom of the page and complete your payment via. PayPal successfully.
  4. On the successful payment, your account will be activated with the selected plan and we shall continue with your task on your approval.

Note: If you are looking to purchase Extra Hours only then goto EXTRAS tab under the customer portal to select the number of hours you need and click on Purchase button to complete your payment via. PayPal successfully. Extra Hours can be purchased at a flat rate of USD 12/Hour.

How to Share Credentials

Here at TaskVirtual you can share the credentials and credit card informations in the following ways.

Sharing Credentials

  1. Share credentials through the “Web Logins” section, > Profile > Web Logins
  2. Share through Lastpass to a company email id, provided by the assistant.

Sharing Credit Card details

Always, request for the Managers email ID in order to share the credit card information with and as required, managers will enter the information, it will not be shared with the team.

How to Cancel my Subscription?

Cancelling your Subscription?

In order to cancel your subscription, simply write to from your registered primary email ID. The subscription you want to cancel. Do note only future subscriptions can be cancelled.

For info on refund policy refer our terms of service

How to create and share tutorials?

When you send tasks to your assistant, it is always recommended to provide an instruction on how to process a task.

Instructions can be shared using a word document or an instructional video, whichever you are comfortable in sharing.

Here is a tool you can use to prepare an instructional video, Windows: Freescreenrecording [Tutorial] | Windows/ Mac

Also, you can create a document with the instructions, it is always recommended to add screenshots for better clarity of the instructions.

Here is a tool you can use to create a instructional document, MS Word.

Why use TaskVirtual CRM?

TaskVirtual CRM, is build to make task assignment and management an one stop solution. Straight forward tabbed menu, to send, manage tasks and your profile too.

Our CRM is build up from scratch keeping in mind the user experience. Also, you can manage tasks directly from your email.

Our CRM is multi-functional just like us, no matter you use the dashboard or the email to manage your tasks. Our CRM will automatically update the all communications, between you and your VA’s.


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