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    Real Estate Virtual Assistant: 17 Benefits for Real Estate Professionals
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    1 Best Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services That Can Benefit Real Estate Professionals – Grow Your Business With Real Estate VA

    Best Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services That Can Benefit Real Estate Professionals – Grow Your Business With Real Estate VA

    A virtual assistant specialized in processing real estate tasks is known as a real estate virtual assistant. As digital technology and the unpredictable demands of the market have increased, the need for better production and cost management is necessary. Real estate is a volatile market, there are ups and downs, and there is no room for mistakes. Agents and investors find better or more innovative ways to reach the top. Every year we can see a large number of startups coming in, and at the same time, many are disappearing after some years.

    Thus it is necessary to understand modern trends, the newly developed resources and the art of leveraging them to craft a better tomorrow. In the world of competition, only the smartest mind would win the game. In the beginning, you can work with your team and make some progress, however as the business advances you need to think smartly in order to win the game. Hiring a real estate virtual assistant would be the best choice for smooth business progress and excellence of builders, brokers, and investors.

    The 17 Benefits Of Hiring A Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services. Real Estate Agent Can Outsource to a Real Estate VA for Property Management, Recording Per Transaction, and Other Best Practices

    A virtual assistant for real estate investors and agents is highly beneficial. Leading property builders, brokers, and land analysts are adopting this trend of service and earning the best out of it. In addition, they have found linear progress in reducing extra costs and a steady increase in productivity. 

    Let us now check the key benefits.

    #1. Their Tasks Like Data Entry, Support Doesn’t Come Under the Company Payroll

    Real estate virtual assistant pricing could replace your on-floor employees dedicated to accomplishing some back-office or front-office tasks. These tasks could range from social media posting to research on property owners. Hiring employees are very expensive nowadays. The cost of hiring a receptionist or assistant on the floor would mean an average salary of $29,640 annually, which is huge practically. However, in the case of virtual assistants, you could pay based on hourly work or per-project basis. Besides, you do not need to bear any extra costs such as insurance fees, medical fees etc. Therefore, it is tangible that hiring a company offering real estate virtual assistant services would reduce expenses and save money thereof.

    #2. They Perform Marketing Tasks, Graphics Design, Cold Calling

    Being a real estate virtual assistant means leveraging social media for marketing purposes. Real Estate Virtual assistants could be of huge help here as they are ready to design powerful and attractive social media posts for you. They would also maintain your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, etc so that you can reach your right audiences effectively. Moreover, VAs are experts in running paid ad campaigns at flexible budgets that ensure valuable results in a short period of time. They know how to operate excellent stat software that offers detailed insights into the market and on sorting the right audiences they can fire the perfect ad campaign to bring you sales.

    #3. You Can Track Their Time-consuming Tasks, Admin Tasks, Real Estate CRM

    Any virtual assistant real estate you hire from a virtual assistant company can track their performance live on the dashboard and suggest feedback based on their task progress. You can interact face to face on video calls or via emails or skype, and discuss any issues you have. No matter whatever issues you have, a virtual assistant expert would evaluate your problems and stop till not a solution is made. They are problem solvers and your virtual employees.

    #4. You can Scale Your Real Estate With Their Lead Generation Capability

    The most striking benefit of getting a real estate virtual assistant is lead generation. These real estate virtual office assistants are masters at collecting recent data on properties or assets in a particular area. Since data is very important for real estate businessmen like you, hiring a virtual assistant can help keep current information of apartment owners, lands for sale, and people willing to sell their assets to name a few. Besides, they could also help in connecting your agency with other business bodies that could fulfil your needs.

    #5. Virtual Assistant Can Handle Client Relations in the Real Estate Industry

    Appointment setting and phone call receiving are an inextricable part of real estate businesses. It is not possible for you to take phone calls at all hours. If you miss the calls of your potential clients or forget to follow up then this will cause loss of customers. Moreover, you can receive unwanted calls that are annoying and time-wasting.

    Here, real estate virtual assistant plays a pivotal role in screening unnecessary calls and only forwarding the important calls to you. Besides, real estate VAs could perform appointment bookings so that you get updates whenever your clients would like to meet you. The real benefit is their availability of service 24 hours. Your business could be across different countries in different time zones, for flexibility of time is important.

    #6. You Can Hire an Executive Assistant for Graphics Design

    Having quality graphics ready for advertisement is another important task. A real estate virtual assistant is trained in crafting super quality illustrative content that you could either use in internet marketing or in outdoor platforms in order to steal the glances of your target. These remote agents leverage advanced design tools to produce illustrations that could empower your brand identity and trust in the market.

    #7. They Can Handle Email Related Administrative Tasks, Repetitive Tasks You Need

    VAs specialized in real estate services also perform email marketing and email management. These involve following up on important emails, sending quotations or introductory emails to potential clients, and communicating with existing clients that involves addressing their issues or grievances.

    Other benefits of hiring real estate virtual assistant experts in this aspect would be managing different types of emails like Gmail, Outlook, Mac etc systematically and effectively. Since real estate businessmen like you could have more than one type of mail, managing them could be easier on hiring a real estate virtual agent.

    #8. They Can Record Data To Scale Your Business

    A real estate virtual assistant are experts in maintaining and regulating spreadsheets. They can record data on appointments, sellers’ and buyers’ information, payment and refund details etc. After processing the task, VAs would email you the attachment at the time mentioned by you. You will have access to a dashboard where you can track their progress and task results. In the case of a rework, an assistant will always be there to improvise and deliver quality output in order to create more opportunities for your business.

    #9. A Team of Real Estate Virtual Assistants Get Your Sales Tasks At Fraction of the Cost

    The most important part of a real estate marketing strategy is business listing in the right places. A real estate virtual assistant plays a good role in listing your business to all those places where your client visits and makes a choice. These remote assistants would also periodically post ads for you in classifieds relevant to your real estate business. They would also keep track of the progress of those ads and listing reports such that you could focus on other fields of work and just wait for a prospect’s message.

    #10. They Have the Right Skills for Content Creation

    Most real estate virtual assistant companies offer content writing services. As you know, in today’s digital world content is king. Thus you need professional writers who could evaluate your business motives and present it to the audiences in a very eye-stealing manner. Real estate VAs have expert content writers working under them who could understand your demands and execute tasks accordingly. The content drafting could be for digital media, leaflets, sales pitch, hoardings, and several other things. They can even write and maintain your website blogs and also process guest blogging and execute an effective content marketing strategy.

    #11. They Can work as Property Management Virtual Assistants

    Another amazing benefit of hiring a virtual task expert for your real estate company is that you are getting a one-stop solution of everything you need to boost your business. Thus you are getting virtual employees processing your administrative, marketing, bookkeeping etc task without providing the privileges enjoyed by on-floor employees (such as casual leaves, insurance etc). Thus, a real estate virtual assistant could minimize expenses and enhance company productivity.

    #12. The Can Take Tasks Off Your Plate Related to Transaction Closes & Transaction Coordination

    Furthermore, a real estate virtual assistant is also specialized in formatting and editing documents so that you could save or upload them to relevant places. Suppose you send a word doc file mentioning the suitable information that your potential target would see. Eventually, VAs cum transaction coordinators would analyze all the key points and craft a quality presentation in ppt format and set it all ready for projection. Moreover, that same document could be converted to pdf based on your requirements.

    #13. They Can Work as the Absolute Best Property Managers

    Companies offering to provide virtual assistants to real estate investors and agents further provide Calendar Management services. This would help you to stay alert on events relevant to your business, next-day appointments, meetings and many more. Your company will get benefits in terms of efficiency of work and better communication and coordination with relevant bodies be it clients or interior decorators whatsoever. Real estate virtual assistants are skilled in calendar management. You can, therefore, save time locating your future tasks and finding valuable information related to the development of your business.

    #14. You Can Hire Realtor Virtual Assistant To Make Personal Tasks Easy

    The biggest benefit of hiring a real estate virtual assistant is that you can make them book flight/train/bus tickets whenever you want. They can search for the best deal for you by researching hundreds of top online booking portals. This gives you the best results so that you can save money. In addition, a virtual assistant expert in real estate administrative services could book hotels for meeting with clients. They can also recommend businesses that could offer you relevant services/products based on your requirements.

    #15. They Can Help You Keep the Next Transaction Accurate

    A real estate virtual assistant also performs data entry. They can also fill up important documents where accuracy is maintained utter importance You can provide a large amount of data that needs to be processed and updated, and a virtual assistant can certainly understand your requirement and fill the space with utter accuracy. Moreover, their quickness of task execution is what makes them dear to many MNCs as well.

    #16. You Can Use Them For Running a Business Campaign

    Real estate virtual assistants are also capable of processing tasks that require digital marketing campaigns and helping your brand reach the right audiences. For brand empowerment, they have resources to get you a professional website and develop other platforms necessary for brand trust-building. As the world is absorbing digital trends, so did the virtual assistant companies. VAs could make you a website based on WordPress, Wix, Shopify and other platforms. They could also find you good hosting services at the best deal possible.

    #17. You Can Spend Time With Your Family By Letting Them Process General Works

    Last but not the least, being a real estate agent or investor you must be a busy person with a tight schedule. Thus, in case you need to buy something for your dear ones and you are occupied in a meeting. An expert real estate virtual assistant would resolve your issues by offering rapid assistance to your personal work. He/she can find the best birthday present or information regarding a good restaurant where you could celebrate. Thus, you are also getting help in concierge matters in addition to professional advantages.

    Why Task Virtual is One Of the Top Real Estate Virtual Assistant Companies?

    If you are new to outsourcing and looking to outsource real estate work to an independent contractor then Task Virtual could be the right VA firm to improve your real estate experience.

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    Hiring an assistant from our company could open unlimited opportunities for every real estate agent. One of the best ways for a real estate agent’s success would involve fast data entry, accurate business research, CRM management, property management, etc.

    We can also nurture your prospect and try to process the work involved correspondingly.

    You just have to write the job description of what kind of real estate VA you’d need and we can get it all started. We have the perfect VAs to satisfy any kind of business owner. If you give us a full-time job over a VA service then you don’t have to worry about your inside sales and you would definitely love our work.

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