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    Virtual Administrative Assistants

    Who are Virtual Administrative Assistants?

    Virtual Administrative Assistants are professional workers who provide remote administrative or clerical support to clients. They are typically either self-employed professionals who work from home or an employee of a virtual assistant company available to businesses on an hourly basis.

    They provide services such as scheduling appointments, managing emails, creating spreadsheets, and handling data entry. Moreover the remote worker can work for clients worldwide thanks to the Internet and cloud-based technologies. Furthermore they are highly organized, tech-savvy, and have excellent communication skills.

    Admin duties handling require a good understanding of a business, and when it comes to problem-solving attitude, you can find their performance superseding any recruit. Hence with the ever-growing need for remote administrative workers, their hourly charges are available at competitive rates on the Internet.

    What are the most in-demand Virtual Admin Assistant Services?

    Virtual Administrative Assistants are becoming increasingly popular as businesses look to streamline their operations and reduce costs. Moreover they can provide a wide range of back-office support, from managing emails and scheduling tasks to taking orders and providing customer service.

    Some of the most in-demand virtual executive assistant services include:

    1. Database management
    2. Appointment scheduling
    3. Calendar management
    4. Research on the market and objects
    5. Project management
    6. Customer support
    7. CRM management (SalesForce, Hubspot, and many more)
    8. Process Coordination

    Most companies or freelancers offer administrative virtual assistant services at hourly charges. Hence no contracts or hidden fees existed, and you could walk out without notice. Furthermore as the demand for VAA services increases, more providers are entering the market, offering various services at competitive prices.

    Therefore, you must research and find the right provider based on your requirements.

    What Virtual Administrative Support Handle?

    A Virtual Administrative Assistant can take care of various services to help businesses run more efficiently and effectively. A VA’s services can vary but generally includes scheduling, data entry, customer service, research, and other administrative duties.

    You can outsource virtual administrative assignments such as social media management, project management, web design, chat handling, database management, event planning, etc., to them.

    They can provide custom solutions to help streamline processes and take on assignments that are not core to a business. By working with an expert virtual office assistant, your business can reduce overhead costs and allow employees the freedom to focus on more important errands.

    Ultimately, a Virtual Assistant can help businesses save time and money while ensuring that all admin tasks are completed accurately and efficiently.

    Why do I need to hire a Virtual Administrative Assistant?

    A Virtual Administrative Assistant can handle a variety of services to help businesses run more efficiently and effectively. A VA’s usefulness can vary but generally includes tasks like bookkeeping, data entry, customer relations, research, and other administrative duties. They can keep your calendar up to date, assist in lead generation efforts, handle another team of assistants, perform basic hr duties, manage essential social media accounts, and many more.

    VAs are also often skilled in social media management, project management, web design, and event planning. They can provide custom solutions to help streamline processes and take on tasks that are not core to a business.

    Working with a VA can reduce overhead costs and allow employees to focus on more important tasks. Virtual Assistants can help you save time and money while ensuring that all tasks are completed accurately and efficiently.

    Top Benefits of Hiring Virtual Administrative Assistants

    Hiring a virtual administrative assistant can be a great way to increase your productivity and streamline your business operations. They can help you with various tasks, from simple administrative duties to more complex projects.

    Here are the benefits to reckon with…

    Reduced Cost

    Virtual executive assistants could handle your administrative assignments at a low cost since they require no additional pay, no bonuses, and no corporal benefits.

    Time Saver

    Saving your valuable time is their biggest benefit as they can handle routine tasks like responding to emails, tracking workflow, etc., faster.

    Already Experienced Professional

    They do not require much training as they are already qualified professionals with the essential skills required to execute administrative tasks.

    Eliminating Work Pressure

    Virtual Assistants would ease your work pressure by following your relevant instruction and executing their skills at work.

    Harmonizing Life & Work

    Since they will take the weight of matter on the head, you can rest assured that your VA can handle your administrative tasks intelligently. You can be free to focus on other essentials and even your personal life.

    What Are Some Virtual Administrative Tasks?

    Virtual administrative tasks are versatile that require a systematic approach and effective management skills.

    Here are some administrative tasks to consider:

    Small Business Owners can outsource virtual administrative tasks to freelancers or virtual assistants who specialize in these areas or can handle in-house people with the help of an office manager or other staff. These tasks are essential for many businesses and organizations to run successfully. Not only can they help to streamline processes and save time, but they can also help to ensure accuracy and quality work.

    How Much Do Virtual Administrative Assistant Services Cost?

    A virtual administrative assistant can be a great way to outsource your administrative tasks and free up time and resources for other areas of your business. But how much do they cost? The cost of administrative VA can vary depending on the number and complexity of tasks, the expertise of the assistant, and the length of time it takes to complete the job. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay an hourly rate between $15 and $50 per hour, with more experienced professionals charging higher rates. You may also be charged a one-time fee for setup or subscription fees for ongoing services. When looking for virtual administrative assistants, exploring and comparing prices is important to get the best deal.

    Top 3 Remote Administrative Assistant Companies

    An article published by Hp, i.e., Hewlett-Packard listed the top three remote virtual assistant companies:

    TaskVirtual Website | Top Virtual Assistant Company

    1. TaskVirtual

    TaskVirtual handles administrative tasks like organizing data, coordinating with relevant partners, managing CRMS, customer care, online receptionist service, etc. For 8 years, they have had a proven track record of excellence in developing clients’ work worldwide.

    Location: India

    Services: Manage administrative tasks, social media management, business research, data optimization, calendars, email, IT, content writing

    Pricing: As low as $6.24 per hour

    VAVA Virtual Assistant

    2. VaVa Virtual

    Best for those people who wants to hire a virtual assistant for the administrative purpose from the United States. Many businessmen highly recommend their services if the requirement needs an American sense of humor, for example, preparing a compelling copy for a product.

    Location: Los Angeles, CA

    Services: routine administrative task handling, remote office work, email marketing, CRM management, bookkeeping, copywriting, etc

    Pricing: $1000 to $1500 per month


    3. Virtalent

    You can delegate tasks to this company if you want a virtual assistant from the UK. Moreover it can offer a dedicated virtual assistant for administrative-related work, client relationships, Microsoft Excel, and many more.

    Location: United Kingdom

    Services: Administrative responsibilities, online marketing, project management

    Pricing: Start at roughly $31.50 per hour

    How can a Task Virtual Assistant help?

    Regarding TaskVirtual, a virtual administrative assistant can fully take care of your tasks. The professionals of this company come with years of experience in administrative work. Hence they are the best fit for small business owners who are looking for quality services at affordable rates.

    Since it completely depends on your business on what kind of virtual executive you need. You can check their service pages and look for someone to help empower your business. Moreover the best part of administrative VAs is that they are always on time regarding task submission.

    You can further make your assistant learn essential facts needed for your project, and such an admin virtual assistant can help run and grow your business comparatively better than others.

    Here are some actionable reasons for choosing TasKVirtual…

    1. Lucrative offers while subscribing
    2. Strong customer care support
    3. Proprietary dashboard
    4. 8 years experience in administrative support
    5. 60+ virtual assistants to take care of your admin-related tasks
    6. Safe and secured data
    7. 1300+ projects finished to date
    8. 300+ positive reviews on the Internet

    It would be best if you were wise while choosing the right VAA to get started. We’re here to help and could help you feel the difference if you allow us to grow together. Our plus point is integrity, intelligence, and innovation.

    Siddhartha Basu

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