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    So you have hired your very first virtual assistant and you can’t wait to see the big results! After all, a virtual assistant is supposed to not only make your work easier, but also much more efficient. But, does that mean you can just sit back from day 1 and relinquish all control? No, not yet!

    Your VA is professional and skilled enough to take care of various tasks related to businesses. Thereby ease the pressure on you. But, every business is different. Chances are, even your business has its own way of functioning, along with its own sets of do’s and don’ts. Your assistant has to be well acquainted with the fields you want to be taken care of. The first month becomes highly crucial. Because that is the time that must be invested in getting your VA acquainted with your kind of work!

    Isn’t the VA supposed to know everything beforehand?

    This would be a valid question at this point. The whole reason you would hire a VA is to set your business on the fast track. And to save some extra time. Hence, spending time instead in the first month on training your VA  may seem like an irony. But, if you’re in this for the long time, this is indeed for the best!

    Things your VA will be aware of beforehand will include how to go about the basic admin tasks. And also any specialty services they provide, like content writing or designing or even web development and management. Give instructions to your VA on how to work on these services.

    Things to train the VA on

    Here are some of the things which you must take time to convey to the virtual assistant in the first month of their service:

    • Communicate about your business profile. Tell them the key factors they need to keep in mind while conducting your tasks.
    • Convey to the tone and kinds of words you’d prefer in the contents , so that it matches your business or industry profile.
    • In case of designing or web development, intimate the VA about the particular colour palettes they may use and the kind of designing that would be suitable for your kind of business.
    • In case of admin tasks like communicating with clients, give them a proper script of how and what to talk about.
    • Intimate the VA about the turnaround time that you would ideally expect.
    • Convey your preferred mode of communication, as well as the hours.

    Monitoring is the key

    The first month is all about getting your VA comfortable with your kind and rhythm of work. This does not mean you have to devote all your time training them. Just some basic primary monitoring of how they’re performing in their initial tasks is usually enough. The sooner you spot the mistakes and point them out, the faster your virtual assistant will learn and adapt to your business’ ways.

    How to go about the 1st month

    You should start with delegating tasks like the routine admin tasks. Because they need less monitoring. This way, you can enjoy the perks of having a VA around. Give detailed instructions and timelines. Go through the tasks thoroughly once they submit it.Keep giving as much detailed feedback as possible, as this will help the virtual assistant to properly understand your unique requirements.

    After a few rounds of such monitoring and feedbacks, your VA should be ready to tackle any task you throw at them, without much interference from your end! Virtual assistants are intelligent, trained and skilled individuals. So, most are quick learners and will pick up on the intricacies of your business requirements soon enough – as long as you allow them those first few days of gestation period!

    The first month indicates the quality of your VA. This way, you can make the necessary changes early on, before investing for a long term.

    Ready for your first VA experience? Opt for the FREE TRIAL plan by Task Virtual and check out the perks of having a skilled virtual assistant by your side!