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    indian virtual vs others

    Indian Virtual Assistants VS Others

    By saying that the Indian VAs is competent, friendly, and educated, we must begin the article. It has many advanced technology hubs and already has more English speakers than the US, although India is a developing country.
    Huge business process outsourcing (BPO) infrastructure exists in India, and these offices are most often run by Indian Virtual Assistants. If we take this up as a comparison, in the Philippines, where these businesses operate on a larger scale, do so as in-house operations whereas in India numerous Virtual Assistants work from home setup.

    The lower cost compared to the US or Europe is what attracts most clients to India for recruitment. And India has the unique benefit of being able to staff around the clock due to the time zone variations (usually about a 12 hour flip from the US). Knowing that work is being done while you sleep is a satisfying feeling!

    In general, Virtual Assistants cut costs: hiring someone to help out on an effectively independent basis is generally cheaper than hiring someone in your workplace. And in India, of course, prices are extremely low, so it’s usually a cheaper place to search for someone to hire.

    The Period
    And this is the most prominent reason as to why you need an assistant: to free up time so you can focus on other things. As long as you clearly express what you need to your Virtual Assistants, you will find that you can gain plenty of free time to focus on the bigger-picture of your business by delegating those responsibilities.

    Although it might be possible to operate round-the-clock, the default is, of course, that Virtual Assistants operate during the day. And India is on the other side of the world in comparison to the US, so when you’re sleeping, they’ll be getting on with your assignments. That can be a wonderful thing for you – waking up in the morning to see all of your admin tasks have been taken care of. Moreover, the experience becomes all the more satisfying when you get the chance of checking on to them and have a conversation.

    Another advantage that you can benefit from, due to the fierce rivalry between the Virtual Assistant companies in India, is that many are versatile enough to meet tough requirements, such as 24-hour service. People work in shifts at the bigger Virtual Assistants organizations, so someone might, well always is there, all the time to deal with your requests for help.
    Training and English skills

    In India, English is a widely spoken language, and well spoken at the same time. Plus, it is normal for Virtual Assistants to be well qualified (most of them are educated beyond the college level). Virtual Assistants are often the specialized lot in almost all sectors as you need them to be. You will always be able to find someone who suits your needs.

    OK, you’ve already clocked this one, but it’s worth repeating. A virtual assistant in India won’t be able to execute something that requires their physical presence in the US. So if you need an assistant to staff the front desk, or drive around town every now and then, this really isn’t the right place for you to. Although and of course, a Virtual Assistant in India will be able to hire someone to do those things for you.

    The Virtual Assistants from India speaks impeccable English which is almost at par with the US counterparts. So, issues with communication, whether over the phone or in written form, never arises. As almost all of the Indian Virtual Assistants are apt at communicating in chaste English, it poses no barrier at all.

    Talking about the relatively small, one-off requests, they all get the same kind of attention from the Virtual Assistants and enjoy their superbly personalized services. That could be just what you need and the questions of becoming uncertain will never popup.

    The broad and organized existence of many Indian Virtual Assistant businesses makes India a little different from somewhere like the Philippines, where it isn’t easy to find specific people to work directly for you.

    The Intimate Touch
    It is always a more costly choice to have an in-house employee in the office. The advantages of having an additional worker remotely can become an area of enormous strength for you. To be able communicate via emails and over the phone is always super useful. Being permanently employed often makes things much tougher for the company. These are the issues that you will never face when you outsource to India to a Virtual Assistant. The advantages are way too many.

    Highly Responsive
    The whole aim of employing a virtual assistant is to take care of some of your boring, but important, duties. You don’t have to waste precious time doing them yourself in that way. Appoint a Virtual Assistant from India and see how open they are. You will begin to feel the warmth even while recruiting them. You want to employ someone who responds to your messages quickly and achieves outcomes quickly – this is exactly what a Virtual Assistant from India is expert at. You will never end up doing yourself those boring, but important, tasks.

    Deeply focused
    Imagine getting to the airport and finding that Portland, Maine instead of Portland, Oregon has been booked as your travel destination. Think, how big a mess you can end up with just in case someone from your in-house stuff screwed up like that? It can become immense.
    But with the Virtual Assistants, especially from India, these mistakes almost never happen. The Virtual Assistant companies always make sure that they pay extra attention to small details while recruiting their virtual assistant staff. When you work with someone remotely and in a foreign country, this is particularly difficult, but from India, where you get top grade virtual assistants, can prove that they are up to the challenge.

    Someone Who Queries
    When hiring a virtual assistant, select the person who asks questions about the work and their duties. It illustrates that they don’t think they know everything, that they care for you, and that they want to make sure they do the job for you. A virtual assistant from India exactly does that. They always asks questions about their assignments as a virtual assistant and as a result they achieve the best outcomes.

    Best At Time Management
    A virtual assistant from India always functions effectively and rapidly. They never fail at it. You simply pay them for doing something that you cannot do on your own and see the results. On your trial run, you can see this from the very first day. You can track how many hours you’ve been working with your virtual assistant, how they’ve spent their time, and even how you can track the screen.

    When you employ a virtual assistant from India, you will definitely benefit from the time difference which is important. They make sure that they are always open to your requests even beyond your working hours. The Virtual Assistant companies always make it a point to make someone available instantly for you whenever the need arises. Some of the companies even keeps it in their contract as a standard clause.

    Writing Ability
    You don’t have to employ a professor of literature, but you do want someone to be able to bring sentences together well. This is particularly important given that many of your interactions will be via chat and email. Additionally, by writing, they would have to send emails to customers and take care of business.

    This is something which will never put you in a false position or bring down your company’s reputation when you hire a Virtual Assistant from India. Their sample writings can often be considered at par with some excellent literature. They always reflect that they have a decent written language command.

    Willingness to use Tools for Project Management
    The aim of hiring a virtual assistant from India is to simplify and make your life more efficient. One way by which they do this is by streamlining the resources used by all of the other remote workers. These virtual assistants are well versed in Google Apps, Slack, Skype, Dropbox, and are eager to learn about any other business project or task management software that you use.

    Willingness to use Software For Time Management
    Not only do you want to ensure that the project management software you use is used by your virtual assistant, but you also want to make sure that they are capable of using time management softwares.

    For both you and your virtual assistant from India, the use of time management tools always makes your job simpler and easier. It projects how time is spent by the virtual assistant, produces reports, and helps you to maximize productivity over time via the Virtual Assistants.

    Siddhartha Basu

    Siddhartha Basu is a Technical Writer and Senior Virtual Assistant at Task Virtual. He is proud of being VA, advising clients and processing their tasks virtually. Besides, he loves online games, e-book reading, and Yoga.