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    Why hire a Virtual Assistant from India?

    Virtual assistants operates independently and from outside of a business setup and provides administrative services to clients. The virtual assistant in India does all the necessary planning and organization of your data remotely without being part of the setup.

    Many Benefits Of A Virtual Assistant

    One of the most important benefits of hiring a virtual assistant is that they can be paid according to the services they provide, nothing more nothing less. You can pay them according to the task they do rather than on hourly basis. For small setups, the major advantage for hiring a virtual assistant in India is that he frees up those valuable hours for you that should be devoted in the growth of a business. Moreover, they are skilled enough to sort out any tedious and time consuming task within a very short time. Let us look into some other advantages that they provide:

    • Efficient Enough

    Virtual assistant in India is absolutely great for an organization in finding newer ways and means to make data processes as much effective as possible. The prior hands-on work experience that these virtual assistants possess is best utilized by them in working with diverse clientele. They organize the whole task at the very first instant as they really understand the value of time. They use the modern technology to perfectly streamline their workload.

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    • Productivity Enhancement

    The virtual assistant in India is great in acclimatizing themselves quickly in a new setup and this happens because they utilize their prior on-job experience in this case. He/she just needs a proper orientation to get into the job. When they are delegated the job, you are absolutely free. The time consumed to do the non-essentials is reduced to a minimum. Finally, as the virtual assistants are paid according to their productivity, they work very hard to meet their targets.

    • Plugs The Areas Of Weakness

    Today’s virtual assistant in India is a highly trained and extremely efficient lot. They are skilled in various ways like in doing telemarketing, market research, digital marketing, and many more. This makes them masters in plugging the areas of weakness within a business. 

    • Flexibility

    As the virtual assistant in India is not bound within any fixed timeframe, they set aside time according to their choice. Thus they can work for you for at different time zones and schedule shifts long after the operating hours gets over. 

    Impact Of Virtual Assistant On Productivity

    Here we will try to get a better understanding regarding the impact of appointing a virtual assistant in India. A few points mentioned below will help you to understand why they can be so helpful for your business.


    The level of distraction for the virtual assistants is very less. They also are extremely flexible regarding time. They set their own schedules according to business needs. They streamline their work and the level of expertise of the virtual assistant in India increases the productivity of any setup manifold.

    Saves Money And Time

    It is definite that companies who hire the service of the virtual assistant in India will definitely save a lot on overhead operational costs. As the billing from them comes on the basis of number of hours they worked on, the service becomes very cost effective. As they do not operate from the office, the overhead costs in terms of food, electricity, etc. are also absent. According to a survey, on an average, a few lakhs are saved on their appointment.  

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    Balances Sanity

    The virtual assistants relieves the stress of controlling businesses as they themselves take over all the clerical and time consuming tasks that you may need to do all by yourself. The workflow becomes absolutely seamless and all the anxiety and stress vanishes in a jiffy. The virtual assistant in India creates a perfect work environment that everybody enjoys working into.

    Betters Balance Between Work And Life

    In today’s cut throat competitive world, very often the business owners fail to maintain a perfect balance between their personal and professional life. A common problem arises in almost all businesses for which the top brass gets completely burnt out is for trying to remain available to their prospective clients 24×7. This casts a profound effect on their personal life as well. Since the virtual assistant in India work remotely, they are increasingly available to their clients. They bring tremendous relief to their appointees in terms of lessening their workload manifold and saving time for their near and dear ones. They also create a perfectly enjoyable work environment for everyone.

    Internet Searching

    Business owners have to spend a lot of time on the net searching for necessary information related to their endeavor so that they can upgrade their service and products. So, if this owner appoints a virtual assistant in India to do the surfing job, then it will give him the opportunity to devote his time to matters related to his core business. Additionally, they can also zero in into the problems related to the business and also finds a perfect solution to solve the problem after doing extensive research on the net.  

    Deals With Social media

    In today’s world, social media is the driving force behind any kind of business growth and this trend is here to stay. Every business proprietor devotes a considerable amount of time on various social media platforms, doing business promotions. Here, he can surely appoint a virtual assistant in India to this for him. At this point you must be wondering as to how exactly a virtual assistant can save your precious time and money. 

    Very well, you can definitely hire a social media expert but have you given it a thought as to how much it will cost you? You may have to shell out a huge sum. A virtual assistant in India can be hired in a fraction of a cost that you have to pay for hiring a social media expert. They can update your social media profiles expertly. You can safely restore this job in their professional hands, and in the meantime you can use the spare time in planning out on how to counter your possible competitors.

    Entering Data

    Information requires data so that it can be possessed by the user. Data takes the center stage in almost everything whether you are devising a marketing plan for your business or thinking of giving a discount to your valued customers. So, whether an organization will prosper or not depends on how the data is handled within the organization. 

    Along with the growth of an organization, growth in the volume of data also gets bigger and bigger. It is also very obvious that it is practically impossible for a proprietor to handle that amount of data all alone. And hiring of an expert data entry assistant can also be a tough proposition sometimes due to the overhead costs involved. So, if you sincerely want to manage such an enormous amount of data in a systematic and professional way, then you should definitely hire a virtual assistant in India. 

    The virtual assistant in India will do a variety of tasks for you like checking on the data for any discrepancies, will do the compilation, verify them, and segregate them according to priorities and objectives. Here also you will get free time to do all that which you so far thought to be so vitally important for your company.

    How Virtual assistant Helps foreign Startups?

    Virtual assistant in India is that secret weapon that an American / Europe startup should possess in their hands. They boost productivity by doing varied tasks such as web search, social media management, entering data, and many more and free you up completely. India is slowly emerging as the major force in the world of virtual assistants. According to latest survey, India will see about half a billion people being catered to by the virtual assistants.

    • Virtual assistants are great problem solvers.

    The new startups often have to solve a lot of problems for their customers. The virtual assistant in India also solves all sorts of problems for their clients. If they don’t find the solution themselves they will hire others but in the end you will get the solution to your problem.

    • The Wizards In the Shape of Virtual Assistants

    It may so happen that your team may be extra bothered with some relatively small tasks, which hampers the overall productivity. The virtual assistant in India is a pro in handling all sorts of small tasks. This releases a lot of free time for devoting in bigger projects.

    • Virtual assistants fill the gap

    Every startup, big and small, has a team where there are people who are doing multitasking apart from what they are entitled to do. This brings in a lot o fatigue and annoyance in the minds of the employees. This is from where the virtual assistant in India taken on and fills in that space which needs a third party attention.

    Siddhartha Basu

    Siddhartha Basu is a Technical Writer and Senior Virtual Assistant at Task Virtual. He is proud of being VA, advising clients and processing their tasks virtually. Besides, he loves online games, e-book reading, and Yoga.