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    VIRTUAL LEGAL ASSISTANT: Law Firm Should Outsource to Virtual Paralegal Assistant Service

    There can be a lot of demands on a legal practitioner. A lawyer’s mental well-being can be affected by long hours, meetings, deadlines, and intense pressure. According to a 2017 study published by the American Bar Association, about 28% of lawyers suffer from depression and 19% from severe anxiety. An important finding of the study was that a significant number of lawyers do not recommend law as a career option.

    In addition to maintaining their practice or overseeing the various administrative tasks in a law firm, lawyers must also stay on top of their game and win cases. Lawyers simply don’t have enough time to manage everything that needs to be done in their offices. 

    A virtual legal assistant (VLA) is a professional who provides executive or personal assistant services. The VLA works remotely from anywhere in the world, usually as an independent contractor. Virtual legal assistants don’t require office equipment or supplies and are only paid for the hours they put in.

    To handle the repetitive but essential tasks of legal industry, including transcription, file management, legal research, email handling, and call handling, lawyers or law firms hire virtual legal assistants. It is therefore necessary for virtual legal assistants to have some basic knowledge about the legal system.

    Unlike a legal practitioner, a virtual legal assistant does not practice law. VLAs are not permitted to provide legal advice. Here’s what they can do::

    Tasks To Outsource & Delegate to Virtual Legal Assistant Services: Law Firm Must Hire a Virtual Assistant for Legal Services Support

    Tasks To Outsource & Delegate to Virtual Legal Assistant Services: Law Firm Must Hire a Virtual Assistant for Legal Services Support

    #1. Email Communication To Those Seeking the Support of Virtual Help

    Look at the unread emails in your inbox. There are probably a lot of them. The average white-collar worker spends about four hours a day sorting through work emails. You could have used those four hours for more important tasks. You just have to make sure you communicate well with your legal virtual receptionist to help your firm thrive.

    #2. Legal Support Team Assistant For Your Law Firm

    Lawyers are always on the move. Clients must be met, witnesses must be interviewed, and proceedings must be attended. Keeping your non-work life in mind is also important. Phone calls and messages can’t be ignored. As they sort through the emails, the legal virtual assistant will address client inquiries. As well, they will let you know how all inquiries were handled, so you are not left in the dark.

    #3. Processing Calendar Management System

    Keep your calendar on track by letting your remote legal assistant manage it. A VLA will remind you of your schedule so you don’t miss meetings, appointments, or important deadlines. A well-organized calendar will also assist the VLA in keeping track of your activities. This will save you valuable time for the care of a wide range of other work essential to grow your business.

    #4. Virtual Assistant Provides Help in Travel Booking

    There is a lot of travel involved in the practice of law. A litigator, for instance, may need to travel to meet clients or witnesses. When the other person is hospitalized or incapable of travelling, this becomes a necessity. Lawyers may also need to travel for trials, arbitrations, or business deals.

    When it comes to booking flights and hotels, you cannot afford to waste time and therefore, hiring another qualified legal online assistant working virtually could be beneficial. Studying and researching your case is the best use of your time.

    #5. File Organizing Support Of Virtual Legal Assistants

    Keeping all files organized is the responsibility of the virtual legal assistant. The loss or misplacement of even one document cannot be tolerated by lawyers. Lost documents, such as a piece of crucial evidence, may result in the loss of the case in a worst-case scenario.

    You should be able to view the files from any device, wherever you are. You should also receive a demonstration of the filing system from the VLA in case your assistant is not available to help you. Depending on the type of work, your VA’s administrative work would vary and thus you need to set expectations with your virtual expert.

    #6. Virtual Legal Assistants Must Draft Contracts

    The term “contract” refers to a set of legally binding promises. Doing so, it ensures that the parties involved will follow through with their agreements. An agreement can be verbal, but this can easily be contested. You need to write down the promise to make sure it is kept.

    In order to draft contracts, the virtual legal assistant will use the information you provide. To ensure both parties are comfortable signing the contract, they must ensure the contract is clear and easy to understand.

    #7. Virtual Legal Assistants Can Help in Creating Presentation

    Prospective clients often learn about lawyers’ capabilities through presentations. A clear and impressive presentation may increase your chances of representing them. In PowerPoint presentations, your virtual legal assistant can provide you with less text and more graphs, figures, and other visuals to convey your message.

    In preparation for and during a trial, slide presentations may also be useful. The jury will understand your points better when these presentations are done right. Making these vital presentations requires close collaboration with your VLA. You just have to let your virtual assistant know what is to be done and they will help you stay up to the mark with anything other law firms are seeking to achieve.

    #8. Virtual Legal Assistant Provides Pre-trial Assist

    Virtual legal assistants assist lawyers in preparing for trials. In addition to writing reports, they will draft contracts and other legal documents for a case. Moreover, the VLA may be requested to procure documents that will be used as evidence, such as affidavits and formal statements. They understand the Legal professional’s or law firm’s needs and would definitely support them for a better tomorrow.

    #9. Virtual Assistant Can Help to Work With a Legal Investigation

    In law practice, there is some investigation involved. That is not the same as going undercover and doing stakeouts. In 2007, Hewlett-Packard learned the hard way that pretending to be somebody else to obtain information is also illegal.
    We will conduct extensive legal research as part of our investigation. In law school and in practice, lawyers learn the importance of proper research, but they cannot find everything they need at once. Assisting the lawyer with research can be done by a virtual legal assistant.

    #10. Online Legal Assistants Are Professionals in Transcribing Services

    Online Legal Assistants Are Professionals in Transcribing Services

    Transcribing recordings may also be performed by a virtual legal assistant. In addition to having a keen sense of hearing, the VLA needs to listen carefully to the recording. When transcribing just one speaker for an hour, it usually takes four hours. A transcribed recording of one hour will take six hours with two speakers. Knowledge of legal terms, as well as the case being discussed, is a huge advantage.

    #11. They Help Your Law Firm With Finance

    For accounting and bookkeeping to be done correctly, complete attention is required. There will be problems if a simple mistake is made. The problem is that lawyers are almost never able to devote enough time to the financial aspects of their practice. It may be a good idea for them to hire a virtual legal assistant to handle their cases.

    #12. Virtual Assistant Services Include Billing & Invoicing

    Virtual assistants may also be responsible for billing and invoicing. In order to better organize your finances, your firm can use a variety of accounting tools. Once you have reviewed the billing documents, the VLA can prepare the attorney invoice and send them to the clients. The virtual assistant and other staff members can prepare your invoices at the same time.

    #13. Website Management: SEO, Content Upload, etc

    In order for people to know what lawyers do, they need to market themselves and their firms. Business opportunities increase as their marketing tactics become more effective.

    It can be difficult for lawyers and small firms to get noticed without a website. Website maintenance will be handled by the remote assistant. As part of the task, SEO-driven content will be produced to boost the website’s search engine ranking. A highly visible website in Google and other search engines may lead to more clients.

    #14. Social Media Management

    It is your virtual legal assistant’s job to manage your social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as part of your digital marketing campaign. It is the main purpose of these social media accounts to increase your market reach. Both computers and phones should be able to read the VLA’s regular content on these platforms. In addition, they will increase social media engagement by interacting with users.

    Why Hire a Virtual Legal Assistant for Your Law Firm From Task Virtual? Work Style, Virtual Assistant Services, Working Relationship Discussed

    You can also market your law firm on YouTube, another popular social media platform. Make videos in which you discuss different cases and legal tips. Your virtual legal assistant will edit the videos and make them more appealing to your audience. In addition to researching topics for the video, the VLA can also write the script.

    Task Virtual is one of the best virtual assistant companies where you can get legal assistants to handle repetitive tasks for your potential clients and build a better working relationship.

    The Top Online Legal Secretary Services Offered By Us Include The Following:

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    1) We can offer administrative support for your law firm. The legal administrative help of our assistants would amaze you.

    2) Case management for sensitive cases. You would also love your project management system.

    3) We offer specialized virtual legal consultations (if instructed from your side) with our VAs having excellent communication skills4) We can help your law firm with our expertise and experience in customer support

    5) We know how to use legal software used in legal practice and by legal staff

    6) We have our own project management system to assign tasks. You can create a task and send it to us to process it.

    Working with virtual legal assistants from our company would be win-win growth for your legal firm. You can just take the effort to test our skills through the FREE TRIAL and we get ready for our best services.
    Many firms are seeking the support of our VAs and why would you stay behind?

    Siddhartha Basu

    Siddhartha Basu is a Technical Writer and Senior Virtual Assistant at Task Virtual. He is proud of being VA, advising clients and processing their tasks virtually. Besides, he loves online games, e-book reading, and Yoga.