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    Top 20 Business Applications

    Highly Important Mobile Apps for Business development

    Regardless of whether your business is new or you’ve been in business for quite some time now, in both cases the common thought is to find different ways to improvise and streamline the day-to-day processing of your business. Luckily, we are in a digital era where there are numerous tools that are available like never before to help the business owners. It includes desktop-based accounting software to mobile small business management apps to many more.

    Using and relying upon a desktop computer as an important business tool is not wrong in any way. Numerous entrepreneurs benefit from these flexible business apps that allow them to handle different tasks on the go. Here, time and location becomes irrelevant. If you are indeed looking to automate some areas of your core business processes and also save time and money in the process, you can definitely get the help of these superb apps.

    Here, in this article, we’ve tried to compile a list of most useful business apps and have tried to categorize them as you’ll find below. You can definitely use this to gain knowledge about how these tools has to offer. And after reading the article completely, we hope that you will find the best apps that suit your type of business the most.

    Best Business Apps for Accounting and Finance

    The most vital part of any business that needs sound management is your business’s accounting portion. And we all know that is perhaps the most complex as well because it involves the responsibilities linked to running a business successfully. Here are four business accounting apps that you may find extremely helpful. Through them, you can organize and carry out your basic bookkeeping tasks that include everything starting from invoice creation, expense calculation, payroll preparation, and much more.

    1. QuickBooks Online

    This is one of the renowned names in the accounting world. QuickBooks Online is easy, powerful, and has many apps that are integrated with this software in some way or the other. You can do tax accounting, create payrolls, carry out profit analysis, and inventory management. QuickBooks does it all according to the version that you’re using.

    Whether you have a business that has a single-person or is the owner of a growing startup, QuickBooks Online has a version and a price that fits everyone’s pocket. Plus, regardless of the version, you get the option of accessing it via your mobile. It is by far one of the most top-rated business apps available on the app stores.

    1. FreshBooks

    If you are in search of an accounting application that focuses on invoice creation at a low price, and is one counted as one of the best mobile accounting apps available on the market, you can surely opt for FreshBooks. FreshBooks is an online software and mobile app that is capable of overseeing your cash flow, expenses, invoices, and much more. Additionally, you receive high grade customer service along with plans at no extra cost.

    1. Wave

    Wave is one of a kind among the many accounting softwares available till date. It is truly free accounting software system that allows you to use their online-based platform. They also gives you access to their mobile invoicing and receipts app without paying anything in terms of subscription.

    This accounting app is fabulous for small business owners who have just started their venture. And they also offer payments and payroll paid add-ons. It gives you the opportunity to expand your functionality within a single application.

    Best Business Apps for Inventory Management

    If you have a product-based business, inventory management is a must. To that successfully, this inventory management app can help you to keep track of your stock, create purchase orders. It also makes sure that your sales process is being carried out smoothly from beginning till the end. Here are two top options to make a choice from:

    1. SOS Inventory

    SOS Inventory is an app that has been designed to carry out inventory tracking, manage orders, and makes manufacturing process much easier. SOS Inventory has a close integration with both QuickBooks and Shopify. It can be used easily on desktop, tablet, or mobile. With the help of this app, you can manage the inventory of multiple business location; keep track of your items in a catalogued form. They can be numbered according to different attributes like serial number and cost history. The app creates tickets and packing slips, among its other features. Although the mobile app is for free and comes with a software subscription, you will only be able to pay access the inventory software against a pay.

    1. Delivrd

    Through Delivrd, you can get hold of an online-based inventory management application for free. When you use Delivrd, you can design product catalog; count, receive, and issue stock. It also enables you to create stock level alerts and access the inventory transaction history. Apart from these fabulous features, if you are still looking for some more additional features, you can choose from the app’s paid plans. Just a small word, Delivrd is a web-based service and does not come with a separate mobile app.

    Superb Business Apps for POS and Payments

    The apps which we will be talking about now are especially for those business owners who perhaps run a fast-food restaurant or is a contracted photographer. This payment app is makes sure that you get paid promptly and comes with payment options that best suits your customers. On top of that, if you intend to manage all your payments with the help of the same application as other processes like orders, inventory, loyalty programs, here is a full POS system that allows you to do so. Let’s check out these three highly flexible payment options and see what they have to offer to your business:

    1. Square

    Have you heard of Square? If yes, then you probably know that this POS provider brought a huge change in the world of small business apps. It has brought a huge change in the way businesses processes ran the credit card transactions so far. All being said and done, if you require a full POS system or a simple mobile POS with a card swiper, Square is the perfect option for you. This app comes with multiple software and hardware solutions. For the most basic version, you’ll have to pay a sum for every in-person payment you take.

    1. PayPal Here

    Here is another point-of-sale business app. PayPal Here can process credit cards, cheques, and invoices via your phone. Unlike the Square POS app that come with more expansive features like inventory and order management, this app provides the most simple and easy way of payment acceptance on your phone. It only charges a small amount per U.S. card swipe. But here is something to take note of; PayPal Here works through your PayPal account as opposed to your bank account. So before installing this app, make sure that you’re synced up properly.

    1. QuickBooks GoPayment

    Through QuickBooks GoPayment, you can swipe a card, scan it via your phone camera, and type-in customer details for payment acceptance. With the help of this app, your analytics data can be reviewed. You can monitor items that are bestsellers, and create a connection between your Apple Watch. QuickBooks GoPayment integrates directly with QuickBooks, TurboTax, or Mint. And you only pay for payment processing done through this app.

    Apps Best Suited For Time Tracking and Team Management

    As we all know, team management is something that can become quite a headache if you have multiple employees, different schedules for each, and other formalities to take care of. For this, you may benefit greatly from one of these scheduling, HR, or time tracking apps which can help your team run the business much more smoothly.

    1. TSheets

    If you definitely require a time tracking app for your business, then you might take a deeper look at how TSheets work. TSheets lets you keep track of time on any device that it is installed. It perfectly streamlines the payrolls and invoices. It also manages the time-off requests, and receives real-time reports.

    In addition to all this, TSheets integrates with other business apps apart from QuickBooks like Sage, Xero, Square, and more. Having said this, TSheets requires a paid subscription, and plans start at quite a low arte per user per month.

    1. Gusto

    Business owners or entrepreneurs who need a more full-service payroll and HR app might consider Gusto. Gusto allows you to manage the payrolls, benefits, and compliances. Additionally, you can calculate and file payroll taxes – both at the state and at the federal levels. It also keeps track of sick days and vacation time, and more. Gusto is available against monthly subscription, which includes their free mobile app.

    Business Apps Best for Communication

    If you are required to talk to your team members or with your clients, the below mentioned communication apps can surely facilitate in doing so on behalf of your business. Plus, you will get some added features along with these productivity tools. These options include group organization, video meetings, and many more that you otherwise wouldn’t have done just by texting or sending emails.

    1. Slack

    Here comes the first productivity app that makes instant messaging work-friendly. Instead of arranging unnecessary meetings or typing in numerous emails, you get the opportunity to just send a flash message to one of your employees and get back an instant reply regardless of whether you’re using a computer or a mobile device. As this app comes with free options and premium versions with additional features, it is worth trying, particularly because they claim to enhance productivity by 32%.

    1. GoToMeeting

    If you are required to manage a remote team or do video conferencing frequently, GoToMeeting may be the best solution to cover all your needs. Through this app you can host endless meetings with High Density video, do screen sharing, add a dial-in conference line, integrate with Office 365 or Google Calendar, and much more. You can do this through the basic version of GoToMeeting. You can use GoToMeeting on your computer or mobile device against a meager basic plan.

    1. Skype or Microsoft Teams

    Skype carries the pageant of being one of the most well-known video and chatting business apps. Via Skype, you can send texts, do file sharing, put your screen on display with others, and include up to twenty five other participants, and the list is endless. In addition, Microsoft now offers Microsoft Teams, which has replaced Skype for Business. This is the business-specific version of this app. This allows you to access the basic features available within the free version and has greater capabilities with either of the paid plans. 

    Best Small Business Apps for Customer Relationship Management

    Management and maintenance of customer relationships can be quite tricky sometimes, especially for smaller business with limited resources and funds. So, if you want to facilitate a loyalty program or maintain your customer profiles, one of these business apps will be able to help you.

    1. Belly

    Here is an app by the name Belly through which you can create a customized customer loyalty program. You can plan and design your program based on your customer preferences, and additionally avail the added advantages of emailing, social media marketing, and use analytics software. You can manage your Belly account online or by using their mobile app.

    1. Spendgo

    With Spendgo, you can develop customer loyalty and marketing programs regardless of whether your customers visit your store, shop online, or use their smart phone. Spendgo lets you develop a points-based rewards program, carry out push sales, and even reach out to customers via text or email. Spendgo integrates with top POS, e-commerce, and marketing platforms. It is available in three different plan levels. For availing the app, you will have to contact Spendgo directly for a price quote. 

    1. Salesforce

    The biggest name in CRM platforms perhaps is Salesforce. It can be used by both small and big businesses all over the world. Salesforce allows you to keep track and manage the customer profiles across various departments, lets you develop your personalized marketing plans, attends to customer issues, and much more. You can use Salesforce online and the mobile app. They carry definite plans for small businesses. 

    1. Nimble

    Very much similar to Salesforce, Nimble is CRM software that lets you manage customer relationships by maintaining contact list. It connects with social media, sends marketing and outreaches with messages, and much more. Nimble integrates with G-Suite or Office 365, as well as a number of other popular platforms like Salesforce. Nimble includes online software and mobile app. The pricing, however, is much cheaper and the bill comes annually. 

    Project Management and Organizational Business Apps

    You should never forget about the basics and always stay organized, create a workflow, crossing tasks off your to-do list, and things involved in your basic responsibilities as a business proprietor. To maintain this responsibility, you should check out on these project management and organizational business apps to perfectly streamline your processes and increase your efficiency level.

    1. Trello

    Again if you require managing many employees and is contemplating of implementing larger and more complicated processes, Trello is surely a good option. This is a card-based system that lets you to create easily, assign easily, monitor easily, update easily, and complete different tasks easily. It’s a great way to ensure each and everyone’s’ productivity and efficiency as far as possible. Plus, Trello integrates with other business apps like Evernote, Slack, and more. Trello can be accessed via online or through your mobile device. It offers an unlimited free version, as well as paid options.

    1. Asana

    This is another renowned workflow management app. Asana works on a slightly different way. In place of visual cards, like Trello, Asana utilizes a highly customizable list format that you can design in which way you like. But the basic idea is the same and that is it uses a specific system for task management that improves productivity for your entire team. Similar to Trello, you can access Asana on both computers and mobile devices. It comes with a Basic free version or with either of their paid plans.

    1. Basecamp

    Basecamp greatly organizes your project and categorizes into six parts unlike Trello and Asana. With the Basecamp app, your project or team members can access a chatroom, a message board, a document and images bank, a task list, a calendar, and a recurrent check-in system. Even though this app works on a slightly different philosophy of workflow management, it might very well be a perfect choice for your team. Basecamp offers free yet limited version of their business management app, as well as an unlimited Basecamp for Business at a flat rate per month.

    The Bottom Line

    In the end, any of the options on your listed best apps for businesses may be useful for executing your day-to-day processes. Additionally, as most of these apps are free or are free with an online software subscription, there’s no risk in downloading them, in trying them, and in deciding as to whether they’re right for your business or not.

    Siddhartha Basu

    Siddhartha Basu is a Technical Writer at Task Virtual. He loves online games, e-book reading, and Yoga.