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Our Virtual Receptionist Service enhances your brand reputation by providing excellent customer care.


24 * 7 Hours services can help you deal with all phone calls

Our virtual receptionist handles your inbound calls the same way an in-house receptionist would. However, we do it from an organization who already owns the relevant infrastructure and technology to process such work. You don’t need to have these and you just have to outsource it to us.

This service is further subcategorized
into these following services.

Phone Answering Service

Your customer’s phone calls will be handled carefully, making sure no stones are left un-turned.

Customer Relationship Management

We can manage your appointments, phone calls, chat support, queries handling, and others together at the same time.

Call Screening Service

We shall screen the unwanted calls so that you can only receive the important telephone calls of your customers or peers.

Order Processing Service

We shall process your eCommerce order at business hours. Furthermore, we can record each and every information precisely.

Appointment Booking Service

Your appointments are prioritized. You will be alerted at the nick of time so that you can attend your meetings promptly.

Chat Handling Service

Your chat is handled efficiently. Matters like customer queries and resolutions are given at utmost punctuality.


Dominate your Competition with
Process-Driven Virtual Receptionist Services

Always there even during the Busy Hours

With our Virtual Receptionist Services, you never have to worry about the petty things like going for a break or a vacation. Your phone lines will always remain alive during operational hours and also during off hours. Businesses can’t afford breaks and vacations as they typically need someone in the front desk Monday through Friday, between 9 am and 5:30 pm. Here we can act efficiently and handle your customers.

Provide Exemplary Customer Service

Using our Virtual Receptionist Services ensures that your customer calls and queries are addressed by a knowledgeable and courteous person. We are superbly efficient to grab the core idea through a simple briefing as to how your client wants them to handle the front desk. This way your customers receive seamless customer service experience every time they call up.

Professional Image Manager

Calls should be answered promptly and professionally. It always makes your customers think and feel good about your organization. Taking our Virtual Receptionist Services that has ISO 9001 accreditation ensures that they have high standards and professionalism of the highest order in their booty.

Better Time Manager

If you still don’t have an on-site receptionist, you’ll find great help in signing up for our Virtual Receptionist Services. Our help will be superbly beneficial for your time. You and your staff no longer have to remain tied up onto your desk or on your Smartphone. We will do all on your behalf. All day long, you receive messages from them, so that you never lose contact with all that has been happening. You can prioritize the issues accordingly on what needs immediate attention and what can be attended later.

Serves Your Customers Well While Saving Money

In place of hiring a full-time receptionist to handle your business, take the help of our Virtual Receptionist Services at a fraction of that cost. Use the saved money in other areas of your venture that eventually will expand or improve your business. During the busiest hours, the virtual receptionist services can be utilized to meet all kinds of demands. Our services are available on hourly basis and also “no work no money basis”.

Capacity of Handling Large number of Calls

Our Virtual Receptionists are capable of handling huge volumes of calls that comes almost regularly in your business. Each and every caller gets the same kind attention they expect. The chances of missing out on calls or callers being out on hold are nil. Moreover, you no longer have to worry about paying during vacations, during sick days and other overhead costs that comes automatically with a full-time receptionist. Because of these reasons, this service has become the optimal choice for big and small businesses alike.

Screening Unsolicited Calls

When you will subscribe to our Virtual Receptionist Services you can ask our professional to screen calls during very busy hours. We will then take the most important and urgent ones and discard the rest while you take care of everything else. You will be the rule maker and breaker after you hire the virtual one.

Handling Messages

Our Virtual Receptionist Service acts on the basic message-taking script that and the script time can be as less as five minutes. More complex scripts take a little longer, but almost all accounts are up and ready within one to three days. Before appointing us, you can enjoy a free demo to see how things work, your impression on the service, your service plan, before settling for a final take. You can adjust your call preferences any moment.


can be benefited from us?

Our Virtual Receptionist Services are widely enjoyed by a range of businesses that really makes their life easier. We also generate new businesses in the process. Irrespective of the industry type or their business size, we helps you in a number of ways and ensures that no lead is missed out. We have handpicked a few business types below and have tried to show how beautifully they benefit from the virtual service.

Dominate your Competition with
Process-Driven Virtual Receptionist Services

Medical Professionals
Our Virtual Receptionist Services makes it much faster and easier for the patients to get in touch with medical professionals and their clinics, care homes, and private hospitals any day any time. We add to the reputation of a doctor by serving his or her patients round-the-clock, any time all through the year.
Salons and Parlors

In case of salons and parlors, if their potential customers’ are kept on wait or are asked to drop a message in the voicemail, the instant reaction would definitely be a negative one. They will move to a parlor next door and get their job done. To avoid this and to provide your customers with a five-star experience, hire our Virtual Receptionist Services immediately if you haven’t done so.

Beauty Industries
We all know that the beauty industry is an extremely competitive place. Moreover, we get to see salons and parlors in almost every nook and corner of a street. This means customers have a wide range of choice available to them. Our Virtual Receptionist Service delivers a cozy yet professional service to your customers round the clock. This very warmth and friendliness never let your existing and new customers to move out.
Legal Firms
Legal business demands a certain level of expertise in serving their clients and in handling calls. Our Virtual Receptionist Service operators expertly delivers a standard customer service to all of your customers. Choose your own call script, so that your virtual receptionist provides that much information to your callers, and takes down the messages or forwards the calls to the concerned staff whenever necessary.
Trades Services

Trade industry is equally demanding as we all know and keeping up with your daily routine can sometimes be overwhelming, but not for our Virtual Receptionist Service operators. You may miss out on valuable client calls which can prove to be disastrous for any new venture and even for industry big bosses. Regardless of whether you work as a plumber, an electrician, or a contractor, you very well know how hard it is to do the routine. It starts from fixing appointments, answering queries, dealing with suppliers, managing the equipments and addressing the after-hours emergencies.  

A call from a prospective customer should never be faced by an automated call receiver. They should always be greeted by a friendly human voice. Be it a doctor’s chamber or an advocate’s office, people call up these places with lots and lots of anxiety apprehension. For this simple reason, they should always be greeted in a cheerful and friendly manner to ease them up a bit. When our Virtual Receptionist does this, just guess who will get the new clients or cases?

When you have to do all of it at the same time, it can be backbreaking. Setting up with our services frees up your precious time by attending to calls and customers. We are always there for your customers when they need your support, both during and after hours. You can choose for yourself when to forward the calls to your virtual receptionist in the shortest possible time. You always have the option to change your call preferences. This very option helps you to ward off any unexpected problems or situations.

TaskVirtual can be the best match for these reasons.
World-class Infrastructure

We have the technology and establishment that can help you handling all receptionist related services.

Lesser Cost

Our charges are lower in the market. We provide the quality and we best suited for Startups and Medium-Sized Businesses.

24*7 Hours Availability

We are functional everyday and night. You can customize your time as well.

Data Security

The information we will collect from your clients will be safe and secured. We will record them in your database and submit on time.

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