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    How A Day Goes For A Virtual Assistant In 2020?

    A Day in the Life of a Virtual Assistant

    Welcome to the realm of the world of a Virtual Assistant. To become a Virtual Assistant, is perhaps the best career choice that has been ever made by any service holder. When someone hears that someone is a Virtual Assistant, they are always very curious to know about the reason behind choosing such a career path. People also want to know why someone chooses to become a Virtual Assistant. What is a Virtual Assistant, they demand to know. What kind of work does it involve? What is it that they actually do all day?

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    A Virtual Assistant is an individual who provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office. That’s the very basic that a Virtual Assistant do. But today, through this article, we are going to take you deeper into the world of a Virtual Assistant. And tell you a bit about themselves and why they love this career choice.

    A Virtual Assistant’s day starts with getting his or her by taking care of his personal commitments first. This task often becomes quite tough to handle sometimes for many. After finishing that off, then they start by checking their own daily emails, check the tasks that has been allotted t them and schedules them according to their priority. Then they start taking care of their client’s work for the day. Often their projects change from taking care of the tasks forwarded by a commercial enterprise in helping their clients out with their personal affairs, such as booking a plane ticket or ensuring that the flowers get sent to a particular address to someone special. Each project that they handle everyday is thus quite different from each other. It means that they start out to learn new skills or tidbits of information that they may not have had the chance to discover otherwise.

    Here are some of the more common tasks that they take care of for their clients:

    • Travel Arrangements

    • Booking tickets for flights, hotels and finding the best attractions in the area.

    • Secure online shopping for them.

    • Recruiting, head hunting and initial consultations.

    • Blogging, articles, newsletters.

    • Making PowerPoint Presentations for Webinars.

    • Arranging events such as group discussions, meetings and parties. The Virtual Assistant take care of the event from beginning till the end, assist their client as much as they can.

      • Make and send invitations.

      • Produce documents, processes them, and so on.

      • Carry out registrations, and sign-up sheets

      • Carries out presentations.

      • Does social media marketing for the concern.

    • Sociable Media

      • Produces and sustains social media presence.

      • Creates infographics.

      • Puts up ads.

      • Manages the social media calendars.

    As a Virtual Assistant, they wear so many hats on a daily basis, which is something that one will never get the opportunity to experience if they belong to the corporate universe. Before becoming a Virtual Assistant, he or she feels the difference of how their daylight was really mundane and their job related tasks did not engage or challenge them in anyway. This is because, so far, they have not been learning any new skills. As a Virtual Assistant, they get the opportunity to find out about themselves and can challenge their own capacities. The possibilities for a Virtual Assistant are endless and the skills they learn aren’t limited to only one industry or aspect of the business universe.

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    They go to work from home, which has its own fringe benefits. They never worry about or get concerned or apprehensive about the commute to and from work. And they can schedule their days in accordance to the demands of their kids. They send off and pick their kids up from their school, attend fun groups and sports events and other functions that require their bodily presence. If the Virtual Assistant is a mother, then for her it is a vast benefit and it is then that many like her feel that they have chosen the right vocation!

    Next, is the teamwork without which they would not be able to execute their work. Let’s talk about their team because, after all, they also need help. They have a highly competent team to back them up who furnish them with advices and encouragement. They have a very diverse and exceptionally talented support group. This highly experienced team of men and women, all of whom are armed with a large number of skills and knowledge.

    As we all known, we cannot be Jack of all traits, and because of this reason these highly talented group of people work with the Virtual Assistant always. This ensures that their clients are always taken care of perfectly. The squad consists of tech assistants; social media marketers, transcriptions and many more, and they all help each other out. Behind every successful Virtual Assistant is his or her team, which makes it possible for them to carry out every task with utmost precision and expertise that each and every customer of theirs deserves.

    The Virtual Assistant accepts customers from all over America, and from all fields. Each client is diverse, with their own business needs and destinations. As a Virtual Assistant, it is their job to ensure that they are assisting their clients to accomplish their goals while providing the top notch level of service that they are well known for. The Virtual Assistant really feels fortunate to cater to such an amazing group of customers. Each of them teaches them more about themselves than they could have learned otherwise from sitting in a carrel. Without the team of experts behind them to help them to complete each job to perfection, they would not become a successful Virtual Assistant!

    Hard work, dedication and patience are the key to a successful career as a Virtual Assistant. It’s a huge responsibility and one that takes a great deal of attention, organisation and time management. Being a Virtual Assistant is not easy. Their day starts and ends with work, but still then they are able to be successful mother, remain happy in their married life and be a responsible son or daughter all throughout their carrier. Being a Virtual Assistant helps them to balance work and personal life, which, to everyone, is invaluable!

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    Siddhartha Basu

    Siddhartha Basu is a Technical Writer and Senior Virtual Assistant at Task Virtual. He is proud of being VA, advising clients and processing their tasks virtually. Besides, he loves online games, e-book reading, and Yoga.