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    Virtual Project Manager

    How Virtual Project Manager help a business? 

    Here are some of the project types that a virtual project manager can handle –

    A business can hire a virtual project manager for almost any kind of projects. It can be a small scale project of few weeks duration or it can be a big one that takes months to complete. Each project manager is armed with their own experience, background, and set of skills to aid your business. Here are a few of ways a project manager can help you, your company, and your project to be a great succeed.

     The virtual project manager will manage your entire project team

    Most projects comprises of many employees, freelancers, part-time staff, vendors, and contractors. You can hire a virtual project manager to manage each and every one who is involved in the project. These managers assign tasks to each of the team members and checks on their progress all through the project. The virtual manager keeps the team motivated and keeps them focused on the goal of the project.

     The virtual project manager schedules and does resource planning.

    Chalking the plan for a project is vital to set it rolling on a path towards success. The project manager creates a timeline along with deadlines, assigns tasks to the team members, do time management, monitor the progress, oversees quality control, and provides feedback. They make sure that everything is successfully completed. A project has many moving parts in it, you need to hire a virtual project manager for bets results.

     The virtual project manager monitors, estimates and frames the budget.

    They understands the limits of a budget and the importance of abiding to it. Although a project is delivered according to its criteria, but if it goes overboard with the budget, then it is considered as a failure.

     The virtual project manager assesses the risks assessments when issues arise.

    Any project can get bottlenecks along its path. The project managers detect these issues long before they come up in a project. He or she plans the project in such a way so that these issues can be avoided altogether. If issues do arise during the course of the project, the project manager analyzes the risks and the issues and decides upon the route that it should take to progress it forward.

     The virtual project manager collects together the reports and the documentations.

    They reports for the clients to see and gathers all the important documentations. They provide reports that include the steps that were taken, whether the project requirements were met with or not, the team involved, and the feedback for future projects.

    Leave The Clock Behind

    Time Is No More An Enemy

    Don’t you feel tired racing against time? If yes, then you must have not been using time as an instrument, you’ve been using time as a crutch. You surely have been carrying the entire load of running a business on your own shoulders; it’s not surprising at all that you feel burnt out. Hire a virtual project manager and free a few hours from your busy day back as they take care of managing all kinds of projects on a day-to-day basis.

    Immensely flexible

    As far as the virtual project manager is concerned, his or her schedules are not time bound and can be molded as per your needs. If you hire virtual project manager from different time zones, they’re always available to work 24×7. This otherwise means that you can ask them to conduct follow-ups and communicate with your clients even as you rest!

    Money Saver

    Pay By Hours

    Most of the virtual project manager is paid on an hourly basis or as per project. As the scope of the project is well-defined from the very beginning, budget planning can be done before starting the project. Here, one thing should be kept in mind and that is that you are expected to pay the fees after you calculate the number of hours they have rendered their service to you. 

    Bang for the buck

    When we talk of hiring a virtual project manager, you hold all the aces in your hand as you can make them work as per the criteria you set. Because they get paid based on the valuation of the work they do, you are stress free regarding the quality of work. This is especially advantageous for projects that are complex in nature.

    Experts and Superbly Skilled Professionals

    Devotion Guaranteed

    No virtual project manager is ever callous about their job. No one ever heard of it. Since your virtual manager is paid as per the quality of work they do, utmost devotion on their part is guaranteed. When these virtual assistants work, they ensure superior performance.

    Keen On Detail

    A simple mistake sank a ship like The Titanic; likewise, inability to pay deep attention to details can sink a project. To bake the best, your ingredients should be right and so should be the measurement of each. This is an analogy that you can match to your projects; each one of them is unique, so separate strategy for planning should be applied to each of them for their proper execution.Come acress a virtual project manager who can assist you all the way long.

    Task Help

    Overseeing All

    As soon as the project begins, your virtual project manager supervises and looks into its proper working. They also help in maintaining unity in the team and push them to work hard enough to meet the deadlines.

    Creates backups

    Life is risky and so is your business. Virtual project manager is a specially trained person who manages risks and creates backups for every document. This implies that you never lose on anything while the project is in progress.

    Give Yourself Some Priority

    Trust Your Load

    Don’t just keep on pouring in an already filled vessel. The water will flow over, what’s the point? And along with it sanity will flow if you keep on overloading yourself. That’s why Superman is just an imagination and not a reality. Hire a virtual project manager now to offload some of your load.

    Why Virtual Project Manager is Important for Business?

    Teams and clients will never be exposed to any kind of chaos in terms of management, get disturbed with unclear objectives, or unrealistic planning, and get bothered with lack of resources. They will not face any undue risks, or poor quality project deliveries, budgetary issues and late delivery issues. Perfect project management is really important because the project managers have great training to deliver successfully.

    A systematic and full proof project management by virtual project managers creates and builds a happy and motivated team, who knows their work responsibilities, and so tries to deliver their best. And project management also enables the team to make sure that the right stuff is delivered. Delivery of the right stuff results in the delivery of real return on investment, and that makes both the parties happy. 

    1. Planned Sequencing

    Project management is vital because it makes sure that the right thing is being delivered.

    And also that it will deliver the real value against a particular business transaction. Each and every client has definite goals and the projects that is carried out for them by the virtual project manager slowly inches the client towards that definite goal.

    Moreover project management is also important because a part of the project management duties ensures that the project is delivered with utmost diligence. This amount of diligence is always required so that everything fits well within the client’s planned frameworks. Managing the projects well ensures that the targets of the projects closely match with the goals of the business.

    For identification of a solid business case, and to be systematic about calculating the ROI, project management is vitally important because it helps in delivering the right thing to get the real value. As the project progresses, risks may possibly emerge, that may give rise to various issues because of which the business strategy may change. Virtual Project management matters here because projects that loses track, or fails to adjust to the business needs may end up getting too expensive and/or becomes irrelevant.

    1. Guidance

    Leadership and direction to projects are lost if the project management is not carried out properly.

    Without project management, a team can become a ship without a rudder, and the immediate impact of this is to become directionless, out of control, or without purpose. Only virtual project manager allow and let the team members to do their work well. Project management bestows leadership and vision, the right kind of motivation, removes bottlenecks, coaches, and inspires the team to do deliver their best.

    Virtual Project managers not only serve the team but also clear the lines of accountability. When a project management is carried out seamlessly then the confusion about who’s the authority and in total control becomes absolutely clear. The project managers enforces processing and keeps the team in line too because they carry the responsibility of whether the project will succeed or fail. 

    1. Clear In Target & Intentions

    Project management is important as it ensures that proper planning has been done for execution of the goals.

    Wherever the project management is left to the team to be executed on its own, the commonest thing that happens is that the teams work without any proper briefs. And they operate without following a well defined project management methodology. The projects become focus less, vague or nebulous. At this juncture they also losses on their target and the team becomes totally disoriented as to what they’re supposed to do and why.

    The virtual project managers apply their full force to prevent such a situation and puts in their heart and soul in accomplishing the tasks. They do so by breaking down the project into tasks for the teams to operate efficiently. Here the mastery of the project manager is tested. By breaking the project into smaller chunks, the project manager ensures that the team becomes more focused and has clear objectives. They then guide the team towards achieving their ultimate goal by taking small steps at a time.

    The virtual project manager also gets the chance to quickly identify the risks, since risk management is also a vitally important part of project management. Risk management goes hand in hand with project management always. A dedicated insight and efficient management of a project can quickly erase the faults. They also enables the team to focus, and whenever necessary to refocus, on their goals and objectives. 

    1. Practicality In Project Planning

    Project management is important as it ensures that proper expectations are set from the very beginning so that the team knows what has to be delivered, by what time, and the reward it will yield.

    The budget estimates and project delivery timeline can become haywire. Only a proper project can fix and set the over-ambitious or and the insightless projects into successful projects. Effective virtual project managers negotiate on the reasonable and the achievable deadlines and milestones with the stakeholders, team members, and the management. This is done by the project managers who have the experience to successfully execute the projects. This is because often too much urgency made on delivery compromises the necessary steps to complete the project, and eventually, the project quality gets affected severely.

    It is a fact that most of the tasks take longer time than was anticipated at the beginning; an excellent project manager has the right kind of expertise to judge and balance the resources available within the right timeline. And he or she also has the ability to develop an achievable schedule. Project management really matters when the scheduling issue arises because this is what sets the goals for the planning. A good virtual project manager creates a transparent process, with deadlines that can be achieved. This enables the total project team to work within a reasonable boundary, and without imposing unreasonable expectations. 

    1. Quality Assurance

    Management of projects is highly essential because it makes sure that any type of project is being delivered with a consistently good quality.

    Projects endure a lot of pressure to get completed. A dedicated virtual project manager estimates the tasks perfectly, create the schedules that are not too rigid and see to it that the processing is not rushed. The result is a fabulous output because quality management has been done here perfectly. The dedicated project managers make sure that a project gets the right amount of time and the resources to be fulfilled accurately.

    They also carry out quality checks at every stage. An excellent project management demands that the project is taken up in phases so that the teams can assess the output quality at every step, its applicability, and ROI. Project management allows for phased processing, eases too much time constraints for the teams so that they can examine and test their outputs at each and every step all through the project execution.

    1. Risk Management

    Project management is vital as it ensures that the risks are managed properly and reduced to avoid unpleasant outcomes.

    For a project to succeed, risk management should be done accurately. A common human behavior is to deny that any problems do exist, and not to talk about them with the client and just pray to god that everything becomes fine. But detection, management and control of those risks prevents the risks from becoming big issues. This often happens in case of complex projects handled by virtual project manager that deal with risk. This is where we feel the value of a good project management.

    Good project management appoints expert project managers to conduct a thorough research about all the potential risks that the project at hand may face, quantifies them, and develops a plan to counter them. This demands that the right question be asked at the right time to detect the risks early.

    So, risks are categorized and given due priority according to their chance of occurrence while carrying out project management. And appropriate responses are planned by gauging those risks by the virtual project manager. Some dedicated project managers take the help of risk management software to handle this. A good project manager while doing project management always pays regards to the fact that a project never loses its track. They are also well equipped to deal with changes and adequately adapts to the project management plan so that the project can be delivered successfully.

    1. Processing In Order

    Project management is vital because it makes sure that the best person is appointed to do their best at the best possible time.

     This is vitally important for processing the project perfectly and is consistently followed throughout the lifecycle of the project. Many large and well-known companies use reactive planning processes that do not involve any real project management strategies. But responsiveness in opposition to aggressiveness – often sends the projects to go into survival mode. This is the moment when the virtual project manager breaks the project, duplicates the tasks, and plans reactively creating inefficiency and frustration among the team members.

    1. Continuous Tracking

    Project management has gained so much importance because it tracks and reports everything about a project’s progress properly.

    Status update seems to be a very boring and time waste for many and especially when everything goes according to plan; it may simply look like maintaining records just for the sake of maintaining it. But continued tracking and update on the project ensures that the project is on the right path and is going according to plan.

    Slight deviation from the set path can be devastating for a project. The whole project plan may get jeopardized completely. This deviation should be tracked right in time to course it correctly. A good virtual project manager regularly generates the progress or status and shows great commitment towards the company’s stakeholders this way.

    This makes it easier for the clients and the stakeholders to track the progress of the project all by themselves. These status reports provide full insight about the work status that was completed and planned. It also shows the number of hours utilized on the project. And they can also track whether the project is fairing according to plan or not. They can also track the performance of the project against the milestones, the risks, the assumptions, the issues and the dependencies and any outputs on the project as it progresses.

    1. Subject Matter Expert

    Project management appoints an expert to track whether everyone in the team is doing what they should.

    With years of experience under their belt, the project managers very well know about the different aspects of delivering the projects they manage successfully. Virtual project managers have great technical skills and subject matter expertise by which they are able to gauge everything about the work that their team is executing. They have a thorough knowledge about the platforms and systems, and the pros and cons of these softwares.

    Virtual project managers also have an in-depth knowledge about the issues that may arise while executing the project. This kind of subject matter expertise assists them to deal intelligently with the clients, team, stakeholders, and suppliers and conduct informed conversations. They’re so well equipped that they become the communication hub on a project. They are the watchdogs that can sniff out even the minutest flaws and discrepancies that happen within the project. They are keep track between different team members and the phases of work.

    1. Managing and Learning Through Permutation And Combination

    Project management takes lessons from the past successes and failures there by making them indispensible.

    Project management breaks annoying habits of making repetitive mistakes. When you’re delivering a project, it can be suicidal to make the same mistakes twice. The virtual  project managers take the help of the retrospection and learn from the lessons from the past failures. They study the reviews to understand what made the project successful and what made it a failure so that they can apply that knowledge in the next project.

    These reviews from the past generate an invaluable data bank comprising of the dos and don’ts on projects. The meetings that are held by the project managers use these data before starting a new project. Issues like underestimation of a project, and the importance of updating the reporting time sheet is also highlighted in these meetings. 


    Siddhartha Basu

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