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    30 Top-notch Virtual Assistant Companies for Small Businesses

    virtual assistant companies

    Virtual Assistants (VA) are autonomous staff helping organizations with administrative, business creation, social media, marketing or other duties. As a result, the advantage of a Virtual Assistant is that they free up time for companies to concentrate on strategic priorities by taking on recurring tasks.

    With the advent of the internet, corporates can now delegate virtually to anybody around the globe, any of their business processes. Virtual Assistant operates from a remote location online and performs complex tasks for a company. With virtual assistants helping to alleviate the pressure from small companies, the service industry has benefited the most. Without offering office space, training, equipment and associated costs, small companies can now get the services they need.

    Furthermore, Virtual Assistants enable organizations to become more profitable by taking on on non-essential business mission. It is possible to delegate activities, such as monitoring e-mails, answering calls or maintaining websites, to qualified virtual assistants.

    That’s why this list of the best virtual assistant services we’ve built for you to check out on their services. To find the best match for your business, read through the company profiles and get a glimpse of their notable projects.

    Tasks for Virtual Assistant Companies

    Virtual Assistants covers a wide variety of duties – for instance, management of databases, accounting, marketing, entry of data, literally everything. Most Virtual Assistants are seasoned practitioners and their respective agencies are vetted. Some have the expertise that outweighs the need to employ an in-house employee in your particular field. A Virtual Assistant with good experience in the industry will be able to appreciate what the needs of your clients are. An additional bonus is that, for a full-time employee, the same Virtual Assistant comes at a fraction of the cost.
    Growth in business needs money.

    You will significantly decrease your capital needs by recruiting virtual assistants rather than going through the recruiting process of employing new staff. Without putting any extra pressure on your budget, a Virtual Assistant will help you control your amount of work. Simply recruit another Virtual Assistant to see you through the transition if business picks up and you need more support.

    Several Virtual Assistant websites have arisen providing virtual assistant services to help you get the correct virtual assistants for your unique business needs. Their products vary from general services to services unique to the industry. Our list of businesses providing virtual assistant services is as mentioned below.

    Here you can have a glimpse of those 30 companies.

    1. Unity Communications is a BPO company based in Tempe, Ariz., with offices in Global City, Philippines; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; and San Jose, Costa Rica. Non-voice BPO and back-office services are mainly provided by the team, but they also do cloud consulting and SI and consulting on IT strategy. Equipped with twenty-eight staff, they work in the telecommunications, business services, and GPS, navigation and GIS industries with mid-market and small businesses.

    2. Time Etc is a Birmingham, UK based virtual assistant company. They provide back office, voice, and transcription services, especially to their executives, to different businesses. Data Project Management Firms tap Time Etc to handle important tasks such as research, email outreach, and accounting, which the customer had no time to manage in-house.

    3. Task Virtual is a virtual assistant company based in India. The company is led by two partners with a significant amount of industry experience. The company offers a wide range of services, carried out by fully vetted, qualified assistants, and is able to offer them at competitive rates.

    They are committed, on time, dedicated, and shoulder all the responsibilities of their customers. With pace and consistency being two of the most important reasons to start outsourcing, this commitment and dedication from an organization is indeed comforting.

    Company owners and entrepreneurs in need of additional assistance without hiring their own workers are their target clients. Without any long-term contracts, TaskVirtual’s workers are available to start work at short notice.

    4. Intelligent Office is a Denver-based outsourcing company for business processes with offices in Washington, DC, London, and Canada. A broad variety of outsourced operations options are provided by Intelligent Office.

    Voice BPO, including inbound calls and customer care, is the bulk of their offerings; they also provide non-voice services, such as live chat and virtual assistant solutions. For manufacturing businesses in Pennsylvania, Intelligent Office offers inbound call help.

    The company of the client benefits greatly from providing inbound help, but they do not have the in-house scale for such services. A flexible pricing system based on the needs of the consumer is provided by Intelligent Office. The team was able to adjust to changing demands.

    5. Specialty Answering Service is an outsourcing business company for call centers located in King of Prussia, Penn. Their services consist of voice customer assistance and outsourcing of non-voice business processes. Speciality Answering Service also serves as a dispatch and management hub.

    The consumer has a wide variety of end-customers and suppliers of distribution that require significant supervision and attention to detail. Customers save many labor hours per month with comparable results by migrating their dispatch to the Specialty Answering Service.

    6. Uassist.ME is a virtual assistance service company located in El Salvador that specializes in non-voice BPO/back office services, voice services, and HR services. Say for example, for a property management company, Uassist.ME creates remote team to perform administrative and marketing tasks. They collaborate with customers, close deals, and organize the activities of digital marketing and content. The client valued their loyalty and reliability to their project.

    7. iWorker is a virtual assistant agency with its headquarters in Santa Fe, N.M. The agency provides small businesses with HR services. iWorker provides virtual assistance to help in carrying out market analysis, locate leads, and collect marketing materials. They really make their customers happy and improve their overall numbers; this type of engagement has helped the advisor in growing his business.

    8. ARDEM Incorporated is a Hillsborough, New Jersey-based business process outsourcing company with an additional location in India. The company specializes in data entry and non-speech services, but is also apt in providing support for voice calls.

    In New York City, ARDEM Incorporated performs data entry for government departments also. Customers who needs processing of large quantities of information from different sources and also needs to make their system more effective, may take up their service.

    The services of ARDEM save an average of 1200 hours of labor a month. ARDEM offers the best services, and considers these solutions highly superior to manual data entry in-house.

    9. VA Talks is a company based in Kolkata, India that provides virtual assistance. VA Talks provides a range of businesses across various industries with non-voice BPO/back office services, voice/call center services, and transcription capabilities.

    VA Talks supplies virtual assistance facilities and customer service jobs. The spectrum includes data entry and customer relationship assistance that saves money for the customer and helps them to avoid recruiting more full-time workers.

    10. Remote CoWorker is based in Hollywood, Fla., is a virtual assistant outsourcing company. They have a team who are expert at speech, finance and accounts outsourcing, HR services, and also at providing non-voice BPO/back office services. Their client base includes small businesses in the sectors of real estate, business services, IT, and telecommunications. In order to generate leads, Remote CoWorker conduct calls.

    11. CanadaDirect, headquartered in Dorval, Canada, is an outbound marketing firm. The organization specializes in voice services and offers certain non-voice BPO/back office services. Their small team primarily deals with corporations and mid-market firms, and also small businesses do work with them.

    The companies they represent are predominantly in the sectors of consumer goods and services, financial services, and corporate services.

    The company has expertise in providing voice services. To help in selling their goods, the company provides the clients with outbound telemarketing services and registers the customer responses on the screen. The client, who hires them, always sees a decrease in complaints and an increase in sales and conversions.

    12. Cloudstaff is a Sydney-based outsourcing firm with an office in Angeles City, Philippines. It offers non-voice BPO/back office services, custom software creation, accounting, voice services, outsourcing of finance & accounting (FAO), and services for commercial property management.

    In various sectors, such as in hospitality and leisure, IT, financial services and real estate, Cloudstaff represents mid-market and small businesses. Cloudstaff provides support for their loan processing activities that include back-office tasks and voice BPO work. The staff supported by Cloudstaff always meets their client’s expectations thereby taking up more and more challenging tasks that gets assigned to them by come well known companies.

    13. MyTasker, based in Kolkata, India, is an outsourced communications company. Team MyTasker offers non-voice BPO/back office services, voice/call center services, and transcription capabilities to a range of customers around the world in various industries.

    MyTasker works with a business services firms to help with customer relations services, including customer information management, referrals, statistics of organizations, marketing tools, website details, while operating its CRM features.

    Their services have reduced the amount of effort necessary to maintain customer relationships while increasing customer relationships.

    14. Perfect Data Entry is a Bradenton, Fla.-based outsourcing firm for business processes. The company provides a variety of solutions for database management and back-office. Their services consist mostly of BPO/back office services that are non-voice.

    Perfect Data Entry provides database management and development. For a short-term project, they consistent support the clients. They never let their clients to face any kind of complications while they are on the job.

    The Perfect Data Entry completes the task in much less time than a full-time employee does. Their expert team completes projects in record time and saves thousands of dollars for their client that would otherwise have been spent by their client for different in-house expenses.

    15. WoodBows is a Miami based virtual assistant service company. WoodBows provides services mainly for the small businesses. For example, they provide non-voice, back office services, and much more to their small business clients. With a team of professional virtual assistants, WoodBows act as SAP consulting agency. They focus mainly on complicated processing of data and numerous other initiatives. They produce excellent outcomes. They are precise, give outstanding customer support, and handle all kinds of projects well.

    17. Hit Rate Solutions is a multinational distributor to consumers worldwide of contact center services. Hit Rate Solutions specializes in voice services and non-voice BPO/back office services, and mainly focuses on sectors such as consumer electronics, retail, and manufacturing. The company is headquartered in Bacolod, Philippines. Seasoned marketing assistance is given by Hit Rate Solutions.

    In an attempt to improve customer loyalty and speed up sales, Hit Rate Solutions handles the supplier’s processes, activities, notifications, and calls. As a direct result of the focused strategies of Hit Rate Solutions, consumer prospecting by the supplier has achieved greater performance with lower costs.

    18. The Answering Service for Physicians is a telephone answering company located in Portland, Ore. They have offered voice services and non-voice back-office services to customers in the dental, healthcare, and medical industries since 1990.

    Physicians Answering Service handles calls of hospice providers during their business hours. They address their calls and take down messages of their relevant recipients and carries out follow-ups. Their reliability and capacity to collect the requisite data from callers always pleases the customers.

    19. Call Center Pros is a Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic based Outsourcing Corporation with a Hollywood office in the US. Call Center Pros offers services in addition to telephone services, including voice and non-voice business process outsourcing; Call Center Pros offers live chat and email support.

    Call Center Pros provides chat customer service for IT firm in the US and supports it fully. It is often seen that when the customer’s demand for assistance increases exponentially for the newly expanding businesses, the need for more time to concentrate on the growing sales also rises simultaneously. The team of Call Center Pros ably offers a high level of customer satisfaction and frees up the resources on the behalf of their customers and raises sales by as high as 25 percent in some cases.

    20. Bottleneck Virtual Assistants is an outsourcing agency for business processes. Bottleneck Virtual Assistants company is located in Springfield, Mo. The company specializes in non-voice BPO/back office services and voice services. By taking care of everyday activities, Bottleneck Virtual Assistants helps in digital marketing agency Project management, sales and administrative assistance in order to alleviate some of their workloads. Their customers always appreciate their constructive strategy, simple scheduling and well-planned processing prowess of the team.

    21. Westpark Communications is a Houston, Texas-based outsourcing firm for business processes. Westpark Communications specializes in the manufacturing, retail, and business services industries. Their team has expert employees who primarily provide voice services and non-voice BPO and back office services.

    Westpark Communications offers back-office outsourcing services for producers and distributors of consumer goods. Their team takes over the data entry activities in order to help the client relieve the workload off of their core employees’ shoulders. They help in saving lot more in monthly expenses as per the feedbacks they get from their clients.

    22. Growup Technologies is a service provider for remote employees based in Gurgaon, India. The company has some outstandingly capable employees who provide enterprise-level businesses with, among others, non-voice BPO and back-office services, HR services, and other digital marketing services.

    The software development companies also get the assistance of Growup Technologies. The company provides virtual assistant services to them that include supplying application support and addressing customer questions. The organization has received good reviews from corporate customers within months of their engagement. They also made the process of handling the concerns and issues of the customers by the virtual assistants seem like some petty task.

    23. Verbatim Virtual Receptionists is a call answering service company. The team is based in Thatcham, UK, who provides voice services and non-voice BPO and back-office services that includes virtual receptionist, inbound appointment scheduling, B2B lead and certification generation, and online customer support.

    Verbatim Automated Receptionists supplies IT outsourcing provider when there is an overflow of calls that could not be handled by the in-house call answering staffs alone. As and when required they provide coverage and log calls to the CRM system of the client. The participation of Verbatim Virtual Receptionists seems invaluable to the company of the client as they not only save revenue for the company but also saves them a lot of time.

    24. Wishup is a virtual executive assistant provider based in New York, with offices in New Delhi, London, and Amsterdam. Wishup’s team has some outstanding employees who have specializations in non-voice BPO/back-office services. They also provide a wide range of other capable services such as SEO, social media marketing, and bookkeeping.

    To enhance their online presence, Wishup has developed and operated digital content for gaming websites. In addition, to complement their digital content, they have done market analysis as well. The consumers applaud their ability to upgrade themselves according to the needs of the industry.

    25. Oneresource Virtual Assistants Ltd is a Banbury, U.K., based virtual assistant services company. The company has a core team of excellent service providers for small businesses with non-voice BPO/back office services, marketing strategy and bookkeeping services, among others.

    Onesource Virtual Assistants Ltd also helps the wealth management firms by providing virtual assistance that sources fresh leads. Without the added administrative work to execute, the engagement increases the company’s business.

    26. Myworkers is an outsourcing business headquartered in Salt Lake City. They provide customer service, digital marketing, inbound and outbound sales, e-commerce, web design and creation, and bookkeeping. They boast of having some incredible bunch of employees who are apt in providing services in e-commerce, IT, and media. They mainly work with small and mid-market businesses.

    Myworkers also builds e-commerce websites for companies. They provide multiple virtual assistants who look after the expansion of their business: one handles the website while the other focuses on marketing and advertisement. It has been seen that within a years’ time, the e-commerce platform doubled their client’s income.

    27. Limitless Technology Consultants (LimTC) is a software consultancy based in Kiev, Ukraine. Their team provides consumers with voice services and non-voice back office services. LimTC collaborates with their clients in making different types of programs to support them with SDR services. They equip the customers with a business plans that increases lead rates manifold and brings about a huge change in client success rate percentage.

    28. Avirtual, with a further position in South Africa, is a virtual assistant provider located in Exeter, UK. The team specializes in both voice services and outsourcing of non-voice business processes and back-office services.

    To help businesses streamline their internal activities, Avirtual has developed a wide range of administrative tasks. The virtual assistant provided by the team helps with accounting efforts, social networking, and internal and external communication efforts.

    29. Arise is a business process outsourcing firm with branches in Atlanta, Orlando, and Canada, headquartered in Miramar, Florida. They have huge team of virtual assistants that provides both voice and non-voice BPO/back office services. Arise manages outbound marketing, which consists mostly of calling services for companies searching for the right company to boost its business processes.

    30. Baltic Assist is an outsourcing company for business processes that specializes in non-voice BPO and financial accounting. Headquartered in Lithuania, their immensely strong team mainly operates in the information technology, e-commerce, and retail sectors for small and mid-market businesses.

    Baltic Assist collaborates with healthcare businesses and supplies financial and supply chain supports to the consumer. They also supply customer service for the divisions of the client and communicate with various invoices within the supply chain. They bring about complete customer satisfaction with their assistance and brings about business growth.

    Siddhartha Basu

    Siddhartha Basu is a Technical Writer and Senior Virtual Assistant at Task Virtual. He is proud of being VA, advising clients and processing their tasks virtually. Besides, he loves online games, e-book reading, and Yoga.