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    What is Virtual Receptionist?

    A virtual receptionist is an independent person or a company performing the work of a receptionist but on the virtual platform.

    The internet has penetrated everywhere. From video games to live telecasts, everywhere is the internet.

    In business, it has become a potential platform to target audiences and meet some differences. Some businesses leveraged the internet to offer services that could boost the productivity of other businesses.

    A virtual receptionist works from a remote office somewhere in the world and deals with customer care services.

    Now, the question arises – what do they do? What are the benefits of hiring a

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    8 Virtual Receptionist Benefits / Advantages

    1. The biggest benefit is that they will help in saving money. On average, an on-floor receptionist will receive a salary of $30,000 every year. However, in the case of a virtual receptionist does need salary as they work on a Pay Per Hour/Pay Per Project basis. There are other customized plans that you can see as you hire one. Besides, you do not need to pay any security insurance, annual bonus, and also you do not have to bear any training expenses.

    2. The next benefit of a virtual receptionist service is that there will be no investment to set up the infrastructure. This is because they already have a set up ready to meet your needs. They work remotely from an office somewhere in the world. They already have chairs, computers, headphones ready to meet your phone answering needs. So you do not have to spend thousands of dollars on infrastructure and its maintenance.

    3. Missing a phone call of customers is dangerous for budding businesses and causes of downfall for bigger ones. Thus, a virtual receptionist service becomes beneficial here as he or she is a specially trained individual who can handle this thing at all ease. Moreover, when you have your business established in different time zones then you can not handle them alone, and besides, it would involve additional expenses to set staff in the alternative shift to meet the customer’s queries. Here they can take phone calls of your customers 24 hours and answer any queries whatsoever.

    With a virtual receptionist processing your customer care work, you can spend time focussing on other matters of business and also with your family. Thus you will be stress-free enough to think about yourself. Besides, you can also be sure that you don’t have extra headaches thinking about customer’s phone calls.

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    4. A virtual receptionist can also handle your chat services. They know the ways of communicating through chat messages. You do not have to train in customer interaction and just training on the subject matter would do everything. Through the chat process, he or she can analyze a customer’s query and address the problem. This will help in bringing a smile to customers’ faces.

    5. Another good benefit of hiring a virtual receptionist is smooth appointment scheduling. Moreover, their incredible phone answering service can also help in taking down the details offered by the client. They can also remind you of the date and time when you are to meet the client.

    More than one language option is there with a virtual receptionist service. If you think of setting a customer care team for multiple countries then it might turn out to be very difficult in terms of managing and expenses. Here they can save both your expenses and management effort.

    6. A virtual receptionist can send your messages in your holidays about your upcoming meetings and also about your tasks that you though to process before setting off for vacations. They are good calendar managers too. They can help you stay alert on your previous plans and other important things related to your business.

    7. A virtual receptionist can further help in processing customer care services in case you thought of temporarily closing down your company for Coronavirus pandemic. In this situation, your phone answering service could be handled by them and there is no need for the physical presence of infrastructure or employees.

    8. Last but not least, if you hire a virtual office receptionist, you will have an added advantage of having an individual or a team that screens irrelevant phone calls and directs the authentic ones to you. You can leverage this and enjoy the advantage of getting a genuine customer’s call only.

    In conclusion, you can understand that your business productivity will get a huge boost as you get a virtual receptionist working remotely. You will see a positive impact on your brand reputation and identity as your customer’s questions are answered properly.

    TaskVirtual is a Virtual Receptionist company who can help you enhance your business reputation and productivity.

    Siddhartha Basu

    Siddhartha Basu is a Technical Writer and Senior Virtual Assistant at Task Virtual. He is proud of being VA, advising clients and processing their tasks virtually. Besides, he loves online games, e-book reading, and Yoga.