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    Best Networking Apps For Entrepreneurs, Professional Connections, And Grow Your Business Connections

    Best Networking Apps For Entrepreneurs, Professional Connections, And Grow Your Business Connections

    With modern technology, things have become much easier and handier. With the birth of the internet, there has been a boon in business networking. Hence there is no such issue for anyone to wait for a prolonged period of time in order to make business contacts and conferences, as you can get connected online. With the boon of the internet, it is very common that business networking apps to get a business tangible digital boost.

    But a question might arise: What is networking all about and why do we need to network? Today in this blog we would answer all of your questions and go through the top 14 networking apps. Networking will help you become successful in businesses corresponding to affiliate marketing, dropshipping etc

    It makes sense, then, that business networking would also get a digital boost. This guide will look at the nature of networking and some of the best apps to help you assemble the best people for the best results.

    Why Is Networking Essential? What Are The Best Networking Apps?

    Being an entrepreneur the very first skill which you need to hone is the ability to get connected with the right people. Networking is one such thing that has got several advantages in it. You get the opportunity to exchange your thoughts and ideas, and you also get to meet new professionals who are also trying to achieve something similar to you, and you also start to gain more and more professional confidence once you make more network. 

    For becoming an entrepreneur one needs to become an explorer. The journey of entrepreneurship is not easy. Though you enjoy the thrill of succeeding on your own terms and ways, you also bear the burdens without any support systems. At times you end up creating your own schedule but at times you also find yourself misaligned in comparison to everyone else’s schedules.   

    Let us be honest, networking is not an easy thing but technology is something that has made it a much easier thing nowadays. Moving further let us look into some of the best business networking apps which every entrepreneur needs to know in order to build a business empire. 

    What Are The Best Business Networking Apps? 

    As mentioned earlier networking app helps in the building of connection which is an essential thing in order to build up a startup or a business. There are different apps available that would help to build up the best business communities. Using these apps is a great way to find new networks for business, for those who are looking to network along with host and attend events in order to choose the best for their business. Below mentioned are the top 14 best networking apps for business which would help you to grow your business connections.  

    #1. Bizzabo:

    Bizzabo is one of the best networking apps which is an ideal solution for entrepreneurs and even for businesses that are constantly hosting and attending several events. When the topic comes to hosting, this app can help to ensure that every single event which you host would be a part of a uniform and engaging brand experience for those who attend. 

    Other than that you can also use the Bizzabo app to easily create, promote and even sell tickets for your events with a user-friendly interface that customizes your wishes when it comes to logos, colors, and fonts, to name a few. Bizzabo also allows for organizing conferences, webinars, and other online gatherings. Networking happens before, during, and after the event via the messaging system built into the app.

    Bizzabo also enables social media integration and private messaging features to help you build more personal relationships with your potential business partners.

    #2. Brella:

    It is not just about attending events and hosting them if you want to achieve success as an entrepreneur. You need to keep in mind that whatever event you are hosting or attending you need to make the most beneficial thing out of it. You need to make more and more connections and meet new people in order to create a professional network. 

    Now, this thing could be a little overwhelming for some, especially if you’re not very adept at networking and planning for meetings ahead of schedule. Brella is a powerful application that could be the solution for all your events in order to create a successful business network.  Brella helps you to meetup and get connected with the right people and this is done by booking meetings with event attendees well in advance.

    #3. Common Connect (Connecting With Right People):

    Is it not a nice thing to get connected with people who also share the same professional interests as you? Hence if you meet up with such people it would help you to expand your network. Clearly common connect is one such networking app that would help you to do that. 

    This is one of the best networking apps for entrepreneurs and businessmen, with this you can create several business connections and get connected with like-minded people from your area, filtered out based on your professional predilections, career choices, topics of interest, and proximity, among others.   

    It has a very interesting feature which is called “Conference Mode”, and this feature will help you to find and connect to people who have previously attended the same conferences as you, and thus this will help you to start the conversation. 

    #4. Eventbrite:

    Eventbrite is one app that helps in the growth of a business, this app has effective networking as it gives you not only one but two great apps which can help you to do with planning and finding events more easily and fun based.   

    If you want to fill your calendar with upcoming events, conferences, and conventions within your areas of interest you need to create a profile on Eventbrite if you want to get connected with those like-minded professionals.  

    If you are planning and hosting your own event for then networking professionals, then it’s a great way Eventbrite can help you with. Eventbrite Organizer is an app that helps you to make new communities of prospective leads and you can even work out the end-to-end sales process with the app. This app is availableon both Google Play and Apple Store, and you can also use it on iOS and Android devices, but you need to note that even though the apps are free to install, you will be charged a commission of about 4 to 6 % of the ticket sales on live events.

    #5. Facebook And Facebook Events:

    Facebook does more than help you connect to your childhood friends. This mobile app is a world-famous social media site. Facebook is one such site that also helps to create professional connections.  

    One such popular capability which is offered by Facebook is that you can look into Facebook Events, a calendar-based feature that is used to create events and also inform people about upcoming events. The Facebook events also help you find a new connection for your business. Hence you need to follow the Facebook events in order to buildup more connections. 

    #6. GroupMe:

    GroupMe is one of the best business networking apps in order to build connections for your business. It is not only about building strictly professional relationships. In order to have long-lasting relationships, it is important to interact with your business partners on a personal note as well. Creating a conversation on a personal level with your business partners is one of the best ways to grow your business.

    In short, this networking app is best for entrepreneurs and businessmen as this app is specially designed in order to enhance both personal and professional interactions for businessmen and businesses. This app also helps to find people for your business and grow connections.  

    #7. LetsLunch:

    It is always said that food is a motivation, and food helps in creating strong bonds. This thing is even true for any professional setting. There can be much more fun conversations at the table where there are a lot of delectable food items. LetsLunch is one such interesting networking app created for businessmen by those thinkers who have realized the power of food in business and designed business meetings that center around lunch. You can also meet fellow entrepreneurs and businessmen and build a network.

    Well, all you are required to do is simply sign up, create a cool profile of yours,set your preferences for dates, your available times, and the places you frequent for lunch and you’re good to go doing this would help you to network with the right people! Though lunch may not be free, LetsLunch is, and this app is already available in six countries!

    #8. LinkedIn And Related Articles:

    If you are someone who is a professional and then you would definitely have a LinkedIn profile, this is one of the oldest and the most effective social networking platforms. LinkedIn was tailor-made for professionals and this social media site provides great opportunities for entrepreneurs who are looking to expand their professional circles.

    This social media site is widely popular among recruiters and job-seekers too and is available in over two hundred countries across the world. You can create a LinkedIn account you can manage your professional identity effectively, earn LinkedIn certifications to verify your merits, and grow your sphere of influence among like-minded professionals on a global scale. Just register with your LinkedIn account, and post related articles that are related to business networking online, because analytics plays an important role.  

    You can also message the ones in their inbox whom you want to recruit. LinkedIn lays bare your career trajectory on a single page, with details about your job profile, your career history, your professional experience, and your work ethos. It even lets you run campaigns that will connect you to the right professional audience more effectively than browsing through thousands of profiles. 

    #9. Nudge:

    If you are there in the business of selling, then you would know then maintaining good and long-lasting relationships with your customer is one of the hardest parts. Hence you need to find the right way in order to connect with your customers because that is what your business needs. 

    This networking app would help you out if you are looking for business networking applications, that would help your sales and marketing teams and also expands your business. Nudge will also help your sales and marketing teams reach their full potential. 

    With this networking app, you could easily connect with prospective buyers, keep track of all your previous customers and keep an eye out for upselling opportunities, and establish a good rapport with every key person of interest for your business.

    Nudge also lets you reach out to potential clients, and it also allows you to connect with like-minded professionals during different events. It also allows you to find new communities and along with it the app also has great documentation features. 

    #10. One Million Cups:

    Do you know which drink is mostly preferred by entrepreneurs and businessmen, well a cup of coffee of course. One Million Cups was born out of the cute idea that entrepreneurs are at their most creative and productive selves and the coffee is involved massively.

    Whether you want to engage with other like-minded professionals, for new events and brainstorm innovative solutions, this app allows you to do so. Undoubtedly one of the best apps for entrepreneurs and businessmen, One Million Cups was created to connect entrepreneurs with spirited counterparts for events and meetings so that they can educate and inspire each other and countless others across the United States!

    #11. Shapr:

    All work and no play ends up making everyone dull professionals! Now, if you thought Common Connect was the Tinder of the business world, you need to think it again. It’s Shapr without a doubt, and here’s why!  

    You can swipe on Shapr, just like you would on Tinder, to the ones whom you’d like to match with. With people who have the same interests or professional goals as you. Interesting isn’t it? Just download and use this app on a professional and personal level. 

    Shapr is both fun and time-effective, making it one of the best social networking apps which helps people to network and also event networking application. All you need to do is simply sign up, create your profile and you need to make it interesting by adding your professional interests, your current location, and your career experience, and then start swiping. 

    #12. SummitSync:

    So far, we’ve mostly been looking at apps that help you plan and organize events for your business or schedule your availability for the most happening networking events in and around your area.

    But, what happens when you get to these events and attend the lists of event attendees? How do you find the best people for your unique professional needs to network with?

    Enter SummitSync which is a professional networking app that is bespoke for networking at events and conferences.

    Available on both Android and iOS, SummitSync ensures that your networking process runs seamlessly and you walk away from meetings having made lasting professional relationships.

    #13. Whova:

    We’ve already covered a lot of apps that facilitate smooth networking at events, but we’ve got one more for you! Whova is an app that we simply had to add to this list!

    Whova is a networking app for entrepreneurs that has some stellar capabilities to improve your overall professional networking, such as event attendee profiles, community boards for discussions, public and private chats, social media integrations, and much more!

    One notably cool feature of Whova is its in-built scanner that lets you scan and exchange business cards. Pretty handy in this no-ouch era we’re living in, isn’t it?

    That’s not all! Whova is more than a simple networking software – it’s more of a well-rounded event management software that lets you make the most out of any event you host or attend.

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    #14. Clubhouse:

    Clubhouse has set social media and news websites abuzz with talk of its promise. This is another app that helps to automatically fill in your profile with successful events. 

    So just what is Clubhouse? This is an iOS app where you can drop in on people’s audio conversations about any topic this could be from cryptocurrency to entrepreneurship to candle-making. You can also start your own conversations in what Clubhouse is called “rooms.” 

    Once inside a room, you can hear the presenters speaking and see who else is in the room with you. You can “ping” anyone in the room as long as you’re also following them.

    While you do have to filter out a lot of noise, people say the true value of Clubhouse is being able to talk to people you’d normally never have access to. I’ve seen stories of people landing jobs this way. Some big names that have made appearances on the app include Tiffany Haddish, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk.

    Right now, joining Clubhouse is by invitation only. I was able to snag an invite within hours by posting to various business groups on Facebook and asking people with available invites to send me one.

    Alternatively, you can sign up and reserve your username, which will get you added to the waitlist. Clubhouse will email you when you can join.

    Siddhartha Basu

    Siddhartha Basu is a Technical Writer and Senior Virtual Assistant at Task Virtual. He is proud of being VA, advising clients and processing their tasks virtually. Besides, he loves online games, e-book reading, and Yoga.