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    If you have never hired a virtual assistant before, then there may be a lot of doubts and hesitations in your mind regarding it. virtual assistants indeed are a boon to any busy professional or company. VAs do make your work life a lot easier. They take care of routine admin tasks and provides specialized services. But getting your company work done by VA also means that you may often have to share sensitive company information and credentials with your virtual assistant – which may make you uncomfortable since you’ll be trusting an outsider with crucial company information. So, is sharing credentials with your virtual assistant or the VA company you’re dealing with a safe option? Read on to find out!

    VAs are usually safe to trust

    Virtual assistance is a big thriving industry today, and that would not have been possible if the people working in it were not trustworthy. A professional VA will be well informed about the professional code of conduct. They would never leak out any information you entrust them with. This is because a VAs reputation is one of the primary points of him or her sustaining in this industry. The better service they provide, the better will be their prospects. So, you can be assured that your VA will not breach your trust.

    But, since its important company credentials and information that are in play here, it is advisable to take certain actions to further ensure their safety.

    Give Limited Access to VA

    When sharing information with your VA regarding a task, be careful about how much you’re sharing. Decide what your virtual assistant really needs to know in order to get the work done and limit their access to just those information. This way, you can keep your other sensitive data safe and not worry about any kind of breach. You can also change the passwords to sensitive documents the moment your virtual assistant is done working on them. This way, they cannot get access to it later.

    Draw Up an NDA

    A Non Disclosure Agreement can go a long way in maintaining your peace of mind while working with your virtual assistant. This sort of agreement is legal and binds both the parties and restricts them from sharing any confidential information with a third party. This can help you protect your company credentials and information. Most VA companies do have a client confidentiality clause in their contract agreements, but having an additional NDA from your end will make the entire process of working and sharing information with your VA a lot more trustworthy.

    Always Keep a Track

    Working with a VA is not too different from working with an employee. Just like you would constantly follow up on an employee or keep an eye on what they’ve done with any confidential information you’ve shared with them, you need to keep checking your virtual assistant as well.  Keep a track of all your VA’s work. Also, you can put a tracker on the access of secure data – so you’d know if your VA is accessing them. And if something seems off, act on the situation immediately. Keeping a track will ensure further protection of your company information.

    Keep backups inaccessible

    It is a good idea to keep a backup of all the sensitive company information. And an even better idea to not give your VA an access to it! You should protect your backed up data so that you can remove the chances of it being tampered.

    Pick your VA carefully

    The fact remains that while working with a virtual assistant you will have to be comfortable with sharing credentials and information with your VA. So, the best way is to hire such a VA in the first place who you can trust! Before hiring a VA, go though their existing profile. You should go through their client lists and also hold a proper interview to get a fair idea of his/her work quality. This is what determines a successful pairing between you and your VA. Choosing a trustworthy VA in the first place will save you from a lot of troubles and harassments later.

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