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    Phone Answering Service helps in solving your Customer’s Queries

    If you are a startup then at the initial stage it would appear easy to receive and answer phone calls of customers. Just as your business would expand, things will not appear as smooth as before. Amidst other works, phone answering might be difficult for you and your limited number of employees to manage. Thus, subscribing to a phone answering service providing company will help in smooth communication between you and your clients.

    Phone answering service is used by small businesses to MNCs for booking appointments, offering solutions to problems, resolving issues through queries, and many more. Customers love companies who have strong customer care support. People are likely to find problems while making a purchase, understanding discount offers, procedures of using a product, and so on. Here, when you as a company owner would sign for a call answering service then you will find your brand credibility enhancing every day.

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    How does our Phone Answering Service helps you?

    Explore the reasons…

    1. Our phone answering service is operated by trained professionals with many years of experience. They know how to interact with customers. Their soft skills, verbal eloquence, patience, and quickness in adapting to circumstances can certainly help you earn a good name among your customers. The best part is in their ability to solve issues verbally. Your customers can be busy people or a senior citizen or someone who is sick, thus patience is needed a lot to handle a call. Your decision to go for a firm offering a telephone answering service could change the direction of your business.

    2. Arranging infrastructure for phone answering is a tough thing for a startup. Then comes recruiting someone for the job, training him or her, spending money on their security, and others. When you sign up without phone answering service, your worries will be all gone. We do have an advanced infrastructure and facilities that allow us to answer your customer queries smoothly. Be it medical appointment booking or resolving an issue of a customer, everything is as easy as breathing. Our professionals are already trained, for they don’t need advanced training as only a basic demonstration of the purpose of your business would do.

    3. Our phone answering service is affordable compared to other companies. We are a favorite among startup firms. We value their objective and understand the point that at the initial stage of a business venture everyone has a very tight budget. Therefore, we offer quality phone calls receiving service at a very low price. This will help them leverage us for appointment booking from customers or resolving any issues or guiding a customer to subscribe or make a purchase.

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    4. When you will go for our phone answering service, you can enjoy our process of screening unwanted phone calls. Throughout your busy days, you might get a lot of unwanted phone calls. Here we play the important role of removing unsolicited phone calls and forwards the relevant ones to you. Many companies we work with enjoy this service as it is more affordable and effective than the online apps available for the same.

    5. Missing query calls for customers could be disastrous. Research suggests that most of the customers whose phone call was dropped before would not come to call at the second time. Chances of losing such kind of customers are there. Our phone answering service is helpful here in terms of providing 24 * 7 hours of service. In case, an individual or a team working on your project are not available, we always have a backup ready.

    What advantages do you get after subscribing to Phone Answering Service?

    1. No investment in setting up a phone call receiving department inside your office. In case you have thought about letting your employees work from home amidst the corona epidemic, you can rely on our phone answering service for the best customer care. You can focus on business strategy and marketing, and leave the call answering part to us.

    2. Keeping someone to attend phone calls involves huge expenses in training, managing insurance and bonuses, recruitment cost, and many more. With us, you do not have to think of things. We have dialer facilities ready, voice call recording, quality analysis system, etc ready to be leveraged for your targeted audiences. Taking our phone call answering service can indeed save your money and build robust relationships with customers.

    3. The striking advantage of our phone answering service is the quality of multitasking among our professionals. This means they are experts in handling data, recording them in the database, communicating with you through email or phone in case of emergency, and at the same time updating your time to tome about the status of call handling. Besides, they can excellently manage appointments of various customers and schedule your meeting with them.

    Phone answering service companies are very important to small to medium-sized firms. Ever since the attack of coronavirus, the demands have increased a lot. We are an India based company offering the aforementioned service to firms located in the United States, England, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and many more.

    We are always open to listening to your valuable feedback. We believe that we are not flawless, for improvising and implementing the feedback could lead to the transformation of business progress. Innovation is one of our business models. We look for the latest trends in technology of the communication system and reconvene annually to decide on what change we need now.

    The entire process of our phone answering service revolves around our spirit of safeguarding sensitive information of our clients. Our strong data protection policy and technical security have made our clients build profound trust in our service.

    TaskVirtual is a virtual assistant company offering phone answering service to all those companies who aspire to reach global leadership. To know about our services, feel free to Get Connected to us and we are waiting to discuss your dreams, and take our relationship to the next level.

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    Siddhartha Basu

    Siddhartha Basu is a Technical Writer and Senior Virtual Assistant at Task Virtual. He is proud of being VA, advising clients and processing their tasks virtually. Besides, he loves online games, e-book reading, and Yoga.