Web Services

Web Services

In the present times, a strong online space is what you need for your business to succeed – be it a small business or a large corporation. TaskVirtual helps you gain the infinite possibilities of the internet by giving you high quality, creative and committed web development and designing services.


Give your website the advantage of eye catching design and swift functionality with TaskVirtual's web design services. A great website is much more than good looking graphics or colours. It should be easy to navigate, the content must be simple to find and understand and your business message should be loud and clear. This way, the visitor to your site finds exactly what they are looking for, and the clarity in communication convinces them to come back for more!
At TaskVirtual, which is among the reputed graphic design companies, we take into count all these aspects while designing a website.
You can be assured that our stringent quality standards and unique creativity will result in a website that is not only a sight to behold but also gives you great results!

Following are our services in this area:

● Logo Design: Get creatively designed icons and symbols, word-marks, letterform marks, combination marks etc.
● Banner Design: Create effective static web banners, animated web banners, flash banners etc.
● Business Card Design: Make an impression with our well designed and customized business cards.
● Flyer/Brochure Design: Get well thought out and designed corporate brochures, flyers, newsletters, letterheads and more.
● Landing and Squeeze Page Design: We design attractive squeeze pages meant for capturing opt-in email addresses from potential subscribers.
● Template Design: We offer free customised templates, including layouts, artwork and photos.
● Infographics and Flash Design: Get creatively laid out infographics and visual illustrations, designed using signs, symbols, icons, diagrams and maps in a unique way!


Designing a website fit to stand out in the World Wide Web is no mean task. Our professional web development and design team at TaskVirtual is highly skilled in the technicalities of web development – from encoding languages like HTML, XML, ASP and PHP to various programs and scripts, CGI, Flash and JavaScript. Our services cover areas like website designing, ecommerce services, social network services and web server configuration, content management etc.

Following are some of the platforms we work on for developing websites:

One of the most popular blogging tools available, WordPress is a unique and powerful Content Management System (CMS) which can be put to multiple uses and is a great platform for creating striking websites.
● WooCommerce: An effective e-Commerce solution, this tool integrates with WordPress easily, and allows developers to develop, design and modify highly unique ecommerce websites.

One of the leading e-commerce platforms, this one powers more than 60,000 online stores. Using this platform, we can create a securely hosted site for you, including a shopping cart, product catalogue and much more!

This one is a functional SaaS-based content management system (CMS) and has a website builder, blogging platform and hosting service. Using SquareSpace, our developers can effectively create and maintain your blogs and websites.
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