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    Call Answering Service

    Why Call Answering Service is important for Businesses?

    Here are the key reasons why is it so much important.

    1. Urgent Calls Receiver

    Extremely busy businesses always need someone to take the urgent calls immediately 24/7. You can take the example of the medical industry that fits perfectly to the above situation. Hiring a Call Answering Service will grant you that even when the calls come at erratic hours, any time during the day and the night. If the callers ask for a particular department or an individual, the Calling Service provider will direct them to the concerned person or department by an on-call dispatching system.

    The callers are required to tell the Call Answering Service provider to whom they want to speak to and when, and they will send the message to the concerned person immediately. When your availability changes daily, weekly, or on monthly basis, the service provider will let you to make these changes via the phone or online on a website. This will always help you to divert yourself from any unwanted situations like a situation where a customer calls for help over something urgent and if they have to call repeatedly during the business hours. 

    1. Money Saver

    With the growth of your business, your revenue will grow simultaneously. But, often it might be too expensive to hire someone along with purchase of a desk, phone, or a computer, and all the necessary items required to complete their work. You will also have to take care of their salary, health benefits, etc. Often some businesses like to make Call Answering Service a collaborative work, which means that their already existing overburdened employees are required to answer the phone calls. This overburdens them and hugely affects their level of efficiency and also their own work. This is the reason why hiring a Calling  Service sounds like a bargain. You will get the benefit of hiring someone who is best acquainted with answering the phone calls. 

    1. Assists To Deal With Valuable Customers

    Customers call at the time which suits them best and they expect that you attend to their calls 24/7. Answering calls within the business hours results in nonattendance of calls for about 16 hours a day. This is the reason why getting into a partnership with a Call Answering Service provider will make the difference. They will take the calls during the after-hours which will prove extremely beneficial for your business and won’t let any of your customers slip away through the cracks of nonattendance. Receipt of all calls from your indispensible customers helps you to broaden your business horizon aiding in more sales generation.

    1. Order Placement

    If you have an e-commerce business or run an online store, then it is quite evident that you receive multiple calls all day long. It can be an overwhelming, and problematic situation to deal with at times. Regardless to say, you need the support of all your potential customers to make your business successful. And this is exactly where Call Answering Service comes in. Not all services are capable of placing orders on your website on behalf of customers, but a few can, so definitely consider hiring a service for this extra help. 

    1. Appointment Booker

    Apart answering all of your calls 24/7, Call Answering Service schedules your appointments with your customers also. For example, if you own a beauty salon, then majority of your calls will comprise of booking appointments. 

    1. Handles Recruitment

    You will definitely agree that lots of effort, money, and resources go into the hiring process. And it often becomes a major cause of concern for the business owner in conducting interviews, and in ensuring that your new recruits are jelling well with the new environment. You, as an owner, also have to make sure that they are comfortable. But you can always take the help of a Call Answering Service provider to make this hiring process smooth and hassle free. They are always there to shoulder the weight off your shoulders.

    1. Aids In Handling Huge Volumes

    You must have confronted those days when the phone almost never stops ringing; starting from the moment you step into your office premises till you ultimately call it a day. It can be due to airing of a new product or for campaigning where the call volume automatically increases manifold. It can also be because your business is unique and naturally busy; the Calling Service is a great tool to help remove some of the huge pressure from you and your employees.

    As the Call Answering Services are well equipped to take care of thousands of customers and to interact with them all day, they can definitely help you to level up your customer service game. They provide the right kind of attention that each of your customers deserve. We urge you, Give It A Sincere Thought! 

    1. Accurately Captures New Leads

    As a small business owner, it can often be practically impossible to get yourself enough room to grow your client base. It can become all the more difficult if you don’t have enough support system to take care of your callers. It can prove to be fatal if you keep your potential business waiting. The Call Answering Services not only answers your calls fast, but also often acts as a business extension. They don’t limit themselves in just taking messages for a return call, they actually assists your callers and helps them to become long-lasting relations.

    1. Lead Catcher

    Call Answering Services helps in capturing new leads by making outbound calls possible to people who have previously shown interest in your company. It can be through your website or from previous interactions. You can simply provide them with the list and the script of the people you want to call. If you have a small business, then you don’t perhaps have enough time to make many outbound calls and capture new leads. So having a Calling Service will definitely be of help. 

    1. Urgent Call Dispatcher

    Many businesses like medical practices, HVAC companies, etc., expect urgent calls too often and a Call Answering Services can really become handy in these times. As they are usually available to take calls 24/7, they are capable of handling any emergency call that might come their way. They can also direct the call to the appropriate person. The way these Calling Services dispatch the calls and messages can vary at times, but the premise remains the same.

    1. Smoothly Accommodates The On-Call Schedules

    In case of rotation of the calls on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, most Call Answering Services accommodate them well. They provide you with an access to the online portal which allows you to make changes while you are on the go. They also allow you to make call to the service to make the necessary changes. You no longer have to make your patients or customers wait till the business hours for get the necessary assistance on urgent issues. 

    1. Helps To Dispatch Urgent Messages

    Additionally, the Call Answering Services help in dispatching urgent calls and messages 24/7. They are very much capable of dispatching urgent and vitally important messages to the right person and department as well. These services gives you multiple choices which can be your best bet for dealing with messages as no one wants to limit themselves or spend their time uselessly in switching over to new brand systems.

    Additionally, if you are a medical practitioner, then you’ll always want to make sure that the Call Answering Services is HIPAA compliant so that all your patients’ confidential information that they message you stays protected always. Even if you do not do such a business, the also many businesses still emphasize on confidentiality of customer information.

    1. Maps The Caller Service Area

    The HVAC companies use appointments to map out their daily jobs. They might not offer as many services as a beauty salon do. With the help of the Calling Services, the HVAC companies can check out to see of the caller’s calling area. The Call Answering Services do this by asking for the caller’s zip code, and others actually feed in the caller’s address to an app like Google Maps thereby locating the exact area from where the caller has made the call. By letting the answering service gather and cross check on this information, you and your team saves a lot of time and money by bypassing the need to weed out the callers yourself. 

    1. Schedules Consultations

    The Call Answering Services can prove to be extremely helpful for those who are in the law business as well. Suppose you’re an attorney, chances are that you often spend the majority of your time in meeting with the clients or in representing them in court. This means that you aren’t free to schedule any kind of appointments all by yourself. So long you give your Call Answering Services the freehand to schedule your consultations, they’ll be enhance your client base by scheduling consultations with new potential clients and generate new businesses every time they call up for consultation. They also look into it that you never wind up missing on any business opportunities. 

    1. Helps In Order Placement

    Regardless of whether you run an e-commerce company or if your business lets customers to purchase products online, the Call Answering Services just rocks for your world too. As all services cannot go all the way to your website to place orders and they’ll always want to make sure that you do ample research beforehand to draw them towards you. Secondly, they make sure that their service is ISO 27001 certified and PCI compliant. 

    1. Provides Customer Service 24×7

    Last, but not the least, many businesses often need a Call Answering Services to provide 24/7 customer support to all of their customers. There are many businesses that aren’t able to stay open all the time, which implies that their customers often suffer a lot, especially when something popup during the weekend and no assistance is available to them. Regardless of the type of business you run, you can never go wrong in providing your customers with an emergency number to make a call should they need any help during the odd hours.

    You should definitely have Call Answering Services to support you during the afterhours. In all probability, your customers will definitely discard your service or company and go to another one if this 24/7 availability becomes absent from your end. This is something that you should never take a chance to happen unless, of course, you have far too many customers and are contemplating of thinning the crowd. 

    1. Never Lets You Miss On A Call Again

    Irrespective of the time and money you invest in your business, there’s no point to it at all if your team are unavailable to your clients. Often the maximum amount of sales and business are now being done via the Internet, but there are people who prefer to interact with someone directly. The Call Answering Services engages your customer base in a amazingly friendly and professional way which means you’ll never miss on an important call again. 

    1. A Fabulous Replacement Of A Receptionist

    Hiring a dedicated full-time receptionist for the office can seem unjustifiably expensive for a small business. Call answering service given by virtual receptionists are a cost-effective way of handling the necessary duties of any growing business, freeing up revenue for use in other aspects of the company. 

    1. Frees Up Your Time

    Constantly dealing with a constantly flowing inbound call binds your workforce endlessly. They or you’ll never have any spare time to concentrate on other jobs if you stick to your phone all day. The Call Answering Services frees up both you and your team to concentrate on getting the vitally important things done. 

    21 Organizes The Business Calendar

    The Call Answering Services handles all of the vitally important administrative tasks that are crucial for the health of your business. They take up the time-consuming tasks for those who have other things that they are required to handle. The answering services also oversee your business’s full customer services department. It covers call outs, disaster recovery, diary management, takes customer orders, and oversees your media and advertising outputs as well.

    1. Legitimizes Your Business

    The image of your brand and the perception of your customers are vitally important particularly when you run a small business and are trying to rise. The Call Answering Services helps you to legitimize your business – even if you haven’t shifted yourself from your front room to a proper office space yet. 

    1. Spreads Your Messages

    Your business can always boast of a dedicated personal assistant who dedicatedly takes down messages and forwards them to you and your team consistently through your Call Answering Services. Anyone can pass on their messages and correspondence via SMS, email, and even fax. The voicemail messages during the odd hours are emailed to you promptly. They’ll never let you lose or accidentally delete a vital message ever again.

    25 Sets That Personal Touch

    About 80 percent of your customers won’t call you back if they confront a busy tone, and bumping into an answering machine in the very first instance can make your business seem totally disorganized. The Call Answering Services ensures that within the business hours, customers always get in touch with a friendly and engaging person on the other side of the phone. And outside the regular business hours, they’ll get personalized messages and their voicemail will be sent to the person concerned without fail. 

    1. Promptly Answers Calls Even During The Peak Hours

    There can be many odd instances when your photocopier may breakdown, or moments when you’ve just sat down to take your lunch, or at times when you’re too much busy in fixing the server before that afternoon deadline – these are some of the worst moments to answer your customer calls. But these are the times when your phone starts ringing endlessly off the hook and you become fully disgusted with yourself! These are the moments when the Call Answering Services handles these often unbearable spikes in the number of calls. They ensure that you never lose out on any of your potential business when you’re too much occupied in trying to mend your printer or are is busy taking a lunch. 

    1. Records Calls

    Call recording is something that can be quite expensive to be carried out in-house, but it has undoubtedly the potential to offer quite a number of benefits to any business enterprise. It helps you to maintain a record of all the vital details that you may not otherwise have been able to take down or gather properly during an ongoing conversation. A recorded log can prove to be quite handy if you find yourself entangled in a legal dispute of any kind. The Call Answering Services provides very cheap options for big and small businesses to do the work smoothly. 

    1. Increases The Productivity Quotient

    There are times when you have work flowing constantly and uninterruptedly. The flow becomes so much that it often breaks the momentum of the day. When your workforce is bombarded with unending calls, your workforce becomes too much fatigued and tired to handle anything else that is there in their daily routine. This kind of situation actually drains them off their productivity before, during, and after this kind of situation. The Call Answering Services frees you up from all kinds of unnecessary and harmful distractions. 

    1. Smoothly Covers The Absence Of An In-House Receptionist

    Our imaginative in-house receptionist Pam isn’t awful at her work, but there are definitely a few instances when she has directed all calls to a voicemail or have ignored the voicemails completely and got herself engaged in an office gossip club. Or sometimes it may seem that she does not even seem to care about the health of her boss’s business, but does that necessarily mean that a business is run in such a way. Does an in-house call answering receptionist take all the calls with the same passion and drive al, day long so that he or she can keep business coming all day long and always. Or do they always become the first amiable voice of the company? The answer can be both in the negative and in the affirmative – maybe, or maybe not. But, with Call Answering Services, you will never have to worry about missing out on any possible sales calls or any vital corporate messages just because the in-house receptionist might have stepped out off her desk. 

    1. Friendly in Various Ways

    Agreed, Call Answering Services isn’t friendly in the same way as Pam is; who leaves a candy on her desk and greets her coworkers as they enter into the office. It’s not something that every company or business can afford no matter how fabulous Pam is. Some businesses, like the retail chain owners, don’t ever require a receptionist. And others, like the e-commerce businesses and virtual office companies, don’t even have headquarter or a proper office that can boast of having one Pam of their own. But this never means that these businesses will lose out on getting the service of an in-house receptionist or on someone to take their calls and to work in close proximity with the customers. 

    Overall, the Call Answering Services is an indispensible part of any company or business as an in-house receptionist is, but the exception lies in the fact that they won’t ever get tangled in office politics, or unhealthy jokes, or any kind of unwanted distractions that happen in Any Office. They may not have a Pam on their staff list, but they assure you fully that their staff is as much fun loving, amiable, and effective.


    Siddhartha Basu

    Siddhartha Basu is a Technical Writer and Senior Virtual Assistant at Task Virtual. He is proud of being VA, advising clients and processing their tasks virtually. Besides, he loves online games, e-book reading, and Yoga.