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    17 Websites to Hire Data Entry Operator: Know The Data Entry Operator Job Description Template

    17 Websites to Hire Data Entry Operator: Know The Data Entry Operator Job Description Template

    A Data entry operator is a professional who uses computers and data processing programs to input information as a part of their job. Data entry jobs may also transcribe or input data from certain call recordings or phone conversations. In addition to that most data entry operation duties are handled electronically. However, paper documentation may be used as well, depending on the needs, duties, responsibilities, and work type as decided by the employer.

    A data entry clerk job description would correspond to recruiting a candidate who would work on documents, and databases, maintain, verify leads, manage and maintain software, and many more. He or she can also work on spreadsheets, compile data, update the system’s account, and be responsible for fast typing skills related to working with an error and writing emails to customers. Moreover he or she must have an excellent ability to keep records of team positions. 

    Several websites are available today that make data entry jobs easier and data capturing easy and detailed. Furthermore daily, based on client needs and company operations, there may be several data that require capturing that we cannot gauge being layman. Lastly, these websites are designed to help us with effective data entry that will serve the organization’s purpose in accomplishing its goals.

    Websites to Consider For Data Entry Operators: Find Your Requirement

    #1. Task Virtual

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    They are experts in inputting data into different computer databases. For this reason hiring this company can be a good idea for anyone looking for data entry work outsourcing concerning catalog, accountant-related work, entering data for healthcare sectors, organizing data, and keeping SMI. 

    #2. Mechanical Turk

    It is a crowd-sourcing website designed by Amazon for performing data entry services, to perform the tasks on demand that cannot be done by AI or computers and requires human intervention. Therefore you can find skilled data entry professionals who can manage and maintain effective data records subject to change. They can convert paper formats into computer files using customizable software to process up-to-date information by organizing files to maintain effective record-keeping. 

    #3. Virtual Vocations

    This website claims to provide the best work-from-home and remote jobs for data entry operators working from home. Other job options are tele calling and call center services, digital operations work, etc. It is a paid site, but 100% authentic, that helps millions of members find the right job for themselves. Using this data entry operator, you can empower your data management work. 

    #4. MegaTypers

    MegaTypers is another website where you can hire successful data entry operators to work on skilled data entry work. 

    #5. Scribie

    Scribie provides remote jobs. In Scribie, employees must provide audio and videos as required by clients or customers from time to time to meet their organizational needs.

    #6. Lionbridge 

    This is another website that provides entry-level jobs that require data feeding. It allows remote working by employees with flexible shifts. They provide various works based on the client’s needs, mainly data entry jobs, tracking, etc.

    #7. Fiverr

    Fiverr is known as World’s largest marketplace for digital services, where employers find freelancers with specific skills. Indeed it is a safe and secure website to work with and has good reviews.

    #8. Upwork

    Upwork helps startups find good employees and organizations they can work with to get started effectively. All you need to do is to sign up, post your previous work and get proposals for new work.

    #9. SigTrack

    It is a legitimate data entry job site that provides flexible hours. It provides you work from home jobs. If one can type fast and work flexibly, you are likely to get hired for such a job.

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    #10. Axion Data Services

    Axion Data Entry Services has been an industry leader in providing data entry jobs, internet data research services, and data verification to companies all over the World. Moreover it has a workforce of skilled and experienced data entry operators and administrative and IT professionals. In fact many small and large companies depend on Axion data services for accurate and fast data entry jobs.

    #11. TranscribeMe

    This website offers jobs that require audio and video file transcribing by humans with speed and accuracy. For this reason it requires a skilled workforce efficient in handling challenging audio, multiple speakers within audio and video file with multiple languages, etc.

    #12. ClickWorker

    This website provides digital tasks to skilled workers. Since the market is dominated by digital marketers now, ClickWorker can provide you with jobs as a freelancer where you can earn money with computer and internet access and digital marketing expertise.

    #13. Micro worker

    It is an innovative International platform that can provide you with online data entry jobs and ensures the successful completion of tasks against the task paid for. They connect employers and employees from around the world and provide appropriately to efficient workers.

    #14. AskDataEntry

    It is an Indian-based website that offers a wide range of data entry services and data processing jobs to people looking for jobs. It has its headquarters in Kolkata.

    #15. KeyForCash

    It hires people to do data entry from the comfort of their homes with flexible hours. In addition to this it is authentic, and you can complete the task on time and at your ease.

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