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Virtual assistants assure extra quality & care

Our Virtual Assistant carries a lot of similarity with the in-house administrative assistants because we offer the very same or quite similar online support services. But they carry two major differences also and they are –

  • Our Virtual Assistant or VA is defined as a remote team member who works on contract basis.
  • We provide all types of marketing, administrative and creative support for small and big businesses.

Business Specific Services

Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services

Dedicated for the realtors and property builders. We offer both efficient back-office assistance to increase business productivity.

Virtual Administrative Assistant Services

Our virtual assistant services cover administrative tasks handling and quick processing as well.

Social Media Virtual Assistant

We shall manage your social media business accounts. Our professionals can help you in brand reputation building.

remote assistant services
Virtual Research Assistant Services

Our virtual assistants can do researches for your business. This will help you in finding new opportunities, market condition, etc.

Medical Virtual Assistant Services

Your medical appointments, data entry etc are covered in our services. You can find huge boost in productivity.

eCommerce Virtual Assistant

Our services also cover eCommerce management, product upload, refund management, etc.

Time to

Think out of the box and Delegate tasks to Win the Game

Bill of sale + Tracking the Remittance
On signing up for our virtual assistant services you can find our professionals tracking the payment amounts of your business. They are also responsible for sending bill of sale to customers and record the remittance on submission.
Checks Customers
Business phones ring what seems like all day every day. Believe it or not though, it’s not hard to forward those calls to someone remotely. Our virtual assistant will answer your phone calls on behalf of your client.
Composes The Curriculum vitae Content
We all know how important a resume is to gaining employment. If you have a knack for visual design, writing and communicating the value of people’s skillsets, you could get a professional resume from our virtual assistant services.
Data Input And Tracing
Spreadsheets bring out two reactions – either it makes one jump with joy or it makes them run for the hills. If you belong to the latter – the help of our virtual assistant services surely needed for you! Our assistants locate and document the metrics and data for various types of businesses.
Arranges the Almanac
Our virtual assistant services provide a standard to any organizational system by systemizing their client’s calendar. We separately manage calendars plus apply color codes for each business area. As soon as new bookings pour in, emails and appointment setting tasks are done by us.
Manufacturing + Marketing Research
If you subscribe to our virtual assistant services, we will assist your client in this by accessing some basic data from them about the new project. And we also do some extensive market research based on that data.
Setting up Systems For Clientele Handling
We gather all the email templates, questionnaires, contracts and proposals from their client. Then we import them into their desired CRM. We also stylize the templates in the process to ensure that they match with their client’s brand. Finally, we checkout on whether the entire tech platform is functioning for their client to start using.
Platforming The Project Management Setup
Project Management Systems like Asana, ClickUp and Trello are fabulous for business owners because they act as a virtual office of their business. They carry out all the business tasks and to-dos. Provision of this kind of service demands great organizational skills and thus is adopted in our virtual assistant services.
Travel Researching + Reserving
The CEOs and the CEOs and online business owners do business travel all the time. Here, our virtual assistant services support you in concretizing your travel plans. We support your clients by carrying out researching on location, time, and budget of their business trips. We also research on the best airline prices on offer, place of stay.
Pens Down The Penned

Customers often receive handwritten thank you notes from their clients as a note of gratitude and support. It may sound good but is quite time consuming once started! That’s why our trained Virtual Assistant is delegated this task. They calmly carry out this task by simply getting hold of their clients’ cards along with the name and mailing address.

Creative Creation
This section of the virtual assistant services run out is designed for those with an artistic flair and an eye for creativity! When you have it in you, help out the non-creative clients of the world a bit.
Logo Outlining
You can partner with virtual assistant clients or startup businesses to design their logos for them using design softwares such as Canva or Adobe Photoshop. You’ll work with them to learn their mission, their services and their core values in order to turn them into a visual representation of their company that attracts their target audience.
Designing of Ebook + Email Handouts
Here, our virtual assistant services operator makes sure that he or she briefs the clients well regarding the brand of the clients company. They strictly follow the sizing guidelines regarding the current industry standards.
WordPress Website Wizard
WordPress is one platform that is open-sourced that provides the powers of about 30% of the internet. Because it’s an open platform, there is huge scope for software development and thematic customization. It’s also user-friendly! Our virtual assistant services include working with you on the WordPress platform to help in designing the website with your branding materials.
Designs the Landing Page
Our Virtual Assistant who just loves marketing and designing, loves this service as well! They, together with their client, use a page builder like leadpages or on their website to aid in sells or promotion of their product. They always keep in mind that it should be as informative, eye appealing and sellable as possible.
We have arrived at the last section of virtual assistant services list! We all know that the e-commerce world is growing by leaps and bounds every day. Our virtual assistants are experts in managing and processing all your eCommerce related tasks.
Arranges the Arrangement
Top level CEOs generally don’t have time to manage the back and forth of scheduling meetings, appointments and interviews. Our virtual assistant services lets us facilitate this process for you by scheduling meetings for clients with customers by coordinating the communication on your behalf.
Video Editing
Our virtual assistant services include creating and editing videos that are quite engaging and personalized. This is why so many business owners outsource this to us. Clients simply send us the video content they record and we edit the sound, and the clippings to make it error free. We overlay text and comedic details to make it commendable for publishing.
Photo Editing
Clients who use platforms like the Instagram and Pinterest requires beautiful photos as these are visual platforms. So, very often, clients who are selfie prone signup for our virtual assistant services to get those images edited. We make them as outstanding as possible.
Designer Templates For Email Newsletter

Our Virtual Assistant helps business owners in branded template creation on their own email marketing platform that elaborates on their brand. There are numerous email marketing platforms; some require coding knowledge and others are drag and drop builders simply.

Blog Writing and Ghostwriting
Content creators know how time consuming it is to write blog posts. For this, they often hire copywriters who are aware of the industry norms as to how posts are created. After writing them on their behalf, it seems as though they themselves have written them. That’s basically what ghostwriting is all about simply! Our virtual assistant services cover this as well.
Creator of Sales Funnel + Setups

Our Virtual Assistant with good flare for sales helps client for visual map creation for their customers. This is done on a flow chart to ensure that they are most effective. We even help them to structure in their tech systems to get it going.

Copywriting for Sales Funnel

Our Virtual Assistant who is keen o9n writing helps our clients to compose these 8-10 emails that they send to their new email subscribers. These introduces you to your client to the new subscriber, share the required product information with them and ask them to make the purchase!

Lead Generation
If we work with a service-based business client, then they can generate new sales leads. For this service, we get the responsibility of collecting information about their client’s target customers. Then we use this information together to make a list of possible people online that best fits their client’s service.
Inducts SEO Strategy + Implements
Business owners are often well accustomed in content creation, but what they generally lag in is the knowledge of how to structure them. The need this expertise so that Google finds them in the net. For this our virtual assistant services have included SEO as one of the prime services that businesses can leverage to.
Setting up and Supporting Webinar

Our virtual assistant services help in setting up of the webinar beforehand and assists them with the attendees during the live session. We answer to customer queries, solves the technical issues, and much more. Since these generate huge money for their clients, they’re super grateful to have a virtual assistant company like us.

Managing Online Meetings

Often the meeting is presided and called by one of the business owners presenting. Running an online summit is a huge task, and so the assistance of a Virtual Assistant becomes very handy.

Managing Socially in Media

This is by far the most popular sections related to the virtual assistant services list! A lot of clients hire for it and lots of Virtual Assistant love to do it as well!

Managing the Facebook Ads
Among the most popular social media platforms, Facebook is one of the top ad hosting platforms that business organizations use. Therefore the ad hosting expertise of our virtual assistant service operators is very much in demand. They go for partnership with their client’s to run the ads for their programs and website on their behalf. And they ensure that it’s done in the most effective way possible.
Podcast Producer

Podcasting has become the first and foremost choice of the content creators for their message sharing. Our Virtual Assistant helps them in their episode creation! Here we will learn more about how podcasting services found its place in the virtual assistant services list.

Podcast Editor
As the content creators record more and more new episodes, they also make mistakes. But before publishing their contents, they go back and edit all those sections! Our Virtual Assistant helps these creators in this process. We gain access to these brand-new episodes and abolish the errors. With the help of the free editing software, we do it online easily.
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Irrespective of low charges per hours, the quality of services offered by us can jump over your expected best results.

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