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Our IT Support Services promises to handle your business in such a way that makes the most out of your technological investment. Our customers belong to diverse geographical areas and verticals, but one thing is common in them– they acknowledge the value of IT and how great technology impacts their business operations.


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What We Offer In Our IT Support Service Bouquet

Our IT Support Service provides a bunch of professional IT support services that suffice all your needs. Here is a list of the most popular services we provide.

Cloud Computing

This includes IT Support Services that are conveyed via the internet or a dedicated cloud network.

Software Support

If you need support on software installations, you can avail our IT Support Service where we can fix your technical issues. You can focus on a specific type of software or list of programs, or you can avail generalized services.

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Technical Trouble Shooting

We can troubleshoot minor to major technical issues of your computer, WordPress website, and others. Out talented technicians are transparent and skilled.

Hosting Migration

We can migrate your website from one hosting company to another. We can do this efficiently irrespective of the provider and technology.

Database Management

Our IT Support Service manages your data, which includes data organization to ensure complaisance, security and performance of data-driven applications.


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E-Fax installation Service
Our IT Support Service enhances your eFax service by providing you and your colleagues much greater management capabilities over your faxes. You can modify your faxes, annotate them with text notes, add highlights, and sign them electronically before dispatching them to your receivers.
Transcript Writing & Setup Services

Our IT Support Service strongly believes in the numerous benefits of working on a webinar transcription in contrast to simply recording the main points. Our explicit transcriptions record minutely everything that transpires at any event. Our services include transcription services based on webinar research, where our clients perform quality research and keep track of all the records and notes. By outsourcing your transcription needs to us, you can obtain 100% accurate transcripts, which help you plan your webinar perfectly. Our IT Support Service also provides legal webinar transcription services that help in keeping the attending lawyers well informed about the case. It also ensures that the proceedings can be accessed by anyone searching for online information on the same.

Dropbox, Google Drive & Cloud Management

Our IT Support Service provides an array of cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc., for our users. You can add your accounts so that you can create a bigger storage. Also the necessity of logging into each account all over again needn’t be there. You can directly access different accounts simply by clicking on different cloud drive icons in the main interface. Our IT Support Service lets you share files with their friends on Twitter and Facebook without the need to download them to a local hard drive. You can also share the files with a friend through email. Files can be moved from one cloud drive to another as easily as you move files from say drive D into drive E in Windows.

Microsoft Office Installation And Support Service

You will get the most personalized replies from our IT Support Service professionals. Our support options include calls, chats, or assistance through email. You can visit directly our home page and click on the support options available there. This will help you to best utilize your time so that you can concentrate on what matters the most to you.

CCTV Monitoring Services We Offer

Through our IT Support Service’s CCTV monitoring facility, our experts on IT security immediately detect and resolve the areas on the site where security can be compromised. We also conduct real-time vigilance and alert the local authorities when there is a breach of security. We also warn the probable intruders and persuade them not to take up any anti-social behavior. Our IT Support Service is a leader in providing CCTV remote monitoring services for both commercial and non-commercial purposes and assets. With our remote CCTV monitoring software, you can easily put your location under a 24/7 scanner so that on-site safety becomes full proof. With video monitoring services, our experts provide a real-time video surveillance, detect threats, trace intruders, and notify the organizations whenever required. Moreover, you will never have to compromise on any aspect of video surveillance and on-site security because you can always avail the same degree of protection at a very nominal cost.

Email Migration Support Services

Do you wish to upgrade to a world-class email service? Our IT Support Service experts will carry out a consultation with you to learn about your needs, setup the appropriate service, move all of your on-going company data, and help each user in accessing, configuring, and training. You can enjoy the benefits of migration by setting up a secured, flexible, and collaborative solution. You can also profit from full-service delivery, beginning from migration to support. You will be able to work and collaborate at any place, any time.

New Mail Client Setup Services

Our IT Support Service provides enterprise features on hosting emails to satisfy organizational needs of all kinds and shapes. We provide customized domain-based email addresses to all the members of your organization in the shortest possible time. After the completion of the whole process of setting up your email hosting with us, you can access the Control panel to administer the email settings of the organization. You can avail numerous options for setting policies for complaisance, for account backups, for managing address books, etc.

SEO Webinar Transcription
Webinars are one of the best low-cost solutions to capture new leads and engage with audiences in real time. Our interactive transcripts enhance user experience and are perfectly paginated to ensure linking opportunities. Our transcript can also accompany your video on YouTube etc, increasing the SEO for your video.
Screen Casting Software for Windows
With our IT Support Service’s screen capture technology, the PC of your call center agent can be recorded seamlessly with no evident reduction in the performance of the agent’s PC. With the recording of these activities, managers are given the chance to go through the agent’s interaction on the whole with the customer. This way you can pinpoint the areas that need immediate improvement.
Various Application Installation Services

Our IT Support Services impart software installations that are media based. This is one of the commonest types of installation. It takes all the files that constitute your software and positions them on a span of disks. It also includes those files that elucidate exactly where all of your software components belong and the kind of system settings and edits that need to be done. Our IT Support Service also carries out web based software installations that are perhaps the coolest way to employ the most popular softwares. Moreover, single .exe installation is also done by us. We install the self-compressed .exe file that you run. This file extracts itself and provides all the files necessary to run your installation smoothly.

IP-Phone System Setup Service

Your business saves up to 60% of your resources when you use our IT Support Service IP phone solutions. It is perhaps the most affordable IP support service ever. Our increasingly deeper forays and uninterrupted updates on the IP industry ensure that you get the best of our services. We have easy and adjustable services where we make sure that you experience amazing voice quality through our well informed IP phone service. Through us, communication is just there round the corner! We understand how attached you are to your mobile devices. So, we always try to provide the most mobile friendly IP support possible for your business so that you can feel comfortable right from the start.

Mail Merge Service

With our IT Support Service’s mail merge features, creation and distribution of individualized mass mails becomes as simple as a few clicks. While using our service, the process of merging mails itself becomes completely painless and smooth. With our help you can conduct the whole process much more efficiently, and be sure that the data entering into each email individually is a 100% percent accurate. We follow the intuitive email building process while drafting the emails. You can also easily track the outcome of your merged emails through us.

Calendar Management Services Offered By Us

If you are facing problems in breaking your functions into the vital and the non-vital, our IT Support Service is here to help you to get you sorted. We are a sensible calendar management service provider that understands your daily chores and does the split ups accordingly. Our team for calendar management has vast years of experience on this. They interact with their clients personally to make sure no communication gap is ever there. They track your employee's timeline, dates, and tasks without disturbing you or your valuable time. They prepare a detailed summary that can be shared with your team members so that the daily work is executed peacefully.

Services on Rules Creation in Outlook, Gmail

There are innumerable ways by which you can apply rules in Outlook and Gmail to better manage your choices, and make life a little easier. By utilizing these rules, you can bring down the manual and monotonous actions required in managing your email messages. When you turn on rules, they keep on rolling unperturbed and instantly. Our IT Support Service segregates the rules into two categories—organizational rules and notification rules. With the help of the Rules Wizard, we also design rules for better management of your messages.

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