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    Virtual Part-Time Personal Assistant: Why Hire & Delegate to Them?
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    1 Hiring a Part-time Personal Assistant for Work: Hire a Virtual Assistant for Personal Virtual Assistance

    Hiring a Part-time Personal Assistant for Work: Hire a Virtual Assistant for Personal Virtual Assistance

    Business owners can hire an online personal assistant to help them with a variety of tasks that they would otherwise have to perform themselves or find an employee with an average pay of $97,962 per year. These can include responding to e-mails and customer service requests, updating a website, or offering technical assistance.
    Generally, a part-time personal assistant offers a wide range of services that can expedite both time and fulfil personal tasks necessary to be completed fast.

    What Do Personal Assistants Do? Find a Great Virtual Assistant for Personal VA Works On Time

    The first step in providing personal assistance services is to schedule a meeting with a client to assess their needs. Afterwards, the service assigns either a dedicated assistant who matches those skills or an account manager who can delegate tasks appropriately.

    It is easy to request tasks through executive personal assistant services via email, phone, or chat. Monthly or weekly fee plans are available for these services based on the number of hours that users can request. 
    Personal assistant responsibilities involve technical and research skills, followed by the will to process tasks competently. Since most companies in the United States and Europe outsource projects outside, they could hire personal assistants from India and the Philippines who can speak English and are available during U.S. business hours and often work in secure environments.

    Cost of Part-time Personal Assistant Services to Know Before You Hire & Start Delegating a Virtual Personal Assistant

    Cost of Part-time Personal Assistant Services to Know Before You Hire & Start Delegating a Virtual Personal Assistant

    In most cases, remote personal assistant services are offered on a monthly basis, based on the number of requests a client can make each month, usually expressed as hours. Generally, the pricing ranges between $6.99 and $25 per hour. VA companies like TaskVirtual could offer part-time personal assistance at as low as $6.99/Hour.

    In addition to additional available hours, higher-priced packages may include additional features like a backup assistant or account manager. In addition to assistants with specific skills, additional hourly rates are often available upon request.

    Is Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Personal Work Worth Delegate?

    Is Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Personal Work Worth Delegate?

    It is common for small business owners to get caught between having too much work to do every day that distracts them from their business and not having enough money to hire employees to handle the overflow.

    For a reasonable hourly rate, a personal digital assistant can handle a variety of tasks, allowing business owners to focus on what helps their companies grow. VAs are even employed by large businesses as an alternative to salaried assistants.

    How To Choose & Find A Personal Assistant That is Best Entrepreneur

    As part of this review, we evaluated more than a dozen personal assistant duties. In choosing providers, we ensured that the assistants were well-trained and educated, regardless of where they resided. We also considered reliability, so we looked for providers with security, supervision, project managers, and backup assistants.

    The last thing we wanted to do was find providers who offered affordable rates and multiple pricing options. Business owners benefit from the services of a virtual assistant by saving time and money. Since most small businesses can’t afford high fees, it wasn’t a wise choice to select services with exorbitant fees.

    6 Ways a Personal Executive Assistant Perform Both Administrative & Personal Assistant Jobs

    6 Ways a Personal Executive Assistant Perform Both Administrative & Personal Assistant Jobs

    A personal assistant is someone who can handle the administrative tasks of running a household and outsource them. Now let’s dig a little deeper. When you contact virtual assistant companies remotely, what is there they can do to help?

    #1. Making travel arrangements.

    Did you ever wonder why vacations don’t feel like vacations? The reason is that making travel arrangements can feel like a new job at times. The benefit of outsourcing travel arrangements can be felt by everyone from business owners to employees who need a break and want someone to book tickets online, find deals, online travel arrangements, prepare a travel itinerary, etc

    #2. Serving as an administrative assistant.

    Consider hiring a personal assistant to handle the administrative duties in order to maintain a better work-life balance. This includes everything from managing your inbox to answering phone calls to data management works on CRMs. Personal online assistants can perform tasks like calendar management, email management, bookkeeping, data entry, and customer support to name a few.

    #3. Personal care arrangements.

    If you’re looking for someone who would take care of your time-consuming personal arrangements during your working hours then hiring a personal assistant virtual would be great. They can take great care of your important tasks at hourly costs. From personal reminders to medicine purchases to petty research, a part-time personal assistant can take care of you on sick days. You can focus on other things like varieties of administrative mundane tasks and leave the daily personal care to their responsibilities.

    #4. Arranging for errands.

    There are many ways in which you can have someone virtually run errands for you these days. Personal assistants often cannot be there in person, but they can help through remote work. They can, however, often make arrangements for personal tasks like grocery order handling, booking travel to nearby amusement venues and finding details of as a job listings for business tours.

    #5. Handling social media.

    ‍Do you ever need to get away from the phone for a weekend, but end up spending it on social media? Social media can sometimes feel like it is tethered to you in a negative way. Choosing the right great virtual assistant for business or personal social media content management can help you satisfy multiple clients.

    #6. Arranging personal shopping needs.

    Furthermore, hiring a part-time personal assistant can help you manage Amazon accounts in addition to ordering groceries online. Do you hate dealing with Amazon returns or researching just to find a gift? You can have everything handled without lifting a finger when you would understand how a virtual assistant works remotely and contribute to your goals over a group of specific tasks.

    By helping you restore work-life balance, virtual assistants often let you focus on what matters most. In addition to handling everything a personal assistant can do from a remote location, a virtual assistant can contribute to your personal care.

    6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Personal Virtual Assistant Services (VAS)

    It’s a common misconception that hiring someone to handle your personal care, grocery shopping, and life is extravagant.

    Nevertheless, if you’ve noticed that your work-life balance is off, hiring a virtual assistant could be a great solution.The following reasons will convince you that you should hire at least a part-time personal assistant as soon as possible.

    #1. Your free time is important—and it helps you stay productive.

    You have an off-balance work-life balance if you don’t have enough free time. This has a great deal of power over us, so think about it. US statistics show that one-third of respondents visited a doctor for stress-related issues in 2018. The balance between work and life isn’t just something to strive for. It can have a significant impact on your long-term health.

    #2. Part-time virtual assistant is often available at lower rates.

    Investing in an online personal assistant could be a great way to streamline and simplify your life. An online personal assistant can provide a wide range of services, from scheduling meetings and appointments to researching travel options and creating budgets. They are available at lower rates and could offer excellent quality work on time

    #3. Virtual assistants can also create a layer between you and the world

    ‍Our lives are too connected these days. As a result, our phones have become tethered to us. The ease of reaching us makes it too easy for people to contact us. It creates a barrier between you and the outside world when you use a part-time personal assistant. Getting rid of distractions and outsourcing personal tasks will allow you to focus on what you want to do. It’s your choice. Want more family time? Self-care is important, isn’t it? How about sitting down and reading a good book?

    #4. Leverage your personal assistant’s skills to replace your full-time employee

    Taking the time to work smart is more rewarding than working hard. Wouldn’t being able to run your errands in one weekend trip be easier if you had a personal assistant who helped you organize your passwords and protect them? You will not only save yourself time if you utilize your personal assistant’s skills, but you will create more time than you ever imagined.

    #5. Improving the quality of your time.

    ‍Every day, we have 24 hours. A week consists of seven days. Time is only as valuable as what we do with it. The only way to become more productive is to outsource some of that time. Consider hiring a personal assistant for more than just freeing up your time. Think of it as improving your time management throughout the day. Getting more productive will have an impact on everything you do, from your morning routine to your sleep habits.

    #6. Increasing your productivity.

    It comes down to one thing: productivity. There is more work to be done. By optimizing your work, you can’t expect to accomplish more. Upon returning home, there will still be errands to run. It is possible to increase your total life productivity with the help of a personal online assistant who works remotely.

    Executive Assistant vs Personal Assistant: Would Hiring a VA Service Appeal to your Needs?

    Virtual executive assistants and virtual personal assistants are two distinct roles in the world of virtual assistance.

    A virtual executive assistant is typically experienced in managing higher-level tasks, such as scheduling meetings, creating reports, and responding to emails. Virtual personal assistants provide more general support with everyday tasks such as making appointments, managing travel schedules, and handling online research.

    The main difference between the two is that an executive assistant will often have specialized knowledge related to the industry they are assisting in while a personal assistant will be more focused on completing a wide variety of tasks for their clients.

    Why Choose TaskVirtual for Part-time Personal Assistant?

    TaskVirtual is one of the best personal virtual assistant providers in the world. With many virtual assistants working in different time zone, you can take a little while exploring their website and use their virtual assistance to meet your requirements. From digital marketing to general VA service to operational business tasks, you will be satisfied by hiring a VA.

    Why hiring a part-time personal assistant from us could be your right choice..

    try our free trial virtual assistant services
    1. Assistants get to interact with you through our proprietary dashboard.
    2. A part-time virtual assistant will be available at $6.99 / Hour. Thus, you’re paying less compared to what is available at other VA businesses’ websites.
    3. Whether you need Craigslist personal assistant or someone to help you with online shopping, assistants often work by handling tasks adroitly.
    4. We have 60+ virtual assistants to choose from.
    5. Our personal virtual assistants do not work as independent contractors and they never work from home. They are our employees working from our office and can work for you as a dedicated assistant online.
    6. To become virtual assistants for our company, individuals have to undergo several screening processes. Thus, you can get access to the best VAs for C-level experts like you.
    7. If you’re unhappy with a piece of work, each time every work is disapproved, we will redo it free of cost

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