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    Working with virtual assistants is rapidly gaining ground with most entrepreneurs and organizations, owing to the host of benefits that come with it. And yet, it is still a concern with many, whether hiring a virtual assistant is really worth it. The primary reason  that most entrepreneurs are not sure if they really are saving much by delegating their work to virtual assistants. In this article, we have focused on how to know how much you are saving with a VA. Not just in money but also in time and energy!

    Monetary savings

    Can hiring a VA  bring down your  administrative costs? Yes, it indeed can! People hire a full-time employee for daily administrative tasks. So they are liable to pay the monthly salary. Also, they need to pay a host of other employee benefits, insurances, paid leaves. All these can add up to a substantial number. Now think about a VA.  They are independent professionals and not a direct employee in your firm. You’re also not liable to pay them any of the benefits or insurances or even paid leaves. VA’s work remotely from their own location – so no administrative expenses for you of setting up an office. Also, VA’s usually charge by the hour. So, you have to pay exactly for the amount of work you get done. There’s no obligation to pay the VA, even when there’s no work. According to research, when you hire a VA you end up slashing your administrative costs by 75% or more! Needless to say, this kind of money saving can be highly valuable for your business!

    Time Savings with a VA

    As an entrepreneur, it may be your first instinct to take care of every aspect of your business by yourself. But, the reality is different. As your business grows, your responsibilities will grow. And with that, handling everything on your own and maintaining deadlines will become overwhelming. You’ll be crunched for time at every moment. A virtual assistant can save you from such ordeals. One of the primary reasons for the popularity of Virtual assistants is that they help you save a lot of time! By delegating the routine and time-consuming tasks to someone else, you can free up your schedule remarkably. With the multiple hours that you save in this process, you can not only focus on other matters of importance but also work towards getting more clients and escalating your business – which will lead to more earnings!

    Energy Saving with a VA

    Running  business is hard enough. But when you try to juggle every little task on your own, you end up spending too much of your body and mind energy on the mundane details, which leaves you too exhausted to focus on the more crucial details of your business. By hiring a Virtual Assistant, you can finally conserve your energy for the aspects of your business that you want to personally focus on.

    Benefits of saving with a VA

    Virtual assistants takes care of both administrative and repetitive tasks, as well as certain expert tasks and personal tasks. This way, you can save yourself from much of the additional stress and physical and mental exertion of running a business.  By helping you save your energy this way, a virtual assistant can truly make a positive difference to your work and life! You will have the drive to work harder at your areas of expertise and thereby expand your business further!In other words, hiring  Virtual Assistants is one of the best business decisions you will ever make! By saving 3 of your most important resources – money, time and energy – you’ll be able to conduct your business from a position of strength at all times! If you’re interested in giving virtual assistance services a try, then get in touch with us at Task Virtual and opt for our FREE TRIAL Plan!