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    Hiring A Business Travel Planner: This Is What You Need to Know

    Hiring A Business Travel Planner: This Is What You Need to Know

    By the day, every business is allocating their precious resources towards travelling, for personal or corporate reasons. It has become one of the prerequisites to expanding, connecting and progressing.

    Corporate travel planners provide a hassle-free experience. They take care of the necessary bookings and the travel itinerary.

    The Trouble With Travel Planning

    The Trouble With Travel Planning

    Planning travels can often be overwhelming. Multiple factors play a responsibility in making it successful. They can often be time-consuming and hectic. The employee’s detailed and accurate travel plan, comprising the beginning, overnight stay and return, is a must-have. 

    Even for last-minute travel plans, all that you need to prove a professional travel planner is your destination, intention and budget. They are slightly different from travel agents, and their niche market mostly involves helping corporate houses manage their travel plans.

    They mostly expertise in three main things: they save money and time and provide customization.

    What Do Business Travel Planners Do?

    What Do Business Travel Planners Do?

    Professional Business Travel planner play his or her part in corporate travel planning, as the name suggests. They take care of the accommodation, transport, and meetings among all the other related things. They employ their expertise and knowledge in the field to satisfy their consumers in the industry, for both personal and corporate purposes.

    Professional Travel planners have expertise in multitasking. They work for different companies and in different places simultaneously. They work towards providing the best possible service and rates to their customers. It is equivalent to a personal helping hand to take care of all your travel needs at one stop.

    It takes part of one of the most tedious things, in the growing markets. But, it is also important to hire one within the company’s budget.

    #1. Finding A Corporate Travel Planner

    Corporate houses often outsource all of their travelling hassles outside. It can, however, be taken care of by your assistant. Executive Assistants are often assigned more tasks than others, and probably can take care of travel planning too.

    Companies often have a VA or a virtual assistant, instead of an EA. As tedious as it may be, travel planning can easily be done online. This service of the VA occasionally goes unnoticed and under-utilized.

    VAs can be available in short notice, and don’t usually need a lot of information to get the process started.

    Whether you outsource your travel plans or assign a VA or an EA, assigning it to the right person is always important. There are certain things that you can keep in mid while hiring:

    #2. Knowledge Of The Travel Industry

    The first and the most important step towards selecting the travel planner is to ensure his knowledge and experience about the market. It is important for the safety and convenience of your employees. A lack of knowledge and experience might prove detrimental to the business.

    Selecting the appropriate candidate is thus, very important. For that, you might even have to review their job or ask for a list of their previous clients to be able to select them. Virtual Assistants also make a hotel booking or renting a car much easier in a distant land. They also keep your budget and preference in mind in the process.

    #3. Flexible Support

    As the name suggests, professional travel planners plan travel for their clients and provide other related services.

    Some of their services include:

    Making transport reservations, hotels or resorts.

    Preparing a backup travel plan

    Adhering to the given budget

    Providing assistance in case of an emergency.

    A travel planner has to be resourceful and capable enough to assist in case of an unforeseen change in the travel plan or emergency.

    #4. Efficiency

    Customer satisfaction and time management should also be checked before hiring a travel planner. Client satisfaction should be their priority, at whatever cost.

    To summarize, a professional travel planner should be able to make your travel experiences hassle-free, easy and smooth. They are meant to take care of your travel itinerary, hotels and transport organizationally.

    #5. Cost

    Hiring a professional business travel planner is convenient for surely requires the allocation of financial resources. A company should be able to hire a travel planner in the first place. It shouldn’t have to go overboard with the budget to save a few bucks on business travel expenses. In that case, assigning the task of travel planning to an executive assistant or an employee. The idea is always to cut down on the budget, and not spend extra.

    #6. Ability To Use Modern Technology

    Modern apps has even made it easier for professional travel planners to reach their goal, in assisting their clients. Employing a travel planner who knows how to make use to technological resources can create a huge difference in the execution and efficiency of your travel plans.

    #7. Reliable

    It goes without saying that the travel planner should be reliable. You should be able to trust your travel planner to avoid any unnecessary harassment. It is also important to reach the desired outcome of the travel.

    Besides, you should also be able to trust him with your money, with his efficiency with VA and his ability to use his resources to find the cheapest deals, during both corporate and personal travels.


    Planning a business travel on your own can be overwhelming, hectic and tedious. You will definitely have other things to take care of. This is exactly where a professional businesstravel planner comes in.

    But, it is always good to check with your company’s finance team before hiring a travel planner. At Task Virtual, we are well-equipped with all kinds of tools to assist you and your travel needs. Hiring an expert professional is undoubtedly better than taking all the hassle on yourself. It benefits both you and your company.

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