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    7 Inbox Management Tips When You Find It Hopeless

    7 Inbox Management Tips When You Find It Hopeless

    In the current day and age, E-mail and modern business operations are walking hand in hand. Especially now that remote work has gained momentum, it has become one of the primary ways to communicate for many industries. Having said that, this way of communicating can generate a lot of stress. Inbox management tips are what people have years to get to optimize their email campaigns.

    The amount of stress that is caused by merely looking at the cumulatively rising inbox is unimaginable. Researchers have proved that the number of emails in the inbox is directly proportional to the amount of stress caused to both parties. This stress can often become to manage.

    An average working person spends around 13 hours of the week on e-mail alone. The bad news about this whole thing being it can easily be a waste of time. The good news is, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that sad, once you crack the code to manage your inbox.

    In this article, we’ll specifically guide you toward managing your inbox through 15 different steps. It will help you to not only manage your inbox but will also lower your stress and improve your productivity.

    Check out these 7 Top Inbox Management Tips For An Organized Inbox

    Checkout these 7 Top Inbox Management Tips For An Organized Inbox

    The tips listed below are as easy as deleting unwanted messages from your inbox. Again, they are also as complex and create templates to help answer the messages in your inbox. But, they all aim towards serving one common purpose, which is to help you manage your email without heightening your stress levels and improving your productivity.  

    #1. Create A Folder For Your Follow-Ups

    Folders are bound to become your best friends once you are staring organizing your inbox. One of the important features of this, is that you can easily segregate and prioritize the emails that need follow-up, but not as important to be done immediately.

    E-mails can be segregated easily into folders, or you can set up your own rules top segregate important mails. In both ways, it is going to help you prioritize the urgent emails, and keep the less urgent ones to be dealt with later.

    #2. Repeat Offenders? Give Them Subfolders

    Do you get emails from the same sender repeatedly? If they are important and cannot be deleted, you can create subfolders, store them safely, and declutter your inbox.

    It is as simple as it sounds. Each subfolder for each sender. You can also organize them by topic. This will also help you if you have to refer to them later. Subfolders can go a long way in organizing your inbox, and decluttering it in the process.

    #3. Don’t Be Afraid To Delete

    Deleting email can be tough, but necessary. If a mail doesn’t require a reply or a subfolder, you probably don’t need it in your inbox. It is one of the best ways to declutter your inbox and to make space for new ones.

    It might delight you to know, that most servers including Google and Outlook save the mail for some time, even after you’ve deleted it. You can easily retrieve it in the stipulated time, if you need to. These messages get automatically deleted after some time, making space for new mail.

    #4. Limit Your Inbox To Action Items

    #4. Limit Your Inbox To Action Items

    If you’ve read the previous steps, it’s safe to presume you’ve already started cleaning your inbox. Your goal should be to have only important items in your inbox, deleting the unnecessary and unimportant ones. In some businesses, it is not even possible to have an inbox with zero emails.

    The process if decluttering your inbox is slow.  Your inbox is likely to get overburdened again, without regular or frequent cleaning. Following the previous steps will make it much easier for you to achieve a neat and organized inbox.

    Group emails, primary inbox and other emails and be easily organized quickly.

    #5. Tag And Flag Emails Strategically

    What do you do when you have too many important or urgent emails? You tag and flag them strategically. These two words might sound similar, but are not exactly the same.

    Email tags allow you to assign a topic to the emails, business emails or promotional emails for instance.

    While email flags allow you to mark them by their urgency to respond to them. It essentially means that’s you can flag in order of their urgency to reply.

    Invest some time in your inbox to tag or flag your messages, to find them easily in the future. This helps you to follow up correctly and in time. 

    #6. Set Some Automated Email Rules

    Your inbox doesn’t require you to do everything on your own. You can easily set some automated rules for your inbox and leave some of the tedious jobs on them.

    By setting automated rules, you can arrange them based on their senders, and even color code them automatically. Automation takes the tedious part of the workload on its shoulders, allowing you to concentrate only on what’s important.

    Time-sensitive emails can also be managed with proper automated intercommunication.

    #7. Turn Off Email Notifications

    This might seem odd, but these pop-up notifications are often because of more harmful than good. They can heighten your stress and anxiety levels, and hamper your productivity. Every time a message pops up, you are compelled to read it, get distracted. You are compelled to do it even if you don’t have enough time or these messages come last in the priority list.

    This derails your waste your time, lowers your productivity and bars you from prioritizing strategically.

    Turning off the notification button can solve all these problems single-handedly. This will help you to strategize and prioritize your word accordingly.


    Concisely, these tiny tips and hacks can save time and effort, and help you strategize and organize your inbox. These Inbox Management Tips would help anyone to manage emails.

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