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    1 57 ways to use a Real Estate Virtual Assistant in 2022

    Real Estate Virtual Assistant

    57 ways to use a Real Estate Virtual Assistant in 2022

    Are you eagerly searching for ways to enhance the profitability and productivity of your business? The real estate virtual assistant can be one of the best solutions for this. As lead generation is The Most Important factor necessary for making the real estate business thrive.

    An online real estate assistant can play a pivotal role in the growth of the real estate business. Read along till the end find out about many other different ways by which they can help your real estate business.

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    Tracks The Schedules Of Postings In Social Media

    To create a mark in the Google ratings, or drag traffic to your website, it is absolutely necessary to keep on posting in the social media. To generate massive traffic and definite leads for your real estate website in the shortest possible time, social media is the best option. Your real estate virtual assistant focus on capturing the leads for you consistently. Starting from Pinterest to Instagram, the new and trending social media platforms apart from Facebook and Twitter are immensely capable of generating the leads for you when an expert assistant is on the job. It has been seen that Pinterest has the capacity to drive much more traffic towards any website than Facebook and Twitter together.

    Networking In A Professional Way

    Another sphere of the real estate virtual assistant by which they generate unique leads for your business is by using LinkedIn and other networking sites. LinkedIn helps you to get continuous updates from the blog posts which can prove very beneficial for you. These assistants greatly help you to focus on the core aspects of the business because networking now is done by them.

    Updates The Authentic Contact Details

    The real estate virtual assistant has the capability to draw crowds to your site by perfecting the details of your business contacts. As per research, about eighty percent of your clients use mobile GPS to search for realtors. So perfect mapping of the business on the phone apps is a must. These assistants exactly do that and ensure lead generation by submitting them everywhere. To get that clarity, get hold of a virtual assistant’s level of expertise.

    Assistant Free Trial Offer

    Marketing Video Uploads

    The sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and many more video sharing sites are used by the real estate virtual assistant who makes the virtual tours of your listed properties accessible online. As the best real estate sites like Trulia and Zillow owns the maximum number of keywords related to real estate search, chances are quite high that the SEO in your business name may not even show up. This limitation is overcome through these assistants by uploading the videos.

    Marketing Via E-mail

    Do you have any idea about which method of marketing is the most cost-effective as lead generator? It is none other than the e-mails, amazing right!!! A series of e-mails sent out to the right target by the real estate virtual assistant is the best tool that they use so that the bus is not missed ever

    Penning The Unique Content

    A real estate website page should have outstanding images and contents that are unique that helps you to stand out as a realtor. They are masters in writing brief contents about the neighborhoods perfect for website pages. They highlight the details of the unique facilities and amenities found in the community near your property site. These assistants make it a point that the text is useful, authentic, precise, and interesting for the listings so that you get the best rankings in Google.

    Getting Reviews Online

    Online reviews are extremely vital for effective lead generation. The realtors often miss out on following up and securing reviews from clients. This is done by the real estate virtual assistant and there are several other benefits you can enjoy after hiring them. They revert back with the pre-written thank you email with links to reply on online surveys or reviews.

    Keyword Analysis

    The real estate virtual assistant create pages containing keywords and titles. After getting SEO optimization on the content, promotion of the listings can be done to gain quick credibility and presence online.

    Locates Free Platforms For Advertisement

    They can search for free ad platforms like Gumtree, Kijiji and Craigslist, and uploads daily property reports.

    Clientele Expansion

    It is often seen that when a property is sold in an exceptional neighborhood, the neighbors around the sold property can become the next prospective clients. To make this happen, concrete research and groundwork is required. Your real estate virtual assistant can actually make this happen.

    Uses Tools and Sites For Lead Generation

    Tools like the Mojo Sells captures and offer the owner data to create a comprehensive listing for generating the leads. By hiring them, you can make them do the legwork and make this successful.

    Accessing Litigated Properties

    The real estate virtual assistant contact the lawyers to deal with litigated properties and mutual sale of assets. The litigated properties can be valuable and a lucrative choice for leads. So, let these virtual assistants handle all the nitty-gritty of this.

    Network Expansion in Areas of Interest

    The real estate virtual assistant use tools like zoom to trace the addresses and contact details of the companies located in the area of your operation. This increases the number of potential leads. 

    Hire Virtual real estate Assistant

    Installs Forms For Lead Capturing

    Forms capture the leads from social media or blog posts much accurately than the contact page web forms. The virtual realtor assistant creates these forms and converts the website visitors into prospective clients.

    Searches Expired Listings

    The real estate virtual assistant track the expired listings early to keep the lead generation process normal. Your virtual assistants help your business to remain always in the leading position by remaining proactive rather than reactive in the real estate market.

    Lead Generation online

    Going online is considered to be a very effective way for generating leads. This method is praised by the best realtors. But do your real estate agents know how to track the areas of lead generation? The real estate virtual assistant can be very helpful in understanding how much has been covered and what else needs to be covered. Or in other words, they expedite the whole process.

    Market Snapshot Development

    The agents should be helped to locate new areas, places, way for call making, and boost the business prospects. The real estate virtual assistant do the research on new prospects, develop the marketing snapshots and pinpoint the areas where the agents can make a pitch. 

    Tests Lead Generation Software

    Lead generation software work, but how to be sure about it? A lot of time is required to go through all the press releases, and free demo accounts to test new software and getting the best results. The real estate virtual assistant can make this quite simple for you.

    Designs Your Website

    Web developers and graphic designers should receive the right input about your business to create a perfect website. Your website or the real estate listing site can definitely be outstanding if the virtual real estate assistant is there to bring in the best talent in the field. They can also do the right briefing about your business and what exactly should be there to make the site one of the best.

    Runs Campaigns For Advertisement

    Real estate agents actually focus on social media to target the potential clients on the neighborhood of their interests. The same is also true for other ad campaigns. The real estate virtual assistant can run the ads on discounts, and do all the needful so that you win big.

    Brochure Printing

    Don’t just leave your business card behind when you meet your buyers or sellers. The real estate virtual assistant presents your clients with a brochure that present the staff information. The vital stats can be an effective way to enhance confidence and draw the best leads.

    Schedules Meetings With Leads

    Who else other than your real estate virtual assistant provides a solid groundwork by approaching the homeowners and make them well versed with their neighborhood? They also set the meeting thus paving the way for successful leads.

    Your Leads Grow

    The real estate online assistant keep on adding people on Facebook, or on Twitter so that your lead base grows every time. They update the comments on various posts, message them directly and help in gradual but steady growth of the network.

    Event Organization For Lead Connection

    A real estate virtual assistant connects with the neighborhood by organizing local events starting from brunches to private tours of the real estate. These tours help in creating a brand connection with the neighbors. It also aids you to position yourself as a top realtor. Trust these virtual helpers for all the basics for organizing these events.

    Sends Educative Information

    A real estate virtual assistant send brochures, catalogs, and showcases how hard your real estate business is trying to make each sale a super success. This definitely creates confidence among the buyers. 

    Researches On Trends

    If you really want to understand how you can establish a list for real estate deals, then you definitely should know the latest market trends. For this, the real estate virtual assistant can do the perfect job for you as they have the required business intelligence. The in-depth research was done by the better the chances of approaching the communities and generating great leads. They can point out the new areas to look for prospects.

    Marketing Via Referral

    The real estate virtual assistant researches on referral marketing systems and implements them like software solutions. They can trace the systems best suited for your realty business that are also used by your rivals and enhances business growth.

    Do Appraisals On Property

    The real estate virtual assistant does all the groundwork for the home appraisal. It may involve gathering data from innumerable sources, preparation of documents and reviewing them, and doing the necessary changes.

    Manages The Contact List

    Starting from updating the contact list to managing the database for CRM, the real estate virtual assistant can make sure that all the contacts are entered in the list. They make sure that the marketing funnels are in place and are pinned on the map.

    Community Report Generation

    The real estate virtual assistant is ideally suited for establishing you as the market leader in your business community. Doing data transformation and changing them to reports are done by them, they send these to generate leads and generate interest as well among your clients.

    Builds A Database For The Vendors

    The real estate virtual assistant manages your customer list and, builds links with your vendors to establish your presence in the realty market and attracting willing customers. Opt for interacting with the top names in the industry, once your virtual assistant sets the meeting with them.

    Attracts Podcasters

    The video is supreme in today’s marketing scenario. The podcasters are extremely crucial to pitch in your achievements and experience to others. Display of radio shows and publications or podcasts can solidify your position as a market leader in the field of real estate. The real estate virtual assistant can put up topics that you wish to cover.

    Makes Calls To Buyers For Leads

    When the sale is closed, calling the buyers and enquiring about another lead can help you to get a new client. This is done effectively by such professionals

    Postcards To Reach Out

    Flyers and catalogs have stood the test of time as being the best method for marketing, but postcards is also a tested method for reaching out to the targeted community. The real estate online assistant plans, designs, write the content, prints it and delivers it promptly to get the best results.

    Press Liaison

    To draw attention and create interest, a weekly or monthly column can be sufficient. The real estate virtual assistant keeps in touch with the press journalists so that your name is published periodically. They also pitch in story ideas that help to strengthen your ties with the community.

    Sets up A Video Channel

    The real estate virtual assistant have video editing skills. This is necessary to boost business. These assistants also monitor the published video content daily on your YouTube, Vimeo or other video sharing sites.

    Link Building With Lenders Locally

    To gain leads, there should be an irresistible one that no buyer can resist. The real estate virtual assistant gather the contact details of the local lenders from the networking sites. They make the real estate agency to interact with the lender or partner so theta the brand value increases.

    Communicates With Attorneys

    Such an online real estate assistant can be ideal for contacting real estate attorneys who recommend your real estate agency to their clients. This kind of business tactics can be very powerful as a lead generation mechanism.

    Partnering With Property Owner Associations

    Property or homeowner associations are great in lead generation. Joining in with these associations is simple, with the real estate virtual assistant who are always ready to put in hard work to bring in the best associations to you.

    Interaction Through Community Events

    A simple event like a garage sale in the neighborhood or an event in Facebook, the real estate virtual assistant brings you nearer to the community so that you get closer to your leads.

    Public Speaking In Local Events

    Nothing can add more publicity to your real estate business than speaking about the latest trends in the business in local events. You can connect with a huge client base instantaneously without having to shell out anything. Your real estate virtual assistant can help you in this in a perfect way. They can help you even in generating media mentions, position enhancement, and driving traffic to your website, blog, or social media account.

    Real Estate Forum Response

    Responding to queries based on real estate theme on local web forums, the online real estate assistant can generate good visibility for your real estate agency. 

    Creates a Group

    The real estate virtual assistant also create a LinkedIn Group through which the people from the community can meet and interact online. This increases the call numbers from your potential clients.

    Regular Update Preparation

    Property updates generate leads in the real estate business. Your client base will only stay with you if you are aware of their needs. These virtual assistants expert in real estate work can indeed help you with such tasks.

    Preparation Of Documents On Commercial and Industrial Trend

    Commercial property owners can face difficulties in finding a land buyer. The real estate virtual assistant send, update, and help them through the process. This translates into better reviews post-sales and attracts more clients. The virtual assistants are the best options for providing these updates on commercial and industrial trends.

    Uses Online Resources In Generating Market Snapshots

    The creation of client reports from scratch can be tough, and it works best if your real estate online assistant can generate these reports using tools like PRNewswire, RPR reports, etc.

    Follow up With Agent or Inspector

    It is sometimes harrowing to get the agents to cooperate and sign the contract and so is arranging for the attorneys and inspectors. But all these services are necessary for new lead generation from old customers. The real estate virtual assistant can follow up on these calls and emails.

    Helps In Recruitment Of The Coordinator

    The coordination of transactions is not simple. That is why you need online real estate assistant professionals for this job. You can make the whole process simple regarding sale or purchase with the virtual assistant helping you to recruit the right person. They can draft the job details, upload posts, and receive resumes, and much more.

    Prepares Eye-catching Yard Signs

    The yard sign plays a vital role in drawing leads. If your sign is appalling and incomplete, never expect to generate leads in real estate. Creating eye-catching signs are the best forte of the real estate virtual assistant.

    Business Card Organization

    Business cards are the starting point for lead generation. From bringing in the best designers to finding the best design, to printing to order placing for new business cards, all are done perfectly by the real estate virtual assistant.

    Checking The Cold Calling Scripts

    The cold calls from agents should be taken by adhering to certain rules. Licenses may be required to call the property owners. But they can check your cold call scripts and the lawyer requirements so that maximum leads are generated without disobeying the rules.

    Research On Listing Comparison

    Researching comparable property listings in the area is a must for real estate agencies. This information is processed by your online real estate assistant to save you precious time.

    Marketing Plan Drafting

    Both old and new properties need a marketing plan. The real estate virtual assistant can get you a social media expert for this purpose. They can prepare an analytic report to show you the pros and cons of your marketing plan and accordingly, you can launch your marketing campaign

    Aids In Team Communication

    Review and preparation of documents for the real estate team can be a handful because each one has its own set of rules, processes, procedures, and requirements. These virtual professionals quite flexible to adjust to the needs of the lead generation team.

    Correspondence With Property Inspectors And Home Stagers

    The home stagers and property inspectors are a rich source for generating real estate leads. Ask your real estate virtual assistant for the details on how to reach them and finalize the best deals to draw the fresh clients.

    Data Entry in Multiple Property Listing

    Multiple property listing services are a lucrative choice for real estate agents. But description access in the description of field is required to be completed as well and is vital. Your real estate virtual assistant can help you to get it done.

    Updating The Lists

    Management and update of the listings are not easy. But keeping these updated is vital for successful lead generation. Your real estate virtual profesionals can update these listings and tweets. They can also post on Facebook regarding these.

    TaskVirtual is a dedicated virtual assistant company that can offer property builders, brokers, real estate investors the full-fledged support of real estate virtul assistants and enhance their productivity. 

    Siddhartha Basu

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