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    ecommerce virtual assistant

    The popularity of eCommerce virtual assistant has been tangible among the discussion of most eCommerce companies. Even people who want to sell their handmade products are also getting connected with them and pulling out benefits. They fall under the profession called virtual assistant often hired by small to medium-sized companies to increase productivity and save money.

    So who is an eCommerce virtual assistant? How they can help?

    Well, just as the internet turned out to be a promising platform for various businesses to reach customers, many new types of business arrived to make people happy. One such is the e-commerce business. People love to buy from an online platform and thus online shopping stores gained huge market. 

    Well, if you are an eCommerce entrepreneur then your business might appear easy in the beginning, however, as pressure and responsibility come in, you really would need help at that time.

    Here, are some of the actionable benefits of eCommerce virtual assistant!

    An eCommerce virtual assistant or a team of such virtual professionals would help you manage the eCommerce store efficiently. They are experts in sorting, organizing and uploading relevant products. Moreover, based on your instruction they can also fill up the details of discounts and coupon offers as well. An eCommerce virtual assistant knows how to handle various eCommerce platforms, be it WordPress or Shopify, you can find their skills viable enough to put them in action.

    If you are hiring an eCommerce virtual assistant then you do not need to invest in training them. Be it a freelancer or a company offering virtual assistants for eCommerce management you can rest assured that your task is handled by highly skilled professionals capable of handling both multi-vendor e-commerce store and niche-based ones. Besides, they are experts in other technical skills need to arrest the minds of your customers. This is an excellent benefit that can enhance productivity.

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    The next benefit of an eCommerce virtual assistant is in entering product details. On hiring a team of virtual eCommerce assistant can be beneficial in terms of adding content of products. They can write quality content related to products description, uses, and features that can steal the glances of your customers. They cal also add tags and configure popups on eCommerce platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Magento and many more.

    Another benefit of eCommerce virtual assistant is for entrepreneurs wanting to sell their products on Amazon, Wallmart etc. These people are experts in uploading and managing products here also. You only have to provide them images and details of products and they will configure the account and display them and make it all ready for purchase. In this case, a virtual eCommerce assistant can further maintain your refund, sales, and cancellation of orders on the dashboard provided by the eCommerce store. Thus, you only have to focus on product manufacturing and inventory management that are to be done offline.

    One of the biggest benefits of an eCommerce owner to hire an eCommerce virtual assistant is in order management and creating monthly reports. Since they are expert in drafting reports from Paypal refunds, cancellation order and purchase, so just imagine how they develop your life. You just don’t need any physical employees to handle such administrative services. So money and time are both saved. eCommerce virtual assistant companies can also maintain your ERP software where they can enter details of your products. Furthermore, if you wish to enter product details on Spreadsheet then you will be glad to know that these guys are experts in MS Excel Spreadsheet. Be it V Lookup or creating Pivot Table, their work can make you smile.

    eCommerce owners have also expressed the benefit of complete product management and order processing by eCommerce virtual assistants for 24 hours and 365 days. You can hire them for customer care services too and in this case they can act as efficient virtual receptionists. Since chatbox and phone calls have to addressed whenever a customer calls, thus hiring them would be very beneficial. They know how to handle customer queries and offering a relevant resolution for the same. Besides, they can also assist a customer in the process of carrying out the purchase process and application of coupons if available.

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    An eCommerce virtual assistant can write quality blogs for your online shopping store. This benefit is indeed worth noticing as content is king and without it you cannot reach the audiences on search engines. Besides, they can perform other necessary tasks such as content marketing and citation that are required for your business growth. Being an eCommerce entrepreneur you can further leverage them in writing email content and that o e-brochure design.

    You can find a team off eCommerce virtual assistant beneficial towards managing social media accounts and creating things necessary for digital marketing. They are trained in running social media posting and ad campaigns. As you know that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are very important in developing brand reputation. Thus, at very low cost you can leverage them to create quality graphics and content needed for such purpose. A virtual assistant for eCommerce can create a perfect social media post graphics from online tools like Canva, Gravit Designer etc.

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    Since you are a businessman and saving money is necessary for future. Thus, when you are intending to hire am eCommerce virtual assistant you can rest assured about the affordability of their package. They are like virtual employees but with many differences. You can find beneficial package system in their subscription pack and this include – “Pay per Project”, “Pay per Hour” and many more. So just imagine! You are saving huge money and don’t need to invest large amount on keeping a physical assistant.

    An eCommerce virtual assistant would prove out to be beneficial in terms of bookkeeping. Since maintaining accounts is very important when your e-commerce store would expand. Thus, on hiring them you can avail this advantage at the package comfortable for you.

    Last but not the least, you will be benefited from hiring an eCommerce virtual assistant in terms of email marketing campaigns and technical process configuration. Since they are also trained in many of the technical knowledge, you can certainly leverage them to set up email client, troubleshoot basic – intermediate server problem, and configure website DNS to name a few. Such virtual experts can also help in editing videos, manipulate images and many more.

    TaskVirtual is a reliable virtual office assistant company who is specialized in eCommerce managing as well. They have talented VAs who can handle your eCommerce website and enhance your productivity.

    Siddhartha Basu

    Siddhartha Basu is a Technical Writer and Senior Virtual Assistant at Task Virtual. He is proud of being VA, advising clients and processing their tasks virtually. Besides, he loves online games, e-book reading, and Yoga.